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  1. I like her version of 'Here comes the Sun'.
  2. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    What do you expect the British public to say about it? Especially the brexiteers. She tried and was successful. I see your point though - she'd have to say she still supports them else they'd probably kill her... but she DOES support them. She left our country to go and join them as a baby maker. Do we want that baby back here? Will it be safe even? When right wing nutters will kill a politician for saving the lives of hundreds of refugees and is labelled a traitor to her country then what kind of life is the child going to have here as the son/daughter of some ISIS freedom fighter? Is the father presumed dead? What's wrong with Bangladesh anyway? If she is legally a citizen then why doesn't she go there - it's 90% Muslim so she'd fit right in.
  3. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    There is no doubt here - she said it herself that she chose to leave the UK to join ISIS. There is no doubt to her guilt regarding that. Even if there is an appeal and she wins it - she deserves the uncertainty and fear she is experiencing now imo. Besides - how could you trust her again - words are cheap, you can't be certain she wont spy for ISIS cell groups or radicalize her ISIS child against us just because she goes on an anti radicalization course. There are those here that would lynch her without trial - but I don't get on that well with that sort of people. I understand their anger though - she expects to come back here and have the British tax payer support the upbringing of her child. She chose to turn her back on our ways and joined a foregn army at war with us. What do you think the reaction of the British people is going to be?
  4. OK - I think the 'profound science' comment was sarcasm. I was supporting what he said. If the chances are non zero then you'd expect to see it happen eventually given the right circumstances.
  5. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    21 is irrelevant in the UK. The age for becoming an adult is 18. I'm sure she'll be fine in Bangladesh. She'll be safely away from all those evil Brits she condones the killing of and went to war with by joining ISIS. We shouldn't hate her or pity her - let her go to Bangladesh and forget her. ... aaaaand it appears the undue media attention over this could be to cover the governments latest 15% stealth cuts in the UK fire service budget.
  6. When it goes against what people have tried and tested scientifically or against the most probable outcomes or what we actually observe and is based on their imagination then yes - it's called making stuff up. Over 14.5 billion years it becomes a lot more likely. Add in some mechanisms that we haven't discovered or included yet - like the organisation of molecules in an ordered manner from interactions within the interstitial layers of clays or other materials, or things we are not aware of yet and it becomes more likely still. It only has to not equal zero and it would be EXPECTED to happen eventually. If it WAS guided by some being then that would suggested even more complexity and be even less likely according to your own logic.
  7. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    OK - I cringed at every joke on FB regarding the poor girl - they were all in pretty bad taste imo... although - I found this vid funny: https://www.facebook.com/MoanersUK/videos/378751456037536/ is that even possible? how could you be sure she isn't going to be a sleeper waiting for something in particular. Although I feel as a human she should get a trial... I am not too bothered if we don't see her again being honest - I'm more concerned about the brexit brigade using it as an excuse to normalise their racist agenda's though making jokes about it on FB tbh. :-(
  8. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    There is a lot of hatred on social media about her. Mainly from the brexit types. I can understand the resentment. Legally I presume we should have taken her back then prosecuted her, but, meh, whatever - you make your bed you lie in it. She might actually be safer out there than back here anyway. There are right wingers seething with hatred towards her - I have no inclination to argue her defence. She left the country to join a terrorist group that is openly at war with us - why should we care about her now?
  9. I am saying that he was a human being. I guess it is easier for some to make him and his followers out as evil monsters or something so they do not have to admit how terrible their own beliefs are when they are so similar to his. It's like a denial. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that... One minute it's 'I will make the country great again'... the next you are putting people in camps on your border and separating children forcibly from their parents and carrying them off in trucks. How far is it going to go? What makes you think the Americans are better than the Germans? Nothing to aspire to imo.
  10. Not really. But if you oppose the feeding of people who can't afford food, treating the sick that can't afford health insurance and protecting people who can't protect themselves then, yes - it makes them pretty despicable. Look up who Time magazine voted 'Man of the Year' in 1938. He was clearly more popular than you think... and so were his policies clearly as they are being copied today... but how far will YOU go with them? Not as far as he did I pray.
  11. Yea - they are considered less offensive though. A child would get a half hearted cheeky stare from parents for using these words and possible a wagged finger... but a good thump and a dressing down for using the one I did. I must admit -- looking at it your way SJ it could be considered sexist NOT to use it. (I jest of course- slightly).
  12. I'd already forgiven myself. ;-) thanks though. I never said it was - I said it was difficult and that there is a sliding scale of difficulty. That's twice you've either just misinterpreted me or added something I didn't say... you always try to get the last word too, which can be annoying if I am to be honest. ... that's alright though - I love and forgive you too. Keep making people think about stuff sir - keep up the good fight.
  13. Chris Rock says the same. He said in a comedy routine once that when he's at the cash point at 2 am he's not looking over his shoulder for black people in suits or middle class white people.... he's looking over his shoulder for *i&&e%s. It was comedy and it was about how white people still can't use the N word... but I see his point. If there are reports of a gang wearing green denim that are knifing people, you'd go wide on the sidewalk for people wearing green denim. I will pre-judge a lion to be bitey and try to avoid a confrontation with it. I have over the years though tried to drop any prejudices with regard to skin colour, country of origin, accent of voice or sex... most are unfair and held up with propaganda and ignorance. My past prejudices were taught to me as facts and it takes time for a person to see that what they have been taught as a fact to be propaganda - a lie for political gain/sway.
