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  1. Somebody help me here; is "elastodynamics" an accepted term? Although I'm no physicist, I've never heard it Of course you can't, as it is manifestly false; the "real world", as you choose to call it, is most definitely 4-dimensional. Specifically, it is a 4-manifold.

    Well, first, it's probably NOT knockout stuff, at least judging by your posts at http:http:////www.thescienceforum.com/index.php?sid=d9779770e7fc8a45f5b273aaebed7cfb. And second, you are an arrogantly tedious moron on any forum you choose to infect, who should learn to back his claims with something other than wishful thinking.



    it really isnt anything much except there is stuff on Google about it





    so what farsight is saying is rubbish?

  2. Thanks for reading them. OK there might arguably be some "inaccuracies", because they are fairly brief essays addressed to a certain audience. For example I use the short form E=mc² expression for energy. As it happens I think the long-form is a cop-out, but putting that aside, yes, there's things we could talk about as regards accuracy. But there is no contrary data. If you beg to differ, point it out. Note that there are interpretations that are contrary, but not data. The Shapiro Effect is a case in point.


    so are your interpretations of the "hypothesis" inaccurate as well?


    can you put some evidence that support your "theory"?

  3. Please post in the homework section.

    Also try to at least make an effort to describe your problem with understanding. For starters you could point out that RFLP=Restriction fragment length polymorphism. And that that name alone hints at what it actually is.


    by the way this is in the homework help section

  4. ok i get what you mean, Inow was just being a bit sad (go Inow ur so cool!)

    so what dont u get?


    yep ur right agentchange i used to be the high school wagger (skip school on some days when i dont wanna go) and I didnt get anything-the best way is to give presents to your science teacher or with those geeks with the super giant harry potter glasses. that always helps

  5. Yes i can.


    Japanese culture has ingrained in it a very deep seated love and respect of nature.


    The principles of Shinto are based on the idea of spirits enfusing nature and the wonder and celebration of the beauty and mystery of nature.


    The Japanese are extremely careful protectors of their own natural environment and take great care and go to great lengths to preserve and care and protect their wildlife.



    The Japanese are natural environmentalists of a very high order. It took some extraordinarily stupid efforts from arrogant western 'environmentalists' to effectively force the Japanese into the absurd position of being stuck whaling, when they never wanted to continue doing that anyway!


    if they really had enough will power wouldnt they of stopped even if the western tried to stop them. i mean if they knew well and truly that what they are doing if going to make the whales extinct why didnt they stop anyway? eg if you were addicted to smoking and you were about to give it up (japan) and then some guy comes along (western-europe-greenpeace) and tells you to stop. Normally you would be encouraged to stop and you would happily do it.


    like I said before they havent stoped yet

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