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  1. mooeypoo, I've been away from the internet for a few days.

    It was fun but I'm looking forward to seeing what has been going on.

  2. I read about parkour a while ago. I think in the New Yorker magazine


    Just now I looked up the Wikipedia article


    certain things about the thought and attitudes underlying parkour impress me

    I expect it can also be graceful an beautiful to watch---if not too scary.


    Here is the Wikipedia article on CVN carriers.


    It says that the CVN-77 is expected to be commissioned in late 2008


    It says two Westinghouse A4W reactors, with the turbines developing a total of

    260,000 ship horsepower. A rough estimate would be 194 Megawatts. Sufficient for a mediumsize city's electric power requirements, I should say.

    Beautiful ships.

  3. well, my wife is sewing handmade pillowcases as a wedding present for her nephew and his wife (a rancher's daughter who can fly an airplane, ride cattledrive, and run a haybaler machine---interesting girl.) we think handmade pillowcases will be appreciated as much as something expensive.


    I'm following quantum gravity research, conferences, publications as usual. Ashtekar just proved the Bousso entropy bound conjecture in Loop Cosmology. It is conjectured in other contexts but can be proved in the Loop context---an advance. A conference next week in Greece. Ashtekar and Loll will speak. The big conference is first week of July in the UK. Lots of activity right now.


    What's up with you?

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