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  1. Triclosan is bacteriostatic and inhibits fatty acid synthesis by binding to the reductase carrier protein. Does Benzoyl Peroxide cause a simlar effect too since it is lipophilic?


    How does benzoyl peroxide decrease the number of fatty acids...what is the mechanism (I am aware that it oxidises it)?


    I would appreciate any help



  2. Hi I am doing biology investigation on the effect of face wash on bactera. I will form bacteria from milk and will use methylene blue indicator with colorimetry. I know what i am supposed to do but I odnt actually understand how to carry out the practical. I am using spearmanns rank. I would appreciate some guidance on this as soon as possible - my practicals beging tommorow! :(



  3. I am carrying out an investigation onthe purity of iron tablets. Could some-one please provide me with some information on how I would actually extract the iron from the tablet. I know i would have to titrate it with potassium manganate and use colorimetry but i am stuck on writing the method for how to extract the iron form the tablet. I would really appreciate any help.



  4. hello

    to investigate the percentage of purity of iron i iron tablets what else would i have to do apart from titration and colorimtery?


    Also, how could i investigate effectiveness of sunscreen aginast UV?


    Lastly, how could i briefly investigate the conc of caffeine in diff coffee brands?


    I am desparate for help and would rly appreciate it asap!



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