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  1. Islam and Quran has give us a lot of history about the pyramids , Egypt , pharaohs , India , Israel ...about prophets like Jesus , Noah etc- Lots of peaceful words , lots of description about GOD , A lot of knowledge about the cosmos ... etc
  2. I don't think god according to us is a peace loving robot or a computer like creature programmed for only peace and love .There must be lot more happening in it .I mean God only capable of one emotion that is peace and love . God being god must be capable of a lot more emotions than that .Otherwise God cannot be God .
  3. The problem i think is some fundamentalist have no knowledge of proper history of the religion or they don't emphasize it enough when talking about Islam .Islam is not always about prophet Mohamed .It is about a lot more prophets like Jesus , Noah , etc Those are all the prophets of God , according to God himself . Then why this importance of only history that dates back to 1400 years ago . As in like there was no God and Prophets before 1400 years ago .? That is where the problem lies when it comes to fundamentalism
  4. Sometimes you have to pick up the right Quranic verses to convince people that Islam is not a Religion of terrorism .
  5. @koti , which question is it that makes you so confused ? the chicken or the egg question ?
  6. Quran is true because it is the word from God and Gabriel .Quran is true because it is like a high quality poetry that came from an illiterate Mohamed .Quran is true because the whole Quran rhymes like a mosquito . one of its kind ...There is no other books that sounds like it ...
  7. O Children (of) Israel! Remember My Favor which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds. Terrorism and taking the law into their own hands is a very bad thing . therefore most muslims look down upon such activities . we do not like shariah laws in our own country .It is so old and outdated . most of us prefer peace and democracy ...
  8. Because they cant believe that they are chicken But they believe they can fly
  9. This looks like the chicken or the egg question
  10. That was a dream according to me ... The kingdom of Saudi Arabia does that to people who do bad things .And not everyone considers the acts of Saudis as the last word when in comes to religion . Quran was sent to the people to follow not to the Saudis . Peace and democracy is much more simple to follow , you don't need any religions to follow that
  11. Our brains could be like a lot of mosquitoes coming together ..? I mean lots of switching like computers ... i promise i wont post this combination ever again . one last time ...
  12. Well i know it as gravity , but i don't know for sure how gravity works . there fore the mysteriousness . Massive objects bends space so lesser massive objects float around it ? How does mass bend nothingness , i have only seen documentaries in youtube explaining these things . but i have not understand what i have read in the books properly . I am not that old and i am only a computer science student
  13. Maybe you listen to too much music before you go to sleep , i hallucinate a lot too if i do that
  14. Quran says , there were there were 125,000 prophets or 125,000 messengers of GOD , including the messengers in the old testament and new testament . People should focus on these messages that God has sent for the whole humanity instead of just one messenger or the so called son of GOD . If jesus is born to gabriel , isnt he also pretty close to the son of god .? That is a confusing part even as a muslim if you think about it
  15. Can you explain a little bit more , because i don't know anything about it .
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