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  1. Where did he say this? Can you tell me next what I'm saying? I feel left out.
  2. Farsight... Sorry to break it to you bud, but it's not some vast conspiracy to keep you down. You haven't addressed a single objection to your theory in an accurate and repeatable way, and you are guilty of the exact tactics you acuse of others of. I actually enjoyed reading your articles, and was excited to see some new thoughts. However, watching your responses in this thread has made me completely reject your work. You cannot present your work to a knowledgable group then cry and scream when they point out errors. This isn't a day care, and your ideas are crap if they cannot stan
  3. Why do you think that they cannot be shown to exist? You know, unlike God, it actually is possible to prove or disprove the existence of memes, so your line of reasoning (or, more apropos, your line of attack) is nonsense.
  4. My first thought was, Scotch. However, drinking will likely exasserbate the problem. Quick tips? Find people you can speak with openly who will not judge you. Sometimes having a friendly ear to listen to your thoughts is enough. Also, exercise. It's amazing the benefit which a few hours of sweating can have on mental health and disposition. If you go with the Scotch, maybe do so together with that person who is a good listener.
  5. iNow

    Gonzales resigns

    ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower ~ James Madison ~ General Douglas MacArthur ~ Albert Camus ~ R. Buckminster Fuller ~ Ludwig von Mises ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
  6. You're hitting nails on heads with the above. Absolutely a major chunk of the issue. I will also explore the site you linked. It really does trickle down into the non-Presidential elections, and I suppose what frustrates me most is knowing that there are better people for the job out there (and even some who are actually willing to do it!), but if they haven't raised enough money then they don't even make it on to the ballot from which we all choose the ultimate winner. You're a vegetarian? Well, you can choose from hamburger or chicken.
  7. Yeah... It's pretty sad that a fear of science is preventing the actualization of survival.
  8. I'm not sure it's the best argument for the belief explained presentation, however, I can assure you that the boxes on the chess board are the same color. Easy proof... take screenshot, paste into MS paint, sample colors from both squares, check the RGB numbers. What do you see? A vase or two faces looking at one another?
  9. Look here: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/relativ/airtim.html Relative to the clock that stayed on the ground, the clock in the plane moved to the future. This is clearly more than "just math."
  10. What data? Which study? Who researched this? Where? ... is the beef?
  11. She's not up there for being a smart chic. I mean, who needs good grades when you're smokin' hot? Hey... If you can do this calculus problem I'll buy you a drink.
  12. I wasn't actually confused, I was just clarifying that I hadn't said what you implied. Also, to be clear, I appreciate your discussing other points. That's a big part of the reason I chose to open the thread... to open my own mind and achieve a broader awareness of the issue. So, you mean that this isn't the case? I've always considered this a perfectly valid approach to the universe.
  13. iNow

    Bush on Vietnam

    I'm sorry, what'd you say? I wasn't listening. Double Ditto on that. I absolutely stand behind this, am glad to see more people supporting this, am excited about others who will do the same very soon, and appreciate the fact that we are here discussing it (which means that many people, in fact, already are listening, stepping up, and encouraging others to do the same).
  14. When visualizing it in your mind, try to consider it the same as you would two stars orbiting each other. They would get closer and closer, and they would have a measurable impact on spacetime and the light around them. Eventually, one would swallow the other (since pertubations would prevent them from being EXACTLY the same). Here is a visual in the context of gravitational waves offered by NASA's LISA group: Also, here is some research on actual BHs orbiting: http://www.nrao.edu/pr/2006/binarybh/ See link for more.
  15. Farsight, it's blaringly obvious by now that you will not be taken seriously until you learn the math. Even Einstein had to spend a few years working out the geometries... I'd say you make this your next great endeavor then come back when you are done.
  16. iNow

    Bush on Vietnam

    You can use all the collective words you want, like citizens of the US. What I am telling you is that you are wrong the moment you speak of all in one generalized way. You are painting with too broad a brush and you are missing several important details. I personally voted against Bush either time, I personally spoke to all that I could reach to convince them to do the same. I personally voted members to congress that have supported change, and I personally am getting tired of you not recognizing this.
  17. This is actually being challenged by numerous groups. The current consensus is that we could, in a very real way, run out of fresh water by 2050. http://www.worldwatch.org/node/1661 http://taiwansecurity.org/Reu/2005/Reuters-011105.htm http://www.wateryear2003.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=3129&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html http://www.globalchange.umich.edu/globalchange2/current/lectures/freshwater_supply/freshwater.html
  18. Can you give us a "for instance?" Hmmm... I'm not sure I follow. I didn't say that money shouldn't be a factor. Regardless, you raised a seperate point so I will ask, what else dictates the final list of 2 or 3 candidates from whom we can choose?
  19. iNow

    Bush on Vietnam

    Geoguy, I understand your frustration, but PLEASE... stop lumping the actions of this government on the people ruled by it. It makes me listen to you less, despite the fact that we agree on SO much. mmmkay?
  20. iNow

    Bush on Vietnam

    Exactly. When we left Vietnam, there was a clear group which would take the reigns of power. In Iraq, there is no such group, and we must begin each discussion of how to move forward knowing that we are choosing the "least bad" option. Bush's recent speeches are very strange indeed, suggesting our only mistake in Vietnam was that we didn't stay longer. I find this method of drumming up support disrespectful to the soldiers who fought there, the soldiers currently finding, and the public who are being asked to swallow this line of garbage. Here's a news flash: Today President Lynd
  21. You're clearly a bright fellow, pioneer, but I do sincerely believe your creativity would prove more fruitful if it were grounded in existing knowledge. There are so many parts about which you speculate incorrectly, and that is a definite limitation in what you offer. Tell us more about how one can measure this hunger valence with anything other than self-report.
  22. Indeed. Nor do party-based actions of the past serve to offer any any valid indication of the efficacy of party-based actions in the present or future.
  23. So where is this ethereal dictator preventing you from being an asshole? I'd suggest that you are substituting the term "dictator" into what is currently understood as "socially accepted norms." Nobody is preventing you from saying what you think. You are your only censor. You can be as un-PC as you want, but you still need others to survive. Why not maximize the group with which you can successfully interact? Start calling your neighbors a bunch of hate filled names and we'll see how many help you when you need them to.
  24. It's acceptable that you speak in gender specific trends, just bear in mind the extreme difficulty in attributing these trends completely to either genetics or environmental learning.
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