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  1. Thank you for explaining it so well I must seem really stupid... Could someone also help me with what complex numbers are?
  2. I'm not sure, this is what my textbook says: Identity Laws There is a unique number 0 with the property that 0+a = a+0 = a There is a unique number 1 with the property that 1*a = a*1 =a I have no idea what that means.... By the way i'm not very good at maths so a simple explanation would be appreciated...
  3. What are these laws and how do they fit into mathematics? I am having trouble understanding them...
  4. What are all the possible isomers of Propane?
  5. What are Amino Acids?
  6. Hi I am in high school in New Zealand and I am hoping to get into med school in a couple of years. Does anyone know any websites that will help me prepare? (I want to get as far as i can) Thanks please guys I really need some help
  7. Hello and welcome to Science Forums I'm also sort of new here
  8. What is the function of the kidneys?
  9. thanks guys for being so helpful
  10. why are alpha and beta particles deflected in opposite directions in a magnetic field? and also are x-rays most similar to alpha, beta or gamma rays?
  11. Why wolud you expect alpha particles, with their greater charge, to be less able to penetrate materials than beta particles of the same energy?
  12. hi I would like to know about these things... structure of micro-organisms culturing micro-organisms life processes of micro-organisms I am just starting a biology course so if it is possible could someone please tell me about these things? thanks
  13. Distance, speed, constant acceleration, motion time graphs (including gradients and simple areas), mass, force (push, pull, friction, weight, reaction) i have had trouble understanding what these things are and how to calculate them so if someone could help me that would be great!
  14. What are geometric isomers? iv'e been having trouble understanding what they are and what they are for. thanks in advance!
  15. How can you tell what sort of hybridisation a molecule has?
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