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  1. :doh:


    You're saying that earthquakes are a major factor in global warming because buildings explode and the exhaust gases from the medical/emergency/aid/resue workers' vehicles and heavy equipment? Well, I'll be darned.


    Well okay then, I'm wrong, theres no need for a clean-up procedure after a earthquake, theres no need to send aid-workers in to help the dying.


    To Chris C

    Don't worry, that goroth is just a little bit odd

  2. You can't really apply for internships and expect to have a full time job of it when you dont even have your engineering degree yet. Also without an engineering degree from a known or respectable university you cant become a legal engineer professional (licensed) which means its useless.


    Well what do you propose he does. He fails all his courses, spends money on courses that he probably would be unable to pass because he's lazy and dosent try. What else can he do? He's never gonna get a degree unless he snaps into shape.


    One question sciencenoob, what does he do during the course? Does he just sit around and muck about?


    All I think he can do is to apply for part-time jobs and see if he can skip the uni part of a person's career - providing he does a good job for his employers. Otherwise there is nothing he can do but sit around collecting unemployment benefits.


    And no - age isnt a big factor at all. You still can go to uni when you're like 50 and try and get a degree.

  3. When you (illegally) download music off of Limewire, you're getting it off of some random dude somewhere who decided to share that music. It's most likely that guy's fault.


    So is limewire illegal? and how do i know if its illegal or not

  4. Quick question guys. I downloaded Limewire and I was so thrilled there was one music download thing that was free and didnt have viruses. I was quickly proved wrong though as when I tried downloading some Foo Fighters my computer froze and guess what? Now my question is, what really beats me is why Limewire puts viruses on it’s software, whats the point? Now after getting multiple viruses I am never going to upgrade the Limewire software. cause a) I have to pay and b) it has viruses. And BTW anyone know any music downloading software that dosent have viruses or sites that wont screw up my computer every time I download a song?


    And anyway how did they get the viruses and can I sue them or something?


    Feel free to add anything you want about Limewire and viruses

  5. your explanation of the greenhouse effect is wrong. For one thing, you are confusing "greenhouse gases" with "ozone." Ozone can act as a greenhouse gas (primarily in the troposphere) but the ozone layer is contained in the stratosphere and plays minimal role in global warming. Its main role, for our purposes, is to block UV radiation which causes sunburn, skin cancer etc. Without it, life on land and shallow water would not be possible.


    sorry, my bad, but I meant ozone as in when heat enters the earth's atmosphere some of the heat is deflected some some of it passes through.


    The depletion of the ozone layer is a separate topic, and is kind of fading away as it is actually in recovery and CFC's have largely been regulated since the Montreal Protocol.


    but they still exist and are still damaging the ozone. That is why the hole above the antartic region is getting bigger.


    But still the volcanoes still produce CO2 and hence CO2 is a major contributor to global warming. Yes I have to agree with you that the ozone layer does not contribute much and yes burning of fossil fuels do contribute to global warming more than volcanoes.


    But the problem is when the disaster happens (earthquakes) – buildings are destroyed and things explode, thus releasing harmful gases into the air. Then when aid arrives, all those vehicles containing food and medical supplies arrives. Heavy helicopters and ships burn fuel as well. And then the clean-up, trucks bulldovers, trucks and cranes all use huge amounts of fuel and diesel. Yes the effect is in-direct but still earthquakes cause global warming.

  6. oh sorry we call it an apprenticeship here in New Zealand. Oh you cant apply for one just straight out from college? You can I think in NZ. Or he can go find someone who needs help in the engineering industry. Anyway what type of engineering is he doing? Well if he cant pass he’ll just be stuck there. And he’ll still be paying for the courses that he cant pass. So he’ll be wasting money as well as wasting time. He’d better lick himself into shape or go find a job as a worker doing labour or something that will help him enter the engineering sector later so he can put some experience on his CV or Resume.

  7. Vaccines are not anti-bacterial, per se, rather, they prime the body's immune system to recognize a certain epitope, and upon second exposure to the antigen, an immune response can be mounted much faster, and much


    Just backing up Darkblades post, vaccines are not anti-bacterial but instead they help strengthen the immune system. A vaccine can contain killed micro-organisms that have been killed by chemicals or heat. Live micro-organisms are alive but have had their virulent properties have been – disabled. Toxoids - these are inactivated toxic compounds from micro-organisms. and Subunit is just when a fragment of the virus is sent in to stimulate the immune system.



  8. This is a good expirement if you have the materials

    It’s fairly simple

    Have a mixture of potassium iodide mixed with water. Then pour a mixture of lead nitrate and water. It makes this pretty yummy mixture of yellow lead iodide, it looks like lemon juice and makes you want to drink it soo bad – DO NOT DRINK – TOXIC.


    and if you heat it and cool it it forms these sparkling crystals that float in the lead iodide

  9. off wiki


    Soaps are useful for cleaning because soap molecules attach readily to both nonpolar molecules (such as grease or oil) and polar molecules (such as water). Although grease will normally adhere to skin or clothing, the soap molecules can attach to it as a "handle" and make it easier to rinse away. Applied to a soiled surface, soapy water effectively holds particles in suspension so the whole of it can be rinsed off with clean water.


    (fatty end) :CH3-(CH2)n - COONa: (water soluble end)

    The hydrocarbon ("fatty") portion dissolves dirt and oils, while the ionic end makes it soluble in water. Therefore, it allows water to remove normally-insoluble matter by emulsification.

  10. They've maybe got an inbuilt compass, Lawless:




    haha you're soo funny, what kind of compass? a $199 Digital Compass with in-built state-of-the art Navman, new-generation GPS systems? given to the bird by his aunt?


    Or maybe the bird uses google maps that are delivered to his Motorola RAZR V3X 3G cellphone given to him by his grandmother?


    Of course not!


    They know the paths because their parent birds take them flying a couple of times through the path and their parents took them so hey know how to fly through the migration path and it goes on and on! The birds also use landmarks, position of the sun and other means of navigation.


    To Farsight:

    a suncompass is not a compass, it's using the sun to determine where the direction is.


    They don't have an "inbuilt compass"



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