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  1. Because scientific nothing causes confusion. It's all to easy to think nothing is the same as absolute nothingness. It would be easier if physicists wouldn't mess with the meaning of words. They don't get to decide what nothing means, and should just stick to what it already means and use a better word for their 'nothing'.
  2. Based on the scientific definition of nothing, yes, but I'm talking about absolute nothingness, something of which it is unknown to be even possible to exist at all. You can't just accept any data that pops out of an experiment. It's not unreasonable to assume you did something wrong if the data seems to make no sense. It's not even remotely about beliefs here. Again, there's a difference between the scientific notion of nothing and absolute nothingness.
  3. Because I'm not going to assume something just because some clever people suggest it. It has to be demonstrated, and I don't think it can be. Note that I'm specifically talking about absolute nothingness rather than the scientific notion of nothing. These are two different things.
  4. Because we know that things aren't always what they appear to be. For example, the earth looks flat, but it's a sphere like shape. Atomic matter looks solid, but it's not. What I don't get is why you would assume something can come from absolute nothingness at all. What real scientists really think this happens physically? I wouldn't trust that evidence, and if I was a scientist performing research in this field, I would assume I was missing something or that I had made a mistake somehow. After all, how can anything happen if there's nothing to cause anything to happen? While that's true, some things really are just absurd and plainly wrong.
  5. I'm not going to believe things can come from absolute nothingness. Ever. It's not provable. Assuming things come from nothing because it looks that way is absurd.
  6. You are talking about models, not about what's happening physically. For example, virtual particles are seemingly appearing out of nothing, but are they really? The problem is: Is a human made vacuum absolute nothingness physically? As long as we don't know the answers to that question, we can make all the working models we want, but we still won't know, and physically speaking, the only right assumption seems to be that there must be something there. So there are theories about something from nothing, but is it how it physically works? Also, don't appeal to authority. Sure, some of these people are probably twice as smart as both of us combined, but that doesn't mean they can't be wrong.
  7. It's perfectly fine when dealing with things like something from absolute nothingness. Until it can be demonstrated that it's possible, there's absolutely no reason to think that it is.
  8. They can keep gimmicks like that, thank you very much Joking aside, it's possible, but requires breakthroughs that likely won't be ready for the consumer market any time soon. Not to mention that they have to catch on. Oh lord, please no Would be the end of my computer hobby That's not a bad idea. True, but they can still last decades. My Amiga is a good example.
  9. Absolutely, but unless there's a serious breakthrough, it's going to keep getting longer. There's also still the question of how much power an operating system and an office suite really need. Kind of. 4GB was already a little on the small side five years ago (which is absurd for many things), Also, the fact that that 3400 APU still keeps up easily enough is quite telling.
  10. And my point is that that isn't relevant anymore. Case in point: I use the latest Unity3d with Visual Studio 2017 on my five year old low end machine (bought new as low end), and it works just fine. The reason is that we're not seeing the massive increases in CPU core speed that we used to anymore. Bottom line: Five years isn't enough to cause the problems you're talking about anymore. It does if you have very little money. I bought a low end machine for 310 Euros five years ago, and it still works great (yes, with Windows 10 which I recently installed, must admit that I doubled the RAM to 8GB). The exception is the PSU. Cheap ones are crap.
  11. That easily takes a decade, especially with current machines. I'm running Windows 10 on a five year old low end computer. Works perfectly fine.
  12. Except when you don't have much money and a machine has to last a while. Especially when performing only common tasks such as web browsing and some office applications it seems ridiculous to keep upgrading. I have a PC with a 3400 APU and 6450 GPU. Bought five years ago.Very low end. Works fine for said tasks, and will likely continue to work fine for said tasks for several more years.
  13. Perhaps, but what do you think is hard to understand about them?
  14. Actually, I have one last thing to say about all of this. If you think anything other than empathy matters in relation to things like this, then you're wrong and you're overthinking it. Empathy drives people to do good and to better themselves: If it's bad for me, it's bad for someone else.
  15. To Phi for All: I'm completely done with this.
  16. It's about mentality. About the mentality that exploitation is wrong. Not eating meat isn't going to save the world, but changing one's mentality might.
  17. Veganism is about avoiding ALL animal products as much as possible, not just about food. Many people think it's just about food, but it's about more than that. It's also not a diet.
  18. Veganism is about doing what you can, not about making your own life impossible.
  19. The problem isn't eating meat, it's where the meat comes from. Remember, veganism isn't a diet. It's about what WE do, not about what happens in the wild. Because other species can't go to the supermarket and buy whatever the hell they want like many of us. If predators don't hunt, they die, while I don't have to. It's about choice. And yes, I realize full well that there are still many people who don't have a choice, and I'm not talking about them. I'm NOT vegan. I've said this before. Anyway, it was you who said you're happy with the way the animals whose meat you buy are treated, so you're happy with them being butchered. As for rational reasons, there aren't any. It's all purely emotional, just like there's no rational reason to not kill a human and take their money, for example. The reason I don't want to hurt others is because of empathy, which is completely emotional.
  20. No, I'm speaking for every last human alive. You're happy with butchering your fellow beings while you don't have to, and think that's fine treatment, so I'm definitely talking about you too. You could just say that you don't give a damn. Would be honest at least.
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