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  1. a-pre-rna-world-genetic-code-with-only-a-single-but-reversible-nucleobase
  2. Nope its not. Unless you would expect to see such evidence
  3. absence of empirical evidence.
  4. Difference between empiricism and rationalism: Something is empirical if it conforms to observation. Something is rational if it conforms to the laws of cause and effect the existence of ets is the most rational possibility
  5. I'm looking for empirical evidence
  6. that is the a priori probability if you dont know anything more about it each time you lose you will revise the bayesian probability downward until it eventually approaches the true probability
  7. what part of "we dont know one way or the other" did you not understand?
  8. a-pre-rna-world-genetic-code-with-only-a-single-but-reversible-nucleobase/
  9. A pre-RNA world #Genetic_code with only a single (but reversible) nucleobase? Today there are four different types of #nucleobases which stack on top of one another like plates to form the RNA molecule Perhaps in the original #PAH world there was only one type of #nucleobase but it could be put on the liquid crystal stack in one of two different orientations by simply flipping it over like a pancake. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAH_world_hypothesis #Polycyclic_aromatic_hydrocarbons are the most common and abundant of the known polyatomic molecules in the visible universe, and are considered a likely constituent of the primordial sea. #PAHs , along with fullerenes (or "buckyballs"), have been recently detected in nebulae. PAHs are not normally very soluble in sea water, but when subject to ionizing radiation such as solar UV light, the outer hydrogen atoms can be stripped off and replaced with a hydroxyl group, rendering the PAHs far more soluble in water. These modified PAHs are amphiphilic, which means that they have parts that are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic. When in solution, they, like lipids, tend to organize with their hydrophobic parts protected. Unlike lipids, they assemble into a 1 dimensional liquid crystal stack which is similar to, but much smaller than, microtubules (the nerves and brain of the cell). I suspect that the original base looked something like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-Aminobenzoic_acid Note that this would have been both a nucleobase and an amino acid. Attaching a carbohydrate monomer (perhaps originally another 3-Aminobenzoic_acid molecule) to its hydrophobic backside would have greatly increased its solubility https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_code Today #codons consist of 3 nucleotides and therefore have 64 possibilities These code for 20 #amino_acids plus a start and stop #codon . If there was originally only one base, as suggested above, then there were at that time only 4 distinct triplets 001 010 100 111 Which could simply be flipped over to make 011 101 110 000 You only need to know the first 2 bases (and the orientation) to select the right triplet  All of the codons that consist entirely of #Cytosine and #guanine only use the first two bases and completely ignore the third http://study.com/cimages/multimages/16/Cytosine_Guanine_base_pair.png (note the similarity to 3-Aminobenzoic_acid) These code for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycine (the simplest possible amino acid) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alanine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arginine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proline Nanobes/Microtubules/Ribosomes: https://plus.google.com/100636757164161999940/posts/a9kXMxcmc7p phosphorus is part of the backbone of RNA. Liquid crystal PAHs lack a backbone. Maybe this is why they haven't found phosphorus in nanobes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller–Urey_experiment A typical tRNA has 75 bases. 2^75 = 3.77 * 10^22 1 mole of tRNA would weigh 25 kg and contain 6 * 10^23 molecules
  10. Many scientists believe that et's are likely to exist. Some would say almost certainly exist. Empirically speaking: Either et's exist or they don't so the a priori probability is 0.5 = 50% This just means "we dont know one way or the other". The only empirical evidence that et's exist that I have ever heard anyone claim is that we observe life here on earth therefore et's are likely to exist. By Bayes Theorem: Probability that ets exist given that we observe life on earth = 0.5*probability that we observe life on earth given that et's exist/probability that we observe life on earth 0.5*1/1 = 0.5 The probability is completely unchanged by the observation that life exists here on earth. We still dont know one way or the other. So if you happen to believe that et's are likely to exist then what empirical evidence do you base that belief on?
  11. Given an infinite world and infinite time there are no limits but the Earth is far from infinite and 4.5 billion years is far from infinite time
  12. Given an infinite World and infinite time anything is, of course, possible but the Earth is far from infinite and 4.5 billion years is far from infinite time.
