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  1. They don't do this in your place ? Tell them to stay on the topic please .Which is i put something like this as my Facebook cover pic
  2. dylrovertson Thanks for the suggestion . I will try to install that version of Linux . A lot of people said IDA Pro . Anyway i managed to install IDA pro in my windows 7 PC . Looks good . Somebody from some other forum also sent me an exe to learn reverse engineering . Right now , busy learning assembly language from scratch for a second time . I am glad i found something to do with my free time .
  3. Itoero It is not going good , i smoked again . I finished one more pack . Let me try again . 20 9 2017 10:42 Indian time ॐ
  4. Yea i hope i don't get cancer from that sort of smoking . I smoke something available in India called Beedi . its like small cigarettes without any filters . You can google it , i am not going to post a picture of it here . For the last 6 months i have been smoking 15 of it per day .Everyday . This is so right .This is exactly my problem too . I think i have a little bit of nicotine addiction .because i can feel the restlessness already . I was thinking about replacing nicotine with nicotex chewing gum . Some junk food like Pepsi should help in the meanwhile . I have tried quitting before but it did not go well . This time i am a bit more serious about quitting . All i need is a week without cigarettes and i should be alright .
  5. It is going to be a bit hard because i have been smoking continuously for the past 2 years . I would like to stay smoke free from today on wards , September 17 2017 3:30 Indian time .
  6. Now this is seriously kind of cool and effective in bringing down pollution.
  7. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/109918-question-about-teaching-physics-to-myself/
  8. Thanks for the reply . I solved it The issue was in the code itself . Not with the Assembler path or Linker path . I edited a little code from this . %include "io64.inc" section .data hello db "Hello World!",0xa len equ $-hello section .text global CMAIN CMAIN: mov eax, 4 mov ebx, 1 mov ecx, hello mov edx, len int 80h mov eax, 1 ; exit(0) mov ebx, 0 int 80h to this . %include "io.inc" section .data hello db "Hello World!",0xa len equ $-hello section .text global CMAIN CMAIN: mov eax, 4 mov ebx, 1 mov ecx, hello mov edx, len int 80h mov eax, 1 ; exit(0) mov ebx, 0 int 80h And it works .
  9. Thanks for the reply Sensei I have few more questions . What does these options means x86 , x64 . Is it an option to choose between 32 bit vs 64 bit ? I think the error is somewhere here in the . Assembler path or Linker path
  10. After trying few assemblers i have decided to use SASM . Trying to assemble this code in SASM is giving me errors . section .text global _start ;must be declared for using gcc _start: ;tell linker entry point mov edx, len ;message length mov ecx, msg ;message to write mov ebx, 1 ;file descriptor (stdout) mov eax, 4 ;system call number (sys_write) int 0x80 ;call kernel mov eax, 1 ;system call number (sys_exit) int 0x80 ;call kernel section .data msg db 'Hello, world!',0xa ;our dear string len equ $ - msg ;length of our dear string %include "io64.inc" section .data hello db "Hello World!",0xa len equ $-hello section .text global CMAIN CMAIN: mov eax, 4 mov ebx, 1 mov ecx, hello mov edx, len int 80h mov eax, 1 ; exit(0) mov ebx, 0 int 80h I cant get this to work properly due to some settings issue .
  11. Somebody told me to read this book when i asked a physics related question somewhere . Sears and Zemansky's University Physics with Modern Physics
  12. I Still don't know how all those stories got into bible
  13. There are two types of people mainly . White people and black people . lol White people has some advantage over black people . White people are more attractive than black people Why is this such a complex thing to understand .
  14. In some parts of india , people are not allowed to eat beef .The hindu majority will kill the muslim minority if you eat cow . Cow is considered sacred and is some sort of god .
  15. I would like to buy that sun , not sure where to put it though . What if i start revolving around it then ? lol
  16. If you setup some sort if chemical lab near LIGO like experiments , would you be able to detect the "type of particles" in a gravitational wave ?
  17. Thanks for the reply . This looks like a good place to start for Linux because i don't have Linux installed right now . https://www.tutorialspoint.com/unix_terminal_online.php As for windows , i guess these are all the options . i found this list from some other site . I am not sure what is missing from this list .But looks like a nice list .
  18. I would like to put some math and computer related programming notes like pictures in it , it would be a lot more easier to remember what to follow that way .
  19. I am looking for some software to reverse engineer some math exe files . I simply want to see the source code in assembly language for a start . What sort of software should i be looking for ?
  20. I am not an Alcohol specialist , but Jack Daniel's have always felt a bit different from other Alcoholic drinks
  21. I really believe in an event or a creator or god , because there is so much matter in this empty space .All of it has to come from some strange event .Maybe its more complex than a big bang . Quantum mechanics is so weird to me , because atoms with no strings attached to it floating , revolving like a cloud or something like that is so strange .
  22. I have smoked weed for 2 years straight forward everyday , then one day i quit . I used to sit behind my pc listening to new songs from last.fm . Some ganja is weak , some are more strong . That is all i know about the potency it is like when you inhale oxygen and hold it for a while , then your focus shifts on the sounds around you at the same time you start losing your average everyday grip you have like the seconds needle in a clock . The seconds needle wont don't do the usual tick tock instead it floats .
  23. It surely has something to do with the temperature change . i used to have all these issues too , i had to eat a lot of antihistamine medicines during my teens , then one day i discovered Otrivin nasal spray and everything went away .
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