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  1. Explain a bit the process by which Ca(OH)2 is created from dissolving CaO in water.


    1. I dissolved CaO in H2O - and i got a solution which i think it is Ca(OH)2 (a milky substance)


    2. Then i heated NaHCO3 up to 200 C. (and i think i got Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2)


    3. The i mixed the Ca(OH)2 with the Na2CO3 and i got nothing.


    By the way how would you know if heated enough the NaHCO3 to get Na2CO3 (how does it looks like)?

  2. I bought a fertilizer which was really cheap (1.6$ for 2pounds) and i melted it with sugar ((KNO3=60%):(C6H12O11=40%)) and it burned quite well with lot of smoke.


    1.Does someone knows how can i test how much KNO3 there is in a fertilizer?


    2.What are the products of burning potassium nitrate and sugar? (is it K2CO3)?

    - if it is K2CO3 then - can someone tell me something about this compound?


    3.Are there are other uses of KNO3 in pyrotechnics except Black Powder?


    Waiting for reply....

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