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  1. I don't get it. Can't you come up with any number of logical explanations for why the man left after one taste?
  2. If you're learning how to program for Unity and not for anything else, then don't bother with Java. Java and JavaScript aren't same, and Unity doesn't use Java.
  3. For programming in Unity3D choose either C# or JavaScript. I'd go for C#, because it's a full programming language and not a script language like JavaScript. Don't look at anything else at all, and focus on learning what you need for programming in Unity3D. Also, the 3D graphics programming in Unity3D isn't very hard, because the game engine takes care of many things by default, and doesn't require extensive knowledge of 3D programming (very little, in fact). Especially easy to pick up when you already know general programming. In Unity3D, the hardest part for non-programmers will be learning how to program.
  4. Thanks Yeah, of course, the SI units. I was reading m^3 kg^-1 s^-2 as mass^3*kilogram^-1*whatever^-2, should be length^3*mass^-1*time^-2.
  5. The only problem with the main formula is the gravitational constant: Where I don't know how to read this part: m^3 kg^-1 s^-2 and N(m/kg)^2 For the rest my program simply does this: xd=(x(t1)-x(t)) yd=(y(t1)-y(t)) pd1=xd*xd+yd*yd pd=Sqr(pd1) f=(m(t)*m(t1))/pd1 a1=f/m(t) a2=f/m(t1) xpd=xd/pd ypd=yd/pd xv(t)=xv(t)+xpd*a1 yv(t)=yv(t)+ypd*a1 xv(t1)=xv(t1)-xpd*a2 yv(t1)=yv(t1)-ypd*a2 This seems to work quite well, but may still be wrong.
  6. Thanks Didn't think it would be that easy, because I was reading the Wikipedia article about this equation, and I was looking at it's vector form (which I can't read completely). Anyway, getting the force seems easy enough.
  7. Hi, My question should be simple enough: If (G*m1*m2)/distance^2 gives you the total amount of gravitational force, then how can I calculate the acceleration for each individual mass? I'm trying to write a simple simulation program, but I can't read some of the math that I've looked up. Any help is appreciated
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