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About Me

My name is Cleveland Raymond. I have been developing class 2 gaming devices for Oklahoma's casino industry since 2002. I have designed and implemented graphics engines, game servers, accounting servers, point of sales, and probability calculators for three game platforms while working for Envision Gaming and Casino Systems Inc. Throughout my career, I have developed over twenty games. The difference between class 2 and class 3 electronic games, is that class 2 games base the probabilities for awarding prizes on bingo and pull tab systems, where class 3 uses random number generators such as K.I.S.S with some additional rules for the RNG.

I program on Windows and Linux (Gentoo and Red Hat) using Visual Studio, KDevelop and nmake, Win32 API, .Net, X Windows, wxWidgets, GDI, GDI+, DirectX, XNA, OpenGL, OpenAL, Ogre, SDL, OpenCV (I love computer vision), Intel Performance Primitives, ADO, LINQ, Sockets, SQL Server, MySQL, and some ASM such as x86, SSEx, etc...

My hobbies include spending time with my two sons, fishing, playing guitar and piano, writing music (classical and metal), continue developing my MMO Action RPG (tons of work), working on various mathematical problems (unsloved or not), and theorizing about the nature of the universe.

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