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  1. I do believe that I am entitled by the forum rules to ask for clarification in the thread from the OP. I shouldn't have to google or go offsite for a comment that is being discussed here. A simple reply to my first question along the line of 'she said "blah blah blah"' would have done the job.
  2. I saw a video that was 'sponsored' and posted to my timeline on FB. Anyone else get it? It was a little frightening that people will buy into this view. There was a posh student from the UK explaining how socialism has failed in every country that it has been tried in. It particularly made the recent problems in Venezuela a direct result of socialism failing. It listed many countries - including most of Europe where socialism has supposedly failed. Although the guy was English - I looked up the sponsored site and they were from the USA (as I had guessed they would be) - it was clearly a message direct from the Trump administration. Is this out of the Trump administration officially? Are they trying to kill socialism off for good elsewhere around the globe? For what reason? Is this a prelude to Trumps WWIII campaign against socialist countries? I guess before he can go to war with a country for being socialist he would need to brainwash enough people of the world to convince them that it is evil. I pay my taxes - and in exchange I expect heathcare, pension and public services. If they need more I'll happily take a small increase on my tax to cover it. I do not agree with education, heathcare and food for the rich only. If that makes me a socialist then so be it. Anyone out there else get this USA sponsored video advertisement in their social media feeds warning against the evils of socialism?
  3. I wasn't sure about what part of her comments were being considered anti-Semitic - especially as there was not a lot of info in the OP and I couldn't open the link. The phrase - 'it's all about the Benjamin's' is known to mean 'it's all about the money'... If she said it in a mock Jewish accent then maybe it was anti-Semitic... but the outrage feigned by the people it was aimed at seemed an attempt to discredit what she was actually trying to say (similar to Corbyn's 'stupid woman remark). I can only assume that they thought people would be so shocked at the 'anti-Semitism' claim that they would over look her accusations taking money for political sway. Maybe they are thinking people will be too frightened to challenge them in the future as they could be labelled as anti-Semitic for their criticism. Maybe you are right - I do not know about the subject enough to understand how intwined the Republicans are with Jewish money and how that effects policy making. I'd like for people to be abvle to challenge corruption without the fear of being labelled sexist or racist or anti-Semitic for doing so. I am offended a little by you suggesting I am not posting in good faith! But I do not require an apology. I have continually been asking what it was exactly you found to be anti-Semitic about her words and you ignored me, fobbed me off and then referred me to the OP - which states very clearly that you thought it was a disgrace that she used anti-Semitic comments.... but listed none of them. This is why I gave you a red mark for your referral to the OP (not your opinion)... which someone else thinks is a great post as they have up voted you for it. It is the only red mark I have ever given you among many greens in the past.
  4. The entirety of what she said? You mean the "it's all about the Benjamin's" ? I thought that meant that it was all about the money.... meaning people are taking money for political influence? Where is the anti-Semitism? Explain it to me because saying someone shouldn't take money for political influence doesn't sound like anti-Semitism to me - it sounds like a dodge of her complaint and an attempt to discredit her actual point with hand waving and feigned offence (I might be wrong - I am just going by what I've read here in this thread). Is 'it's all about the Benjamin's' a 'hateful troupe' or a figure of speech meaning 'it's all about the money'? . Don't get me wrong - I'm pretty pro Israel's right to exist and defend it's borders and even invade the surrounding territory and settle there in the name of defence if the neighbours can't stop throwing missiles into town... I'd give them the whole area and re-settle the rest into the surrounding Arab nations... but my view is irrelevant to this discussion.
  5. All I am asking for (for about the 5th time) is a direct quote of the words she said that people are claiming to be anti-Semitic. Is it that hard to post that here? I am well aware of the stereo types they face. I want to know what she said.
  6. Can you tell me what she said please? All I can seem to get from this is that she said something along the lines of certain people's support for Israel was 'all about the Benjamin's'.... which is a common reference to money (Benjamin's - re- Benjamin Franklins - meaning hundred dollar bills?) - I am still searching for the anti-Semitism in that specific comment. Unless you consider criticising people for taking money for political support as anti-Semitic? What was the actual slur? I haven't seen it quoted in this thread yet.
  7. If they were to be offended by your comments would you apologies? This comment could be anti Semitic then - especially as it stereo types all Israelis and their supporters as being in tolerant to criticism. ;-) I want to know what she said that was considered offensive - not what she said in her apology. I'll ask one more time - what, in your opinion, did she actually SAY that was considered to be anti-Semitic? at the moment I have no way of knowing what she actually said - as no-one will tell me and I can't open TenOz's link and I have no interest in searching the internet for her comment.
  8. There must be more than that... TenOz wouldn't have called her anti-Semitic for that surely? Good on her then for speaking out against bribery and corruption then... shame on her for the apology and not defending what she believes in. I am sure I can't be getting all of the story though. So - TenOz - what did she say that was anti-Semitic in YOUR opinion? Are you sure she isn't just the target of the corrupt people she was challenging that played the anti-Semitic card to distract from her claims? I assume you saw something that WAS anti-Semitic in there otherwise you wouldn't have claimed it so. (I don't seem to be able to open the link here at work wither).
