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  1. Well, I was responding to the claim that the boycott was meant to apply pressure without appeal to logic or consensus. Since "appeal to Logic" isn't a fallacy I assumed the "appeal to consensus" wasn't meant to be taken as a logical fallacy.
  2. The same thing happens to those people that happens to me when I am pulled over and don't have my drivers license or proof of insurance. They'll be required to provide that identification. Well, not exactly... I have to pay a fine, they won't. If they don't want that inconvenience then they can simply carry their ID with them.
  3. No, because for a boycott to have any effect you need to have a large number of like minded people boycotting together. Such a group would have a consensus of opinion. I suppose you can have a boycott by one person, but in this case California is asking it's citizens to boycott Arizona as a group.
  4. Wrong. Spratt has made a gratuitous assertion. Logically such assertions can be gratuitously dismissed. Spratt is simply making claims about a fictitious subtext to the RNC message. He made it up. There is nothing in that email that equates Spratt's poor record with his Parkinson's, period. That is the definitive proof. The idea that Spratt's Parkinson's is affecting his mental abilities or his performance not only didn't exist before the RNC message, it didn't exist after it either... until Spratt invented the controversy from whole cloth. The burden of proof here is on Spratt to show where the RNC meant their message in the way Spratt has played it and bascule believes to be accurate. But they can't because there is nothing connecting Spratt's condition to the RNC email message but wild speculation. All Spratt has at this point is an email that doesn't say what he says it does.
  5. Here is the page at the AZ state website explaining to legal residents and US citizens what is required of them: http://www.arizonaguide.com/arizona-travel-info/identification-requirements Note that the ID requirement doesn't even apply to a stop until the person has been arrested for some other criminal violation. In such a case, a legal resident or citizen that is caught on a B&E with no ID could be asked to provide proof of legal residence... which they would have if they are legal residence or citizens. But Obama's story of dad buying ice cream for his kids wouldn't be "harassed about their citizenship" unless they were first actually arrested for, say, robbing the Ben&Jerry's.
  6. Spratt made the connection first because what he claimed was a completely absurd conflation that was never said until he said it. There is no more difinitive proof than that.
  7. Yeah, LA and California are shooting themselves in the foot here. The AZ law is not unlike the current CA law. But as I said, AZ should simply offer to bus all of their illegals over to Los Angeles since they are such an economic boon. I would bet most illegals would jump at the chance for a free bus trip to a friendly city. Heck, if I were AZ I wouldn't even check the legal status of those wanting to take the trip. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedOh, by the way, I think boycotts are specifically an appeal to consensus.
  8. It seems to be a matter of you begging the question, bascule. We would have to assume that your and Spratt's interpretation of the RNC statement were accurate before we would have a reason to react as you have. Since the RNC did not say any of the absurd things you and Pratt are claiming they implied I am not going to waste my emotions on such things. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Oooooooouch.
  9. You're missing it. The Parkinson's=Alzheimer's=Amnesia connection was made by Spratt. The RNC said Spratt had amnesia and Spratt claimed that they were therefor making fun of his Parkinson's because they were really talking about Alzheimer's. But he apparently DOES have amnesia because he forgot that "OMG MCCAIN MAY HAVE ALZHEIMER'S AND DIE IN OFFICE BECAUSE HE'S OLD AND HAS HAD CANCER BEFORE!" was an actual central platform of the 2008 Democrat leadership the and the Obama ticket . Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAlso... a quick glimpse of the DNC and the news media in action circa 2008: http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/10/08/ftl.mccain.health/index.html http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2007-03-18-mccain-health_N.htm http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN21506232 http://www.democracycorps.com/focus/2008/10/third-presidential-debate/ http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,1779596-2,00.html http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/09/mccaskill-to-st.html http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Politics/story?id=4913763&page=1 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/22/AR2008072203201.html http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/10/questions-surro/ http://www.usnews.com/articles/news/campaign-2008/2008/05/09/mccains-age-and-past-health-problems-could-be-an-issue-in-the-presidential-race.html http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=648861 ... and that was a 3 minute Google check.
  10. Well Pangloss, the leg is full of nerves, and the brain is mostly nerves, so losing a leg is like losing a part of your brain which can lead to memory loss which is like Alzheimer's which is no different than Parkinson's ... you monster.
  11. Your argument is perfectly fine but is moot in practical application. In reality, Phoenix is suffering due to the Federal Government's refusal to uphold it's own constitutional duties to the people of Arizona, and the whole country for that matter. But you and I agree on this issue, so I assume you got my point. Back to the issue at hand: Once Arizona get's it's act in gear maybe San Diego can take over as #2 kidnapping city in the world. I mean, if the LA mayor is right, and illegals are a net gain for his city and his state then he should be overjoyed to accept all of AZ's illegals with open arms, right? It's funny that Californian politicians have publicly sent an invite to AZ illegals to go settle in California... since they're so lucrative and all...
