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  1. Happy Birthday! Where have you been?

  2. It means you're past the probationary period, and are now eligible for a discount when using the snack machines in the Lounge. Don't buy the Mars bars, unless your Curiosity is insatiable. Welcome.

  3. Welcome to the forum!

  4. No one could take as much time to tell a short joke and make it hilarious as Flip Wilson. I still tell my daughter about the success of his childhood lemonade stand....

  5. Hey there, hello and welcome!

  6. Happy Birthday, you extra-terrestrial madman!

  7. Happy Birthday, Vindhya!

  8. Welcome to the forum!

  9. Welcome to the forums!

  10. Welcome to the forums!

  11. Welcome to the forum!

  12. Hi! What part of Malaysia are you in?

  13. I love the solitude of the desert, but I'm like you; I'll take sea breezes over melting any day. Temperature is like golf; 75 is much better than 100.

  14. Or perhaps a 3D picture of one. That's a holo thuro idea.


    What's your favorite thing about San Diego?

  15. I think Hallmark stinks too. Last week's winner was sent to Kansas City and we got nothing but cheesy, rhyming greeting cards from him.


    What kind of souvenir will you send us from San Diego?

  16. Absolutely. This week's prize is an all-expense-paid trip to San Diego.

  17. I upload them from my eye-Pod, of course.

  18. I think this one just has the eye and face superimposed over a star field. I found another one I liked a lot but the eyelashes had a lot of mascara, and I hardly wear any.

  19. Ah yes, this is a different version of the avatar I had for years, a Hubble telescope photo of the Helix nebula. I love the way it looks like an eye in space.

  20. You mean my new avatar, or the golden mean stars picture on my profile page? Thanks either way!

  21. You're welcome, and it's 'fee'.

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