  9. no - I think you should grow a pair and man up to your missus enough to tell her to grow up about the fucking toilet seat and get into the enlightened modern times of equality. She needs to get her priorities straight if leaving the toilet seat up leaves you sleeping on the couch. I wouldn't be sleeping on the couch. I was also talking about Corbyn as it was bought up by someone else and it is similar to this thread. The difference is that whether or not what Corbyn said was a) sexist anyway, b) even said at all as he still denies it, compared to this one - which did say the words, admitted they were offensive and apologised. This makes her out to be far worse because she1) actually caused offence rather than feigned outrage for political point scoring. 2) obviously held the view even though she apologised because she actually said it (so must have held those views). wrt Omar - if she said what she said then back tracked with an apology (I'll take your word for it that it was anti-Semitic - I still haven't analysed the comment) then she sounds like the type of person that will say whatever they think their target audience want to hear and then just let out her opinions in private to people she trusts in her own echo bubble. They do that you know - there aren't many who actually CLAIM to be racist or Nazis. I would prefer they talk about it openly and are proved wrong by facts... but they get such a bollocking for wanting to discuss their obnoxious views in public (which, being fair, were probably taught to them) so they take their views private and it comes out in the ballots. Now I am confused - what did she say? I was taking TenOz's word that it was an anti semitic remark. Criticising Israeli policy or suggesting people do not take bribes from the Israeli's is obviously not anti-Semitic. Was it anti-Semitic even then? If it wasn't then she shouldn't have apologised as it makes her look wishy washy and easily bullied into backtracking what she has said based on whoever shouts at her the loudest.
  10. You will have to excuse my ignorance in the matter. It has been 20 years since I done Maxwell equations and magnetic field stuff. I would ask though - is this 'forming a new field' just another way of saying they have intersected? Is the suggested 'they pass through each other' above not similar to them merging into a single field as they pass? If they merge into a single field... then does this mean there is only ever one single field everywhere? I guess that at a distance great enough they wont interact at all, or so weakly they do not notice. Maybe I'll have to brush up on fields when/if I get the time and the enthusiasm... I used to find it hard to stay awake through lectures and lessons on electromagnetism though - my ignorance on the subject might just be something I can live with. :-)
  11. "Magnetic lines of force of same magnet can't intersect each other, but magnetic lines of force of different magnets can intersect each other".... From you link.
  12. I think it is more spineless to apologise and to concede an opinion that you don't believe in, just to keep the peace, rather than stand and hold to your position and debate what you believe in... as long as you are willing to change your opinion when presented with the right evidence to show you that you were wrong of course... ... perhaps this is why I am now still single.
  13. Why did you ask the question if you think you already know the answer?
  14. And how do you draw the conclusion that he lied? He still stands by the fact he did not say it - it would have been more spineless if he'd changed his tact and said he'd lied when he didn't. You shouldn't convict a man for what he didn't say - I believe in your country, as in ours, you are innocent until proven guilty... not guilty if 50% of experts say so to further their political agenda. I haven't read the link. What did she say that was supposedly antisemitic?
  15. So they only prescribe surgery as a last resort - well that's good to know. So - they do 'typically cover it' but only when they are sure it is really necessary. You are right though - sorry for dragging it off topic.
  16. Being fair - I have no personal experience with hip replacements. I've know a few people with knee replacements though. My Mum had to wait about 8 months for hers I think. It was painful at first but now she's fine again.
  17. Good luck sir. Makes you wonder how lucky you are living in a first world country the west where we get healthcare as part of our national insurance contributions. It's worth paying the un-noticeable extra tax so everyone can have a safety net if they need medical care. Medical care should not be for the rich and wealthy alone.
  18. Muscles tense or relax to change the shape of the lens in the eye to focus on what we look at. You can choose to mis-focus and things go blurry. Anyone can do it. https://www.aao.org/museum-eye-openers/how-does-eye-focus
  19. I got time to watch the vid in the end. It is polyrotaxane made from cyclodextrin and polyethyleneglycol with something capping the chain ends. The cyclodextrin is hydrophobic in the middle of the ring and hydrophilic on the outside. When dispersed in water the rings thread themselves onto the glycol chain as the internal rings have a better affinity for the chain than the water. The chain ends are blocked with something called adamantine to stop the rings from slipping off when the polymer is dried. I guess then that the 'beads' on the chain catch and move as the polymer is given stress giving it more strength..(?) rather than slipping over each other and unravelling if it had no beads. (imagine a tangle of string.... if each piece of string was threaded through a load of beads it would make it a lot harder to unpick the mess). 10 bits of jumbled string would be easier to unpick than 10 pearl threaded bits of string jumbled in the same way and pulled just as tight.
  20. Awesome - I didn't get time to do more than glance. I did not see any info regarding structure. Do you know what is different about these polymers in terms of structure or chemical changes from traditional polymers? Are these similar to the new organo-metallic polymer frameworks that I read about last year sometime? They were polymers blended with metal ligands that formed part of the polymer network. How do these 'tough' polymers work?
  21. Cross your legs, close your eyes, bliss out, relax and say 'ohmmmmmmme"
  22. Is it not based on length and width of the magnet?.... I guess it could be related to the volume as it is to do with the dimensions of it... and thus mass by default according to the material density. I do not know if width/bredth or length are more relevant than volume as a whole.... I would imagine (but can't remember if is correct or not) that a magnet with a high area on the face that is attracting (like a square plate) would be stronger than a long thin bar with the same volume... it would be harder to separate 2 of them for sure - but that could be due to mechanical properties and leverage of breaking apart two rods end to end compared to the plates rather than field strength.
  23. I doubt it has any choice in the matter. An orange that is shrinking in size due to water loss doesn't choose to do so and doesn't 'benefit' from it - it just does it via the laws of physics. If you deflate something it shrinks. The pain is probably due to it NOT being beneficial and the pain is telling you to drink dome water to stop your brain from drying out and dying.
  24. What happens when you dry a potato or a cucumber? (it shrivels). What happens when you let the air out of a balloon or a tyre?
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