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  1. The other day I was using a pair of those stereoscopc glasses that let you see two-dimensional images in three dimensions. I was just wondering what you would see if you could somehow use the glasses to look at an "actual" three-dimensional object with the same colour properties as the paper, wouldn't that theoretically allow you to see four dimensions?
  2. When I was doing some research, I found a theory that the universe which we know is actually only the surface of the entire universe as a hypersphere. Something then occured to me; if the universe really is a hypersphere, what keeps it from collapsing? I think it is pretty safe to assume that the universe does not have a solid shell surrounding it that allows it to keep is't form. I came up with two possible explanations, maybe both of them are correct. 1) The interior of the universe contains massive volumes of negative energy. This could theoretically explain why the universe isn't collapsing because since negative energy is repelled by gravity as opposed to attracted by it, it theoretically could hold the universe it it's hypersphere form. 2) The second possibility which I came up with is that the hypersphere is kind of like a balloon; meaning that the interior of the universe contains astronomical amounts of gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. I suppose that if there were enough pressure being exerted by all of the gases, the hypersphere could theoretically be kept from collapsing. Now for the more confusing part. Scientists think that at one point, all the mass of the visible universe was at one point (forgive the pun) a single point, or a singularity, or a black hole. Naturally the gravity of such a dense black hole would be huge and would cause tremendous strain of the hypersphere's surface (Einstein sais that massive objects make dents in the fabric of space-time). Now, what would happen if at one point, the singularity actually made a puncture on the surface of the hypersphere and linked the surface with the interior? The same thing that would happen if you stick a pin into a balloon; the interior contents leave through the hole. Since it is believed that at time zero, the universe expanded faster than the speed of light, the matter inside the hypersphere would be able to escape the black hole, and possibly make up our visible universe. And of course, if there was negative energy inside the hypersphere, it would have no problem leaving the black hole because gravity repells it, which could theoretically explain inflation.
  3. First of all just because the strings are classified as one dimensional does not mean that they really are. It is an accepted physical law that something cannot have no width, length or depth.
  4. The strings of the string theory are often thought to be one dimensional, but how that that be physically possible? If the strings were one dimensional that would imply that their width and length is zero, and having any dimensional *length*(for lack of a better term) of zero is not physically possible. So why are strings thought to be one dimensional?
  5. Severian, you missed the point of my theory. What I said was that I believe that we actually live in a universe that is made of more than 4 dimensions and the only reason that we think it is made of only 3 is because our brains cannot process information in more than three dimensions. And believe it or not, there is some indirect evidence of higher dimensions; virtual particles. They are particles that appear out of nowhere in a vacuum, and then just as fast disappear. And I remember reading that some scientists believe that they come from higher dimensions through quantum tunneling.
  6. Okay I'll admit that I should have left the abortion argument for another thread, the point I was trying to make was that there are things out there that are much more immoral than euthanasia that are legal. It's your life, not the church's, not the government's. If you want to die, you should have that right.
  7. Whether or not the fetus is legally consider human is immaterial. The point is that it will be human at one point, and if you abort it, you are killing it. What really makes me mad though is that 9 times out of 10 the women get an abortion simply because they were to stupid to use birth control.
  8. All this garbage about euthanasia being immoral is just plain and simple B.S. How is letting someone who is going to die anyway in agony get a simple injection that lets them die painlessly immoral? I'll tell you how...it's not. I am willing to bet that one of the reasons that it is illegal is because it would mean that the government would have one less person to tax. Furthermore, why is abortion legal but not euthanasia? In abortion you murder an innocent baby just because the mother was too stupid to use birth control. There is nothing moral about abortion.
  9. In my opinion - and I am not trying to offend anyone when I say this - organized religion is just plain wrong. I will admit that that the basic principles behind religion are good, but that's never good enough. At its most basic level, religion is just one of hundreds of organizations that want to be on top, and over the centuries, the Catholic Church has committed enough crimes to fill a book. That being said, I am not in any way opposed to believing in a higher power; I am personally am an agnostic. I believe that there might be some kind of higher order in the universe, but my opinion is that we will never know anything about him/her/it.
  10. I have come to notice that not many people take the idea of higher dimensions seriously, mainly because they can't grasp the fact that just because they can't see it doesn't mean that it's not there. Higher dimensions might not be just a possibility, they might be a requirement. When I was reading a book called "Beyond Einstein" by Michio Kaku, I made several realizations that back up the idea that the universe exists in more than four dimensions. One of which is that - at least for the first three dimensions - each lower dimension is physically impossible without a higher one. Think about it; if an object was truly one dimensional, it would have a width and depth of 0, hence it couldn't physically exist. The same rule applies for every dimension up to four, so it is logical to assume that it might also apply to every higher dimension up to the number of dimensions that the General Unified Theory - not that we have made one yet - exists in. In other words, the universe might not be able to physically exist in only four dimensions. That being said, if we assume that that there are higher dimensions, it would also explain one of the biggest mysteries in modern astrophysics; the universes missing mass. Most physicists think that the explanation is some kind of matter that doesn't emit light, it's generally referred to as Dark Matter. But what if the reason that most of the universes mass seemes to be missing is because it exists in higher dimensions, it would explain why we have never detected it, since our 3d vision cannot view higher dimensions. For all I know, my theory could be complete nonsense, but who knows?
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