  13. 1) This is irrelevant to this thread. You are trying to change the subject 2) http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/one-world-religion-pope-francis-says-all-major-religions-are-meeting-god-in-different-ways
  14. The creation account agrees with science: Nanobes > Single celled organisms > multicellular organisms > land animals including Humans In Genesis 1 Adam is created at the beginning of the 6th day. (columns 4 and 5) In Genesis 2 Adam is created at the beginning of the 3rd day. (columns 6 and 7) The two accounts do not conflict. They are just different ways of looking at the same events http://religion.wikia.com/wiki/At-a-glance/The_Bible/101
  15. In Theory theism is just about being a good person. And in theory atheism is just about empiricism. But between the theory and the actual practice there is a rather sizable Gap. I can no longer turn a blind eye to this Gap. That is why I can no longer consider myself a theist. Nor can I consider myself an atheist either for exactly the same reason. Balaam and the Nicolaitans (false apostles) pretended to be supporting the church but in reality were just there to subvert it. Today we call these people fundamentalists. Fundamentalism: a movement characterized by a strictly literal (empirical) interpretation of religious texts By that definition many atheists are fundamentalists too Revelation 2 To the angel of the church in Pergamum write the following: ...But I have a few things against you: You have some people there who follow the teaching of Balaam, who instructed Balak to put a stumbling block before the people of Israel so they would eat food sacrificed to idols and commit sexual immorality. In the same way, there are also some among you who follow the teaching of the Nicolaitans. Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any man deceive you: For many shall come in my name, saying, I (Jesus) am Christ; and shall deceive many. To the angel of the church in Ephesus, write the following: I know your works as well as your labor and steadfast endurance, and that you cannot tolerate evil. You have even put to the test those who refer to themselves as apostles (but are not), and have discovered that they are false. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-francis-attacks-fundamentalist-catholics-dismisses-condom-ban-as-unimp "Fundamentalism is a sickness that is in all religions," Francis said, as reported by the National Catholic Reporters Vatican correspondent, Joshua McElwee, and similarly by other journalists on the plane. "We Catholics have some -- and not some, many -- who believe in the absolute truth and go ahead dirtying the other with calumny, with disinformation, and doing evil." "They do evil," said the pope. "I say this because it is my church." "We have to combat it," he said. "Religious fundamentalism is not religious, because it lacks God. It is idolatry, like the idolatry of money." Fundamentalism is an example of all-or-nothing thinking. "Beware," Jesus warned them. "Watch out for the Leaven (all-or-nothing thinking) of the Pharisees (Theists) and that of Herod (Atheists)". A little leaven leavens the whole lump. All-or-nothing thinking (e.g., heaven and hell) is like a computer virus. Once you are infected it affects your whole mind. one way they infect you is by making you angry Taking the bad with the good is sometimes a good idea but not if it means eating food that you know has been poisoned So if I am no longer a theist nor an atheist then what is left? In theory all that's left is Buddhism and the middle path. But unfortunately even this has been corrupted by fundamentalists Religion: The only winning move is not to play Fundamentalism: a movement characterized by literal interpretation of religious texts By that definition many atheists are fundamentalists too Atheists arent stupid. Indeed, like the serpent, they are more crafty than any beast of the field. They know that people are going to do the opposite of whatever they tell them they want them to do. That is the real reason why fundamentalist atheists relentlessly attack and ridicule fundamentalism. Why else would they be so obnoxious about it? The truth is they don't care whether you become a Fundamentalist atheist or a fundamentalist theist. Just as long as you become a Fundamentalist like them.
  16. granpa

    Diamond age

    The first men were not domesticated. Overtime man gradually domesticated himself. I don't know how long this took but by the time of Adam man was fully domesticated and civilization took off. In the next phase of mans evolution man gradually became adapted to living in Civilization. Man passed through 6 phases. Gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, diamond Infinite, finite (strong), finite (moderate), finite (weak), infinitesimal, zero The men of the diamond age had zero egos and were therefore beings of perfect logic (logos) Daniel 2: You, O king, were watching as a great statueone of impressive size and extraordinary brightnesswas standing before you. Its appearance caused alarm. As for that statue, its head was of fine gold, its chest and arms were of silver, its belly and thighs were of bronze. Its legs were of iron; its feet were partly of iron and partly of clay. You were watching as a stone (diamond) was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its iron and clay feet, breaking them in pieces. Then the iron, clay, bronze, silver, and gold were broken in pieces without distinction and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors that the wind carries away. Not a trace of them could be found. But the diamond that struck the statue became a great mountain (moon?) that filled the entire earth. Revelation 21: One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb. And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high (Olympus), and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. God IS NOT the beginning The beginning was khaos and anarchy. God IS the end-point (Omega_Point) toward which all life is being drawn. As civilization drives out anarchy, all life is gradually being drawn into a single body with God as the head
