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  1. MigL

    The case for reparations

    You may have been slightly offended by my comment on the way Americans treat their minorities as opposed to Canadians, CharonY, and didn't think your response trough. Sure we have problems with the Government honouring treaties with First Nations. But at least we didn't have an active program of extermination ( by disease and warfare ) like the Americans did during the 18th and the 19th century. That was actual genocide. ( and this is off-topic )
  2. Heyyy… My cats like rotting fish. The stinkier the better.
  3. MigL

    Johnathon Zimmerman Cold Fusion theory

    A 'fermionic' condensate is merely paired-up fermions such that they act like bosons. And once they act like bosons, and obey Bose-Einstein statistics, shouldn't the state be called a Bose-Einstein condensate where the individual component particles are composite. The naming ( fermionic condensate ) is misleading, since fermions obey Fermi-Dirac statistics, and by definition, cannot occupy the same state.
  4. MigL

    The inconvenient truth about genetics

    Let me try, John... Once again, someone who doesn't understand that nobody wants to read a 'wall of text' on an internet forum, has posted one.
  5. MigL

    Relativistic Mass:

    It can be a confusing term. I still occasionally use it ( old habits can be hard to break ). Somewhat like the term 'particle' to describe quantum objects, you have to keep in mind when it can be used, and when it can't. OT: Sorry about the Australian women's soccer team, mate. Those girls played their hearts out. I was saddened to see them eliminated.
  6. MigL

    The case for reparations

    I want to be upset by your comment, Zap, but I find it rather flattering... I am against historical backtracking. I am not against a level playing field for all. By all means, lets discuss ways to achieve equality for all Americans, but not ways to make people resent each other even more. There were no human rights laws at the time of slavery, and as JC has commented, applying present day laws to past actions, is a slippery slope. edit: I'm Canadian. We're loved by all. What do I have to fear ?
  7. MigL

    The case for reparations

    No I haven't backtracked at all INow. I still don't think, given the current state of race relations in the US, that this is the right thing to do at this time. It will only lead to more bitter relations in these polarized times. I would like to see past injustices addressed and considered only in the scope of achieving equal treatment for all Americans; not reparations. And I said that in my previous post. Incidentally, the irony of a group of Americans ( and one Brit ) lecturing two multicultural Canadians on race relations and inclusivity, seems to be lost on you guys.
  8. I realize your job is difficult, Phi, but ( speaking of thin-skin ), you seem a little overly 'sensitive' today. This was in no way an attack on the moderators, merely an interesting but innocuous observation. Incidently, I take great pride in 'shit-stirring', but within the rules. It makes for more passionate and interesting discussion.
  9. I think that's a North American weather effect, Airbrush. Even up here in Canada, spring has been abnormally cool and wet. Might only have to run the AC one or two months this year.
  10. MigL

    Youtube channels on science?

    Don't watch many. But of those I have watched, the PBS Digital Series stand out. They are 'professional' in production as well as content, and not as 'dry' as a lecture. They manage to keep my interest even on topics I'm sufficiently familiar with.
  11. If the universe is infinite in time and space, so are the combinations and permutations of its various elements/constituents. Why would anything ever have to 'repeat' ?
  12. MigL

    Epistemological Question

    Energy, the ability to do work, is a result of the configuration of a system. As such, it is definitely information of that system. I don't know if identifying that information with knowledge is conflation or confusion.
  13. Sure, and I thought it was an interesting comment. That's why I put it there.
  14. MigL

    The case for reparations

    Well then, let me be the first to point out, Dimreepr, that Americans left England because of religious persecution. They had to leave their way of life behind, and start over in a challenging new world. I believe you and your countrymen owe them restitution. But seriously, you guys make it seem like I'm against all Americans being treated equally and past injustices not being addressed/considered. I'm not; but if you only consider your own personal viewpoint, you're not having a discussion. I'm simply presenting alternate viewpoints that are going to be brought up in any discussion on the subject. INow has already labelled my comments 'pushback'. If you think this is pushback, wait until the D Trump supporters, the white supremacists and even 'regular' folks in the south and Midwest become part of the discussion. I'm merely pointing out that, in the current American political climate, this is setting up for civil unrest and even more resentment/mistrust from both sides. Is there any argument with that ?
  15. I agree that the topic is often brought up by fanatics. But the topic itself is no more actual science than the many worlds interpretation of QM, nor that reality is a simulation. None are provable or disprovable. What if I said we don't currently have proof of a Deity, but we may in the future, as you stated about multiverses and reality simulation ? seems to me, if the crazies can be separated out, the concept of a God should be discussable in a science forum. ( not that I'll ever start a thread )