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    Surely if we can travel into the future our choices have "already been made"?
  2. How much of a grasp of algebra and trig. is necessary?
  3. I've *heard* that Hitler funded similar research during his little reign in the late 30s and 40s. Apparently they even had a prototype built. I'm very sceptical over this; however, it would not surprise me considering the other things Hitler funded research into.
  4. Javascript I agree with, getting something to work cross-browser can be frustrating at times; although simpler things I have had no problem with. However, I have yet to have any problems getting HTML to display the same on the three main browsers (IE, Mozilla, Opera). There is an occasional discrepency (sp?) with css, but that is usually my fault in not using a standard property - in which case it can bu changed into something more fitting.
  5. But the thing is, you CAN make it available in they may have. Also, if you follow the standards then you won't have to use seperate formatting for each potential browser - that's crazy.
  6. Nice place you've linked me to.
  7. ^^ What I was trying to say. Now I understand OOP I think it is the greatest thing since having kidneys, but when I first came into C++ I was scared poopless of it.
  8. Sounds interesting. What is it?
  9. I know that you asked for Perl, but if your server supports PHP then I think I have a working script lying around somewhere that you could use.
  10. If you're realtively new to programming then C would be best. Although this is by default as C is quite difficult compared to other, similar languages. C++ is good if you've had experiance with programming. I say this because the main advantage of C++ is its OOPness. OO is a difficult enough concept to grasp on its own, let alone when learning how to program at the same time.
  11. First off, I'd llike to point out to chris that all of Microsoft's NT based OSes (NT, 2000, XP) are several times more stable than those of the 9x line. My favourite OS will have to be Linux. Either the Slackware or the Debian distributions, I can't decide which. I'm not a big fan of Windows, although I rather like XP. Also, the .NET platform looks rather promising, especially the c# language I've had a play with. If this goes cross-platform I will be extremely happy.
  12. Gnome and KDE both have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, Gnome has higher recommended system specs than that of KDE; but the GTK - which gnome uses for its GUIs - are portable not only across platforms but also different languages too.
  13. Isn't there a law or something that requires you to send encrytion keys to the Government authority if requested? I may have misinterperated the article that I read about it (was a while ago so I do not have a link). Also, it was mentioned here that there is no point in having an encryption that can not be decrypted. I Disagree with this completely. A one-way encryption algorithm is most useful in the case for authentication. For example, a website can keep details of its users in database. These users will not be very happy when they learn that the databose had been compromised and all their passwords are stolen. One-way encryption has its uses here in that instead of storing the passwords in their palin-text form they can be stored in their encrypted hash. When the user logs into the site the authentication system will check the hash of the submitted password against that of the one kept in the database, if they are equal then they are allowed access. This way, if the database does get compromised then all that would be lost are a few utterly useless hash codes.
  14. I'd have to agree with Sayonara here. I have never been able to grasp PowerPoint. I also found it to be extremely time-consuming and resource hogging. The only good thing that I can see about it is its relative ease in blasting it through a projector, although with a bit of cleverness I'm sure it would be possible to display a HTML file through one too.
  15. The female mind is the one science that will never be understood. My advice would be to stop trying. Don't take everything she says for its literal value. In the end it doesn't really matter. When it come to personal relationships there is no model that you con apply to help you work things out; you need to go at it on your own. Pay attention to what she says, even if you do not understand it. You won't regret it. If she thinks that you are disregarding everything that she is telling you then she shall do the same to you; it is a cycle, break it while you still can. When discussing things actually discuss them, do not debate. Deep now I very much doubt that either of you really enjoy it. Remember that all Scientific theories are just that, theories. Although they work and have been 'proven' many times before it does not mean that they are the only things that make the world work. I apologise for any incoherence in my above post.
  16. hosting2sell.com is Amazing, both in terms of service and price. UK only though. Although, if you ask them they may take paypal, I'm not sure.
  17. Does it originate from ebay or is it faked?
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