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  1. Let's put all the Anti-vaccers, Flat Earthers, and Moon Hoaxers on several rockets and shoot them into the Sun... We'll inoculate everyone so they don't get sick and die on the way there, we'll make sure they orbit the Earth a few times so they can see that it's a sphere, and then we'll have the rockets fly by the Moon so they can see the lunar landing site but, after all of that, the rockets will take them to the Sun where they will never be able to infect others.

    1. Show previous comments  24 more
    2. Daedalus


      What can I say? He was a Flat Earther...

    3. koti


      That puts a whole new context to greek mythology. What can I say, you learn something new every day :P

    4. Tim88


      Such people are the least dangerous for people like us. Ten times more dangerous for us are textbook writers who spread misinformation that goes unnoticed by gullible readers (once upon a time I fell in that category).

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