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  1. I could be wrong, not the first time of course, but I would eat my hat if this was evidence for another universe. Before when observing such galactic motions it was attributed to one or more "great attractor(s), " dark flow(s), etc., in our universe. My single hat is not straw so it would be a "hard chew," but the evidence must be very conclusive before I would acknowledge being wrong, not just speculation like I consider this article. Something like the evidence Hubble found concerning other galaxies. I believe the universe is a far simpler place than multiple-universe models all would
  2. The False Vacuum, AKA the Zero Point Field, may have more energy within it than the rest of the universe combined. So it certainly wouldn't be correct to call it nothing. Also the idea that a beginning potential of some kind "had to exist," certainly is a logical conclusion. Potential energy in physics is classified as a type of energy, so I see nothing wrong with using the word "exist" for potential energy, but I understand your thinking that another word might be better than the word "exist" to describe a beginning Potential Energy of the Universe.
  3. There have been other threads on EM drive here before. This is the latest asserted confirmation of the technology, an article based upon a recent German paper. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/space/11769030/Impossible-rocket-drive-works-and-could-get-to-Moon-in-four-hours.html
  4. Mainstream theory does not generally attribute the expansion of space to dark energy, only the accelerated expansion of space. Of course you could say that time flows, but the flow of space is not usually accepted or considered the expansion of space. So your idea seems unrelated to present day theory, or interpretations of it IMO
  5. http://phys.org/news/2015-05-astronomers-baffled-discovery-rare-quasar.html It would be interesting to me to known if these quasars have spin alignment with each other as some contiguous quasars have shown (if they could measure it).
  6. The eradication of tumor-spread to nearby organs is very big. If cancer does not metastasize (spread) it can eventually be eliminated by chemo therapy and/or radiology.
  7. I think this is good conjecture. But like all conjecture it is a matter of opinion. As others have pointed out, EM radiation exerts pressure, and just as gravity "attracts" and bends light, so does light "attract" and gravitationally influence matter. Also as others have mentioned, the extent of both is small compared to the effect needed to explain the many supposed effects of dark matter including observed orbital velocities of spiral galaxies and clusters. This would be the standard-model answer and explanation for your query. As to other possibilities there is an observed effect called
  8. Strange, Natural Selection as a foundation tenet of Evolution, is no longer debatable. Find me a scientist that does not believe that the following statement is fact. "Species adapt to their environment. Natural selection leads to evolutionary change when individuals with certain characteristics have a greater survival or reproductive rate than other individuals in a population and pass on these inheritable genetic characteristics to their offspring." This is the foundation tenet of natural selection. The statement above is now known fact IMO, regarding what was once called th
  9. Again, we are just arguing semantics IMO. You have clarified your points. I'll try to better clarify mine: "facts" are verifiable observations which may have once been considered theory only -- like the Earth is round. You gave even better examples such as time dilation, length contraction. Theories cannot necessarily be verified, such as the warping of space, and the time dilation of Special Relativity can be otherwise explained. Via : define: scientific fact: “A scientific fact is an objective and verifiable observation, in contrast with a hypothesis or theory, which is inten
  10. Additional information. When astronomers are claiming rotation curves of galaxies they are not talking theory. Since the late 1970's, or earlier, they have been able to fairly accurately measure the rotation curves of the bulge and the disc (arms) of a spiral galaxy by redshift differentials from one side of the galaxy to the other. Beyond that they measure the movement of neutral hydrogen where the movement of individual stars are difficult to observe or measure. This is primarily where the divergence of predicted velocities differ the most from observed velocities. This is called the H
  11. I’ll give you a few suggestions. In science the words “proof,” “proven,” “know for sure” are seldom used concerning theory. The redshift of galaxies is evidence to support the proposal that the universe is expanding and that galaxies are moving away from each other. It is evidence for the related theory but we do not know for sure that this effect could not be otherwise caused and that the universe is not expanding. Other possibilities proposed have been light losing energy as it travels, the most well know of these proposals is called “tired light,” light is bent by gravity as well
  12. I was responding to the quotes in the link that the OP posted, and the question asked therein-- why is this important?
