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  1. uhh...no Putting zinc metal in sulfuric acid gives you zinc sulfate and hydrogen, and does not make electricity (I assume that's what this is for). You need something that will react with H2SO4 to give electrons as the anode and something that will require electrons to react with H2SO4 as the cathode. Most car batteries use lead dioxide and lead for this.
  2. dom3mo, you have to actually burn the sulfur to get the SO2. S + O2 --> SO2 SO2 + H2O2 --> H2SO4 Heating it in a flask not created SO2. Yes, concentrating the acid will eliminate the excess peroxide. YT, thanks for your information.
  3. I think H2SO4 + CuO would be better. You can heat copper in air to get CuO. Also, you wouldn't have to deal with HCl coming off (of course, unless you wanted to make HCl). I think it's easier to just buy CuSO4. It's not really that expensive.
  4. I read somewhere that elemental iodine can be produced from copper(II) sulfate and potassium iodide. Would aluminum iodide work in place of KI? What about FeI2?
  5. Don't use plastic! It has to be glass! The equation is H2SO4 + 2NaCl --> 2HCl + Na2SO4. One mole of H2SO4 is 98 grams. Two moles of NaCl is 117 grams. So, mix 98g of H2SO4 with 117g of salt. HCl will react with iron or zinc to give hydrogen. Take your sample and add iron filings. If you see bubbles, see if they burn. If they burn, they are hydrogen bubbles. If they are hydrogen bubbles, you made HCl.
  6. Use an all glass apparatus when making HCl from H2SO4 and salt.
  7. I'm sorry dom3mo! Let me teach you something: 1. Salt is sodium chloride. 2. Heating H2SO4 and salt will give you HCl. 3. It is HCl, not HCI.
  8. I think most people would know that salt is sodium chloride.
  9. It could be aluminum triiodide. If its pure, it would be colorless, but small impurities will make it brown.
  10. Making metal chlorides does not require HCl!!!!!!! Just buy frickin' table salt!!!!!! Its pure sodium chloride!!!!!! Sodium chloride is a metal chloride!!!!!!
  11. Thanks YT! Do you do that to remove lead sulfate?
  12. YT, what is a "rockwool" filter? Where can I get one?
  13. Airplanes need vacuum pumps to operate their "artificial horizons." Check an aircraft supply place or find and older light airplane in a junkyard.
  14. Melvin


    MgSO4 doesn't burn! It decomposes at 1124 celsius.
  15. Just wondering...I didn't say I wanted to try it!
  16. You mean electrolyzing? (not electro zing) You would need a copper cathode (negative pole) and platinum anode (positive pole). A graphite anode might disintegrate. If it's working, you should see O2 bubbles coming from the anode and Cu depositing on the cathode.
  17. I guess nobody noticed that I mentioned H2SO4 + NaCl like 10 posts ago! What if you boiled vomit and collected the vapors? Would the HCl be released as a gas?
  18. Mixing bleach and water will not give you HCl. Mixing bleach with HCl will give you Cl2, which would then be dissolved in water. (Of course, thats dumb because you need HCl in the first place!) I think that the UV radiation from the sun causes the reaction, so it would have to be a UV lamp. 1g of Cl2 will dissolve in water at 10 celsius. This level drops to .6g at 25 celsius.
  19. Mixing chlorine with water will give you chlorine dissolved in water. Exposing this to sunlight gives you HCl and HOCl. Continued exposure to sulight breaks down the HOCl to HCl and O2. If you can get HBr and Cl2, making HCl is easy. 2HBr + Cl2 --> 2HCl + Br2 If you can get H2 and Br2, you can make HBr. See http://orgsyn.org/orgsyn/orgsyn/prepContent.asp?prep=cv2p0338 Also, heating H2SO4 with NaCl will give you HCl and Na2SO4.
  20. Has anyone tried the electrolysis of aq. copper sulfate? According to one book I've read, the reaction is: 2CuSO4 + 2H2O --> 2Cu + 2H2SO4 + O2 Also, see http://www.sciencemadness.org/talk/viewthread.php?tid=2824 A LOT OF GOOD H2SO4 IDEAS
  21. Check pool stores for H2O2. There's a really nice product called "Baquacil Oxidizer" (it may only be sold in america, i don't know). It's 27% H2O2. The only other ingredient is water.
  22. Sorry Phi For All! I don't wanna be that selfish bastard!
  23. That's funny! I plan on doing it outside.
  24. I know its poisonous, I only need a little bit.
  25. How do you make chlorine gas from bleach? I've heard mixing it with acid or mixing it with sodium bisulfate. If there's another thread on this, please tell me about it.
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