  17. Wasn't the 15th year of Tiberius when Jesus was baptized?
  18. I would add that the 15th year of Tiberius would be 26 AD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiberius According to Suetonius, after a two-year stint in Germania, which lasted from 10−12 AD, "Tiberius' returned and celebrated the triumph which he had postponed, accompanied also by his generals, for whom he had obtained the triumphal regalia. And before turning to enter the Capitol, he dismounted from his chariot and fell at the knees of his father, who was presiding over the ceremonies.” "Since the consuls caused a law to be passed soon after this that he should govern the provinces jointly with Augustus and hold the census with him, he set out for Illyricum on the conclusion of the lustral ceremonies." Thus according to Suetonius, these ceremonies and the declaration of his "co-princeps" took place in the year 12 AD, after Tiberius return from Germania. The 1st year of Tiberius was 12 AD The 15th year of Tiberius would therefore be 26 AD.
  19. if they moved 1 stone per day then they must have begun around 9000 bc
  20. Jesus (Samson) was arrested on 1-14 (Passover) but was executed on 3-15. 3-15 is the New wine festival. The παρα-σκευή of the passover. The day of παρα-shekar (hyper-drunkeness). When large crowds get drunk people die. Pilate, therefore, entered into the praetorium again, and called Jesus, and said to him, `You are the King of the Jews?' Jesus answered, `Not an earthly king. I am a different sort of king' Pilate, therefore, said to him, `So you are a king then' Pilate, therefore, having heard this word, brought Jesus without -- and he sat down upon the tribunal -- to a place called, `Pavement,' and in Hebrew, Gabbatha; and it was the day of παρα-shekar (hyper-drunkeness) of the passover, and as it were the sixth hour (noon), and he said to the Jews, `behold, your king!' But the people didnt understand what this meant so Pilate put on a little show to show them what it means. Pilate knew there would be a total eclipse that night. Jesus was tied to the cross 3 hours later at at 3 pm. If 3 pm was the 1st hour of the crucifixion then 8 pm was the 6th hour. From 8 pm till 11:30 pm (june 14 of 29 AD) a total lunar eclipse came over all the land. (The moon being symbolic of God) When the eclipse ended Jesus cried out in a loud voice, "My God, my God, why did you forsake me? http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/JLEX/JLEX-AS.html Pilates symbolism would have been clear to the people of the time but unfortunately in the centuries that followed the new wine festival was expunged from the Bible (replaced by Pentecost), the lunar eclipse was forgotten, and God began to be thought of as being more like the Sun than the moon. These are the feasts of the Lord, even holy convocations, which ye shall proclaim in their seasons. In the fourteenth day of the first month (1-14) at even is the Lord's passover. And on the fifteenth day of the same month (1-15) is the feast of unleavened bread unto the Lord: seven days ye must eat unleavened bread. In the first day ye shall have an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein. Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye be come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest unto the priest: And he shall wave the sheaf before the Lord, to be accepted for you: on the morning of the sabbath the priest shall wave it. And ye shall offer that day when ye wave the sheaf an he lamb without blemish of the first year for a burnt offering unto the Lord. And ye shall count unto you from the morning of the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering (1-12); seven sabbaths shall be complete (1-19, 1-26, 2-3, 2-10, 2-17, 2-24, 3-1) And from the morning of the seventh sabbath shall ye number 15 days (3-15); and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the Lord. Ye shall bring out of your habitations two wave loaves of two tenth deals; they shall be of fine flour; they shall be baken with leaven; they are the firstfruits unto the Lord. And ye shall offer with the bread seven lambs without blemish of the first year, and one young bullock, and two rams: they shall be for a burnt offering unto the Lord,
  21. Yes. So? Please read my signature For those people that have turned signatures off, my signature reads: In relativity, reality doesnt change just because you change velocity. Only your perspective on that reality changes.
  22. 1 light signal does not have to overtake another. That is what I just explain to you. The distance to the clock changes when you accelerate. Therefore your calculation of the current time on that clock changes. Even though what you are seeing does not change.
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