  13. Not surprising. Intra-galactic clouds are known to contain water/ice. The bigger question I think is whether life can evolve in dense warm galactic clouds which contain rocks, water/ice and other matter particulates, could it evolve in asteroids or comets, or are planetary sized bodies and atmospheres needed? The only likelihood, I think, is that a lot of time would be involved in its creation.
  14. right, Our ancestors descendents will have to inherit our good or bad decisions.
  15. There is probably a lot more about natural climate changes, trends, causes, and man's influences on it that we don't know about, than what we do know IMO. Here is a link to a study a couple of years ago concerning coming ice ages. Man's pollutants can cause global cooling as well as warming, although global warming is the current fad. http://www.globalresearch.ca/global-warming-or-the-new-ice-age-fear-of-the-big-freeze/30336 In any event we should caution on the side of controls since IMO we really don't know what effects our pollutions might cause in the short or long run. Our ancesto
  16. I think a part of it relates to mutual interests. Politicians are found that think a certain political way which are in line with their constituency. In this way both the politician and their constituency are happy. I suspect the same thing goes on with researchers. Many think a certain way based upon their education, past studies and research. To provide more evidence for that line of thinking and point of view, groups, foundations, trusts, companies etc. for varying reasons which agree with this line of thinking look for those that agree with them to do related research, or independent r
  17. "It was off topic then and is still off-topic now. We have no problem discussing these issues - what we object to is News stories being hijacked by every member who has a personal theory (/ or a disagreement with a mainstream theory) which is contradicted by said News Story." I don't see my response being off-topic. The topic was gravity waves being detected related to the Inflation era of cosmology. My response was to question whether gravity waves were really detected considering other possibilities which I mentioned, and if so why would they necessarily be a product of the Inflation era
  18. When this story originally broke here in the NEWS I cautioned concerning the interpretation of gravity waves, and particularly gravity waves relating to Inflation since there were other likely possibilities for this polarization. My posting was considered hijacking or off-topic and was removed from the NEWS section to its own thread, seen below. I believe this was a form of censorship to stop contention rather than to allow a differing opinion. Allowing differing points of view is one of the primary hallmarks of good science and related discussions. This was not the first time such censorship
  19. Look down for the subject BICEPS2 evidence for Inflation NOT, to see comments.
  20. The dark matter hypothesis is based upon rotation curves of galaxies. This latest observation claims that stellar speeds in our outer galaxy are somewhat less than previously calculated based upon observations. If such new calculations and observations are more correct then there would be less hypothetical dark matter needed to explain the Milky Way's rotation curve. There are other explanations than dark matter to explain rotation curves of galaxies, rotation rates of galaxies in a cluster, and the observed extent of gravitational lensing, but only a few of these alternative hypothesis/ e
  21. Hi michel123456, As you know all radiation is believed to be stretched out based upon expanding space, this accordingly being the reason EM radiation becomes longer and redshifted over time. The recombination era was supposedly a hot part of the beginning universe and the theoretical source of the MBR; its radiation accordingly has been vastly redshifted since then. Expanding space is considered synonymous with an expanding universe. So the microwave background is not moving with us, it is theoretically absorbed and re-radiated in all directions which we observe as a background temperatu
  22. I think this discovery could be related to predictions of Halton Arp concerning some quasars being spin-offs from a parent quasar. In some cases Arp, and others, believed that the linear alignment of quasars with different redshifts all came from a seemingly obvious parent quasar and galaxy, which appear to have emerged from a parent galaxy. If this is a valid interpretation, then in time galaxies could develop surrounding the quasars and all spin-offs could be in spin alignment with each other and an alleged parent galaxy. This interpretation was and is very controversial because the redsh
  23. A Pretty awesome feat. Funny looking comet too. My guess is that it not of the typical variety at least in form. I hope we learn a lot.
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