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  1. Is there anyway to change it so it goes from, for example, y=x^2 to x=y^2?
  2. I just tried 100 and it worked but not as much as you would think... Is there a way to adjust the settings or something to choose what the x variables are?
  3. But on the calculator it looks the same as x^2...
  4. It is narrower but it has the same line of symetry at (0,0)...
  5. oh ok Thanks I get it now...
  6. what does it mean by its journey contracts?
  7. What is relativity? I'm sorry if that seems really basic it is just I am starting physics next year at school and I would like to have at least a little knowlege...
  8. How do I graph a parabolic equation on a graph? for example 2x^2-3?
  9. I tried x^2 and it works but when I try a different one it is drawn the same as x^2...
  10. paulo1913


    Is it fair to say that a virus is not alive as it cannot perform basic activites needed to stay alive?
  11. Could someone please tell me what the basic functional groups are? I can only remember the one for Alkanes... Thanks
  12. Is there a way to do it which is simpler? I just don't understand that...
  13. Does that mean that all polynomials are equations?
  14. How do I creat basic parabolas using this particular calculator?
  15. Sorry I ment octane. I know that this isn't for homework it is just an example of asking how to figure out an isomer of any hydrocarbon...
  16. So what makes the difference between a polynomial and a regular equation?
  17. how do you solve pairs of simultaneous linear equations?
  18. what are polynomials used for?
  19. does that mean, for example, that x+y+4z would be a polynomial?
  20. polynomials... I have no idea what they are used for and what the point of them is.. please help me it is appreciated everytime someone helps...
  21. sorry i wrote it twice... Thanks for that it seems so much easier to understand now... Am i allowed to ask more questions?
  22. Can someone please explain to me what complex numbers are?
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