  12. Edit: Actually, ParanoiA is doing a fine job so I'll retract my statement here.
  13. On the list of cities with the highest kidnapping rates Mexico City is #1. Care to guess what city is #2? Bogot√°, Columbia? No. Calcutta, India? Nope. It's Phoenix, Arizona.
  14. I love this. Democrats have now convinced their base that Parkinson's=Alzheimer's=Amnesia and the RNC is supposed to feel really bad about that. That such a ploy seems to work with the Democrat base and the news media is more of an indictment of the Democrat base's and the news media than it is an indictment of the RNC.
  15. Man, I bet a lot of people would kill to get in there!
  16. Maybe we should set a bar for how to judge the Tea Party success in November. Since there are a good number of congresspeople involved in the Tea Party, and a good number who are not, we should figure out who is who and see if Tea Party participants are more likely to have kept their seats than non-Tea Partiers. It would seem that if we are seeing anti-incumbent fever that it should be a pretty random seat loss in November that only happens to impact Democrats more since they are the majority. Edit: Actually, I'll amend that... we should simply measure their success based on Tea Party endorsements. I don't think the congressperson needs to be directly affiliated (like attending rallies, and invoking the movement in speeches).
  17. Someone smashed out the windows of my local BP gas station the other night. It sure would be awesome if people weren't so stupid.
  18. Just to be the Devil's advocate: There have been changes in this country since Lincoln.
  19. No need to take a second swing at it since the two statements are tangentially related, but do not concern the same topics. I'm simply making the observation that the group looking to strip American citizens of their citizenship on presumption of terrorist ties is also the group that wants to grant the benefit of citizenship to enemy combatants currently incarcerated in GITMO and stage trials for them in New York City courtrooms. The law already makes clear delineations between the rights of citizens, the punishment for traitors, and the rights of enemy combatants. This new law simply smudges that line with no clear purpose other than some level of illogical feel-goodery. If they really wanted to push some smart legislation in the wake of the Time Square bombing attempt it would be to make sure that there is a clear communication between intelligence gatherers and the various functionaries of the state department. As such, those who grant citizenship to foreign applicants should be aware that the intelligence community is watching some applicants. And heck, in some cases it may be preferable to the intelligence community that citizenship be granted to avoid blowing an investigation. This bill operates on the truth that citizenship is a privilege. Citizenship comes with it a set of rights that we all enjoy whether we are citizen by birth or naturalization that are written in indelible ink, however. Challenging the rights of the citizen rather than limiting the access to the privilege is utterly wrong headed. By approaching the problem backward they are simply challenging the inalienability of our rights as citizens rather then the far less perverse challenge of someones right to become a citizen in the first place. As much as it would have felt good to deny citizenship to Timothy McVeigh and Bill Ayers, the potential for abuse is simply far too great, and the implications such laws would have on the permanence of rights themselves would be erase the whole notion of indelible rights.
  20. No, there is a very practical set of Americans that believe that the Constitution applies to citizens, and does not apply to foreign combatants. This rather logical and intelligent group of people also believe that if there are to be any limitations on citizenship it should be at the point when a foreign national on a terrorist watch list for years applies for American Citizenship. If we are stupid enough to grant him that citizenship then we have to live with the consequences. It makes absolutely zero sense to pass a law that gives the right to the Federal Government to withdraw citizenship rights on presumption of guilt to help in the handful of international terrorist attacks on the US by US citizens. What this bill is doing is in essence taking questionable wartime powers (see Lincoln suspension of habeas corpus, and FDR incarceration of Japanese-Americans) and granting them to the Government in perpetuity. I wouldn't even want MY side of the aisle to be granted such powers.
  21. That sounds like a poor use of comparisons. It certainly is beneficial to have the Mississippi supplying counter pressure to the tide that is trying to push the spill ashore, though.
  22. Ideology appears to be getting in the way of practical solutions now as the EPA is rejecting the offer by the Dutch to provide oil skimmers that are designed to perform clean ups like this on the grounds that they leave behind some oil residue. Article Doesn't it make sense to get most of the oil into barges now while the leak is still occurring? Isn't it better to worry about the residue effects on the environment rather than ALL OF THE OIL's effect on the environment?
  23. Absolutely true. There is a bigger story at play in the markets this week than the errant "B", but you wouldn't know it watching the news. We have what amounts to the 2008 housing bubble set to possibly burst at any time, but this time it is entire countries that could be going bankrupt. Add to that the distinct possibility of a Chinese market collapse in the next 12 months and we are looking at very bad things. We may look really good economically in comparison, but not if we run out of solvent lenders to feed our deficit. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedBy the way, as a matter of perspective: The DOW officially lost all of it's gains this year during this week of trading.
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