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  1. Wishing everyone and their loved ones happiness and a very merry Christmas.
    Even if you are not religious, in the words of Tiny Tim
    "God bless us, everyone"

    1. joigus


      May your branch of the wave function treat you well, MigL.

      Or may it collapse to whatever makes you happy.

      Depending on your interpretation...

    2. sethoflagos


      And you MigL. From a hottish place to somewhere I presume is quite chilly just now (I once worked a winter on the Maine-New Brunswick border).

    3. zapatos


      And a happy New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas.
    Buon Natale.
    Feliz Navidad.
    Joyeux Noel.

    ...and stay safe ...

    1. joigus


      Happy Holidays, MigL. May immunity be with you.

    2. StringJunky


      Merry Xmas to you all too. Don't you worry Mig... they will.


  3. Shout out to all my British friends.
    England bombed Germany today.
    Twice !

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    2. Prometheus


      Congratulations Italy. Hope Saka grows from his missed penalty.

    3. joigus


      Congratulations, Italy. Poor kid Saka; he looked devastated. We can't say Italy didn't deserve it either. They played brilliantly for many minutes.

    4. MigL


      Yeah, I felt bad for him when they showed him crying after the game.
      Penalties have always been a crappy way to decide a game, but it's better than a coin toss.
      For me, there was no losers. Both teams played to their strengths, and I thoroughly enjoyed the match.
      Judging by the Copa America, South American national teams aren't going to be a big threat in next year's World Cup, so who knows, we might see a replay of this match next winter.

  4. I realize everyone is probably isolating due to the virus, but I do hope everyone and their families have a very merry Christmas.
    Give thanks for what you have, be happy, and stay safe.

    1. joigus


      Thanks for the thought and lots of the same to you, MigL. Sharing those wishes to everybody else here.

    2. zapatos


      And a belated Merry Christmas to you! Due to COVID, a new baby and lots of animals, I ended up spending Christmas day alone at home. But I still enjoyed myself. 😄

  5. Wishing everyone a happy, and safe, Easter.

    1. dimreepr


      Back atcha, mate.

    2. koti


      Happy Easter ya'll. Stay safe, I hope we will all have the patience to keep this up, it's been almost 5 weeks for us here.

    3. Dagl1


      Happy Easter!

  6. One more post to hit 5000!

    Da*n it.
    Status updates don't count.

  7. One more post to hit 5000 !

  8. Daylight saving time starts tonight, and I have to work in the morning.
    Have to be up an hour earlier: 4:30 am instead of 5:30.
    At my age, I need all the beauty sleep I can get.

    1. StringJunky


      Get some zeds in mate.

    2. koti


      05:30 sounds as much surreal as 04:30 to me. I've had numerous streaks of 20+ hours of work in front of the PC combined with presentations/configuration/harware setup at sites but they always started after 05:30. I'm not capable of basic tasks at that hour not to mention work. When I have say, a 5 day training which I have to compile from scratch, I start working at 11:00 and when I'm near the finish after a few days I start at 16:00 and work through the night. I must have some ancestry in Romania which I don't know about. 

  9. Whoohoo !
    Content count = 4000

    Come-on. That's gotta be worth a T-shirt.

    1. koti


      As long as you view this as a good thing you're all good ;) 

    2. zapatos


      Congrats! Always fun to chat with others and occasionally raise our blood pressure. Glad I get your perspective on things on a regular basis. :D

  10. This is fun.
    But sometimes, it makes my head hurt.

  11. Merry Christmas to all

    1. fiveworlds


      Merry Christmas to you too

    2. StringJunky
    3. koti


      You too mate. Warm and peaceful Christmas to you.

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