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  1. I get that. I am not telling anyone what to do - it is opinion. It is actually happening but very slowly. Look at the authority the churches used to have. They could do anything to anyone on the whim of any priest at any time because everyone thought they had divine authority. Now days they have very little authority over anyone at all and it is reducing still as we have worked out they do not have divine authority at all but have made it all up. One day they will be nothing at all beyond 'clubs' as you put it and it will be thought of as dumb to follow such nonsense. I like the love and mercy and forgiveness etc that is preached - I've said it many times. But Dumbo needeth not his feather to fly.
  2. That is one form of love. There are many. Look up the 5 words in Greek for love - they all mean different things. The love between man and woman you describe is called 'Eros'. The unconditional love for your fellow man, a fatherly like love is called 'Agape'. A brotherly sisterly family type love is called 'Philia'. If you think about it... a 'perfect' love between a man and a woman would be a combination of all of these. It's sad that you think this. Why? I'd admit it is rare and not all get it but it does happen. Sometimes it is temporary/transient but it does happen.
  3. Not really. If the 'leader' outlaws murder... then he is not to blame for the murder in the country. If he condones it by giving a list of ways in which murder is 'OK' and the people go around murdering each other in the ways that are 'OK' according to the leader, then the leader is responsible for those murders because he could have just said -'no murder' rather than encouraging it.
  4. I did not mean close them for the molestations.... I meant close them because they are teaching a lie. A school teaches what it believes to be true based on our most up to date knowledge and changes it's curriculum when it is outdated or shown to be wrong. A church teaches what we know to be NOT true and sticks to its doctrine even when found to be utterly wrong and shown plainly what is. Being honest - I don't actually think we should close them by force - I was venting - but if I won't loose sleep if they close from their own destruction from people shunning them for shit like this Pell arse.
  5. Can you tell if someone goes though a lie detection test whether or not they will rape a choir boy? With the collapse of 'faith' in the invisible being in the bible why bother - just dismantle the church and tell them to fo. They deserve no authority over any of us at all.
  6. Oh well - that makes it all aright then. Although it is still a shit witness.
  7. We joined the common market in 1971. We should have had a vote in the 90's as to whether we wanted to join the EU properly when we did - Tony Blair took us in without asking us. However - since then we have had better working conditions, better holidays, better paternity and maternity care/pay better minimum wages, better protection under human rights laws. I guess the unemployed on the council estates that hate anything to do with any system that will ever be put in place will never be happy. We'll see how happy they are with a watered down brexit and cuts to their money and rights afterwards. I feel that in the case of brexit - ignorance will not be bliss once the reality kicks in. I hope I am wrong.
  8. I said the same thing about it being easy to wash out the salt. Although thinking about it, it would be a nightmare to wash out the salt from 400MT of material and it probably isn't necessary anyway. In a high school lab session removing the salt from that mix would be easy to do for a few grams. Large scale industrially though - would probably not be necessary or practical. Is that what you were getting at?
  9. Are you suggesting the majority voted on feelings over logical analysis? You are probably right - that doesn't make it smart or correct or irreversible though. Many of these 'feelings' you speak of are reactionary (and understandable) views brought on from thinking that immigrants have rape gangs pestering Europe, from believing Farage's tirade about millions of Turks flooding in - all scaremongering and propaganda and untrue. Are we that ignorant and stupid that we can't change our minds if presented with facts which contradict our personal beliefs? I agree though - most will vote the same way - they don't care about the same things the remainers do - they just want to send Jonny Foreigner back to where they came from. However - we voted to leave the EU - not to install a right wing government like the BNP or NF.