  14. I used to think the same way - but they can be damaging to the majority of a group that don't fit the stereotype as it they can fuel prejudices.
  15. I don't think I missed your point. It did make me think about my own cynicism and self reflect a bit. I didn't say there should be a limit I said it was difficult. Some things are harder to let go of than others no? For example - It is a lot easier to forgive an accidental step on your toe than it is to forgive the rape, torture and murder of your entire family whilst the offender remains unrepentant and stands in front of you taunting you telling you he enjoyed it. There are varying degrees of difficulty for many different things.
  16. This is what the Christians get right imo - you have to let stuff go and forgive. You can forgive someone for flicking you in the eye with a riding crop... but it is harder to do so when they do it over and over whilst you are still trying to forgive them for the first blow.
  17. It took me quite a while to work out what you were referring to... but I see it now. I rarely use the word - but wanted in this case to use the most offensive word I know. I do apologise sincerely - I didn't even consider that it would be offensive to women... Although offense was intended to the bunch of selfish '[insert most offensive word here that offends the target only but not any other group]' that would consider it good, just and right that the poor go without and the rich are entitled. I'm not talking about hard earned luxuries - I'm talking about basic human needs . Although! - I would like to point out that any individual offended by the language has TOTOALLY missed my point.
  18. I doubt Hitler won the support of his people with a manifesto to kill Jews and invade the world. He won them over with promises to put the Germans first and make the country great again. He bombarded them with propaganda and political lies that played to their fears and prides, he was a great and popular public speaker and they backed him joyfully. Germans aren't evil. American people are no better than English, Japanese, German people or anyone else. Is that what you think? That Americans are beyond such evil... like you are some kind of master race or something? He promised to take away your healthcare, build xenophobic walls to stop the poor from coming across the border to work, 'make America great again' (meaning - taking your country back 60 to 80 years politically and morally), stir up trouble in foreign countries, blanket ban on targeted minorities, bomb places from snap emotional decisions, cancel working peace treaties, cancel schemes that protect environmental issues globally, vilifies the free press, shuns education, boasts openly about grabbing women and has bankrupted business after failed business - and y'all voted him to the most powerful office in the world - well done America! ffs. Why would Putin sponsor fake news feeds in the US and the UK? We KNOW Trump isn't a fan of socialism - has he revoked that Obamah care yet? that was his plan, no? To take away the health care from the poor that the previous pres put in place. I didn't say it was from Trump... but it came sponsored out of the USA and stank of the filthy rich cuntish elitism that he spouts. OK - It's not the prelude to wwiii - but it is the thin end of cunty rich elitist wedge. The fat end of the wedge holds many horrific possibilities. of course it does - anyone in their right mind who has any heart at all is. Socialism isn't communism, regardless of what your supreme leader tells you think. Lets hope it all works out fine though eh?
  19. Maybe - but hard to prove against. What can you argue against 'well God has the explanation and we cannot comprehend his ways'? or 'the devil is trying to destroy the church'?
  20. 'The Church' and people who follow it are not God and not perfect. If you believe the bible then there will forces at work to discredit it. Wise men to speak against it and distractions that pull you away from 'the truth'. The 'evils' done in the name of the church would be explained away as the devil trying to show the church up to be bad so that you'd turn away from it - a devil's trick. Also - at the end of it all we have 'who knows the mind of the lord'... as if that covers everything - don't ask about what you cannot possibly understand. Everything is explainable if you take the leap of faith and accept a holy war between good and evil. - I know, it is a total cop out, but that's about all they've got. The gaps are shrinking. ;-)
  21. And does she have good cause to make such a comment? Are US policy makers influenced by donations when it comes to foreign policy? I'd have thought it illegal... or at least restricted as to how much you can take as a gifted donation. Did she lie when she said 'it's all about the money baby'. I am starting to see now how it could cause offense now. Especially if you are one of the people receiving said Benjamin's to keep quiet about something. actually he DID put the whole tweet in the OP. I guess I own TenOz an apology. Although a quick answer to my question would have cleared that up.
  22. Actually I see her point. It is in a tweet, so short and to the point, How do think she should have worded her objection to bung for policy making heard? How could she have voiced her objection without sounding anti-Semitic? Unless she's making it up of course and there is no Israeli money being donated to US politicians. I am afraid I am ignorant of the subject so probably shouldn't have been in the conversation in the first place... although 'It's all about the Benjamin's baby' was it? I had assumed more from the outrage reported. Maybe she touched a nerve.
  23. I see your point - although this wasn't targeted at Americans - it was targeted directly at people in the UK and didn't mention the USA at all. Is your brexit stuff just news or targeted opinion/propaganda? I get the feeling Trump likes brexit and would be happy about a separation of the UK from the EU. It would make any war with the EU in the future much easier to get going and politically successful. I hope I am wrong. It's ironic that that last war in Europe that involved the US was AGAINST a far right wing leader. Now we have a far right leader attacking the system that we set up in place of what we once toppled. Hopefully - but some people such this shit up.
  24. Not the whole tweet he didn't. And it is still debatable as to whether using the phrase 'it's all about the Benjamin's' is anti-Semitic or not (well - the debate is over and I'm still leaning to it being not). I assumed there was more to it... but obviously not. I took his word for it - I won't be doing that again.
  25. I think you are probably right. Why target people's FB feeds in the UK though?
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