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  1. Anikumar,

    Thanks for your nice comments. Looking forward to your further participation in the threads that I comment on.

    best regards, Forrest Noble

  2. Anikumar,

    You are well mannered like many Indians, great.:)

    Thanks for your comment concerning General Relativity.

    It may be confusing how forums like this have to work. Many people looking at such sites and finding them on search engines, are students. This and other forums want students to understand mainstream science as you learn it in school, without the p...

  3. I am an active theorist concerning alternative models of cosmology and theoretical physics. I have also written a book in cosmology and particle theory, that can be found on any search engine: The Pan Theory.

    I have been divorced for many years and travel quite a bit in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, along with parts of Europe, Eastern Europe, and North Africa.

  4. Hey Cleve,

    Glad to hear from you. Know you're in school and have tried not to divert your attentions. Have been listening to your comments and am really glad all is going well in your schooling. Keep me abreast without diverting your attention. I like your equations but for me application possibilities is most appealing.

    Take care my friend and I will follow your suc...

  5. juanrga,

    Thanks for the link. I now realize that you wrote the paper, cool. I also have a MOND model based upon a "first principle" theory. Here is the link to the URL of the theory. pantheory.org

    Maybe you could e-mail me your entire paper, 9 pages right?

    Where do you live? En Espana o otro pais?

    Do you have raw data concerning stellar orbit...

  6. Hey Michel, nice glass of suds in the pic of you.

    Hope all is well with you and your family. What do you think of what's going on in Greek politics today?

    I was planning to go to Saudi Arabia for work but have many things going on here in California now and probably won't be able to leave now till maybe Spring time. I don't recall what kind of work you are doi...

  7. Hi Shema,

    Hope you can get these personal messages. Thanks for inviting me as a friend. I see you are in Iran. Another member friend in Iran said that he cannot view my website pantheory.org and sometimes has a problem getting personal messages. Looks like you are well qualified in your field. Hope we can talk online.

    best regards, pantheory : Forrest Noble

  8. I am a vegetarian and specifically a fruitarian. As an atheist I follow the negative golder rule "don't do unto others as you would not want them to do unto you."

    I enjoy traveling a lot and have learned to also speak Spanish fairly well. I also am studying other languages.

    I live in southern California, Los Angeles.

    Although I am semi-retired I am a...

  9. Hi Moein Gh,

    Thanks again for dropping me a note. Can't seem to get into my "about me" section :(

    All it says when I try to get into it to is that the page has not been configured as yet with no explanation how to do it. I'm also new to the forum so I’m just finding my way around.

    Sorry you can't get into my website at pantheory.com or pan...

  10. Hey Moein Gh,

    Glad to hear of your friendship offer.

    I am 68 years old. I was a professional Engineer for many years as well as a cosmologist and theoretical physicist. I have 3 adult children in their 30's and grand children. :)

    If you are interested you can see my theories at pantheory.com

    How about you?

  11. how to invite friends

  12. Hello,

    Give me a holler. My first posting was 6/13/11

    Looking forward to general science discussions.

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