  10. The type that will complain about it being unfair to have another referendum because they want to leave (loads want to leave with no deal) - will complain anyway whatever deal we make and say that we've been betrayed for not 'following the will of the people' and coming out totally. I disagree with what you wrote earlier - they were lied too - they have a right to vote again based on new information - i.e. Their campaign was based on propaganda, plain lies and xenophobia - not actually considered pros and cons. I do agree though that there will be some that will never be happy unless we repatriate all foreigners that have ever come here. Most of that ilk just sit on the fringe and moan about illegal immigrants supposedly draining our NHS dry (they are a piss in the ocean but they don't care - they just want to moan about foreigners)... they don't care about the facts and wont change their vote if you show them they based their decision on lies - they just wont believe it or refuse to listen. By the people I am describing. Look at the case of Jo Cox - to many she was a saint that saved many human lives and was a champion of love and humanity... to others she was considered a traitor to her own country and was shot because of it.
  11. Seeing as the Pope is supposed to be infallible and speak the unerring word of God then that would suggest that God actually chose the priest knowing what he would do. I agree - ALL credibility totally gone. (PS - I thought I recognised the name - he was in a chaired religious debate with Dawkins a few years back - that didn't go well for him either).
  12. Applications could be many. Sounds like a homemade toothpaste or mouthwash mix. Useable for what? If you want to take the salt out it will dissolve... but it depends on what you want it for. What was it's original application?
  13. So - why not respond to Strange's genuine and obvious criticisms about it then instead of arguing with me? Now's your chance... although we all know where it is going.
  14. Are you sure it didn't get locked because you continually failed or refused to support your claims with evidences? I remember reading it.
  15. Isn't the Vibraphone an evolution/improvement on the same family of instruments?
  16. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    Sorry - maybe I misunderstood your point. Being honest - I care little for the subject. You need to discuss it with the millions of brexit voters and right wingers that seem to hate her - maybe she is an easy target for their xenophobia and misplaced anger. I am just being honest about my personal feelings when I say I see both sides. I understand their anger and disgust at her past decision... I also see how she can be pitied for being so misled (although some would argue she was not misled and ISIS has it right). She is a fellow human being in trouble - although I feel there are more deserving of my personal sympathy.
  17. I was going to post this in the Climate change fraud thread, but it got closed - so I'll just leave it here for now.
  18. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    We'll watch the story unfold in the press and see what happens. I don't know her personally. Maybe you are right and she was coerced into going out there against her will. we'll see. Whatever happens - she will have to face a lot of questioning if she ever gets back here.
  19. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    I am certain she wont be welcomed back to the UK in the way the prodical son was welcomed by his father. So you think that the consensus of the British public are going to welcome her back like a prodical son with celebrations and feasting that she has returned home? I won't accuse you of being deluded - we will wait and see what happens. Diddums. So - IF she makes it back then she can face the law. Until then I will loose very little sleep over it.
  20. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    Of course I do - that's why I bought it up - but it isn't the same, what she has done is far beyond that... also the majority of the British public are not born again Christians with the desire to forgive. I am sceptical that she will be accepted and welcomed by many here. You are deluded imo if you think she will be.
  21. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    Except she didn't leave to squander her fortune, she left to join a terrorist organisation that have murdered millions... and she isn't begging to be a servant either from what I can tell. She might now - I guess she'd say anything. As usual - I see both sides of the argument. I never said she shouldn't get due process. It's clearly debatable what that process is. I guess it's up to the parents to decide what's best for the baby - I would guess social services will take it from her if she returns. As it is she is no longer a British citizen (unless she wins her appeal) - so I do not know what the 'due process' is. Whatever it is it is doing a good job of keeping the British media occupied whilst the gov stealth through more public service cuts. None of these were issues when she chose to go out there. She went of her own accord (or so it has been reported - unless the press made that up). Maybe she was lied to and was disillusioned when she got there - some things are a little hard to come back from though (like ISIL/ISIS).
  22. DrP

    Shamima Begum

    That's what was reported. Are you suggesting she might NOT have left the UK to go and join ISIS as a baby machine? You said yourself she tried. 4 years later she wants home - I am missing how you think she might have gone to Syria for any other reason. I saw no reports of kidnapping. No one is disputing she isn't entitled to a trial. I'm sure we'd give her one if she comes back here. Getting back might not be so easy though. Do you think the British public should welcome her back like a prodigal son or something?
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