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  1. I was just sharing. Thanks for your concern.
  2. Like Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles (A basic or a feature?), Dirac's Equation, Operators, Normalization, B.Conditions, .... etc. (and probability wave function of coarse)? Or, what?
  3. Just adding, in parallel, we mustn't forget that this is not the section of neurology. I think I can open another thread there! trying. I can clarify: if psychic status depends upon thinking and memory or past experiences together with present body statii, a stressed nerve may make you lose the whole day. I am just wondering.
  4. I was talking about way of reading, analaysing, understanding, interpreting and formalizing QM. If you were asking about the transition, then I can reply, in most cases it is analytical open-form, others are closed forms.
  5. I have been just wondering why neurons are so untouched for the long year of human. I replied to myself, it is because multiple of factors; sheath, cohesiveness, bury, surrounds. But, if cut, are they curable, after time? Or, then paralysis or death. I think there are millions of neurons in our bodies. Wouldn't it be more smart and suitable to take of remedy and protection medicals? Just recommending.
  6. From the wonders of QM is the quick and relatively simple calculation of Assembly Systems with rigid formulas. But, restricted to large number of trials, for just one particle. Accuracy is proportional to number concerned (and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). But, failure and total failure in describing just one path of one particle. This is followed with the essence of QM's Incompleteness. And, as I can add, I have tried my best to unconsider this but it is impossible. Nevertheless, and away from the implementation of Schrodinger's, it derived the transitions between different states of atoms. An advice: when reading about QM be distinct and general, or the whole book will be out of your hand. I tried it out and it worked.
  7. Modelling is a very specific extraordinary section in Mathematics. Although many systems can only be described by partial differential equations, and may be tensors equations, they can be modeled, approximately and even in some cases exactly, by very simpler equations, O.D.E.s and may be Vector Field Multi-Dimensional Functions, just assume the variables you are not in need for, pick up the property you are in need, and derive the equation. For example, conservative field force are described by an O.D.E. (or P.D.E. in the sense of general force form), but can be analyzed very simply by the form of Potential. If there is some thing wrong, would some one advise?
  8. A facility that is more than wonderful, is the memory cards facility available for most of microcontrollers. You can use it as a mini portable Programming Application .. But, be a c-programmer, or an assembler. Micro controller with basic-programming are very rare. Memory cards make microcontrollers liable to manage large programs. Bear this in mind, you will use no doubt.
  9. GREM (continued):

    The refractive index is still non homogeneous.

  10. GREM:

    1. It is the same as GEM, but with the relativistic term in curvature-permittivity is removed.

    2. And, the gammacee equivalence principle is introduced.

  11. GEM (continued):

    d. F>=n*d(m*v>)/dt

  12. GEM [Gravito Electro-magnetism ===> GR2007]/GREM [General relativistic Electro-magnetism ===> GR2010]:

    2 theories that were in my way to produce UT [The Unity Theory].

    1. In GEM: a. same equation for permittivity [as in UT], but with relativistic term. b. refractive index is non homogeneous, i.e changes as function of space from a charge. c. mass=n*gamma*mass_o d....

  13. When the Science is saturating, you must be sure that something is going to happen.

  14. Great! This is great! Hormones: Stimulators for a macro (not Chemical Reactions): processes, phenomena, metabolisms, secreations .... etc. Nerves: Receptors and Translators. Muscles and Organs: Carry out duties as per normal and as per nerves and need cell respiration and nutrition (mainly through blood). Bones: are not Brain and Mind\ Feelings: Controller of the whole body (very limited and distinctive) and perceptor, "even if of feelings". Heart: My Heart! Bones: to get broken? Non-Cellulars: Materials: Are deposits? And, DNA is the the most biggest Molecule in the Creation (is this true?): is the origin! WOW! By the way: Can we say the the chromosome is a molecule?! hh??
  15. Whether there is a time or not, you gonna do it in a shot ...... Optimize
  16. Is there any attempt? Buddies.
  17. Thanks Sirs, it is really great. Another questions please. Is there any contradictions or even paradoxes met, or being asked, in DNA Theory? Like correlation between different genes on the same chromosome.
  18. Is it true that scientists now are examining a new thing in DNA's Theory although it is believed to be getting closed and finished? Would any one advise? I don't have to do with Biology and Medicine? But, I did have deep courses and read books about many branches in biology and the family are specialized.
  19. M-GEMT (Modified-Continued):

    1. Same GEM-Einstein Equation as below, but, T_u [instead of T] is complex. And, the imaginary term is the same of the real but for Origin Charge multiplied with m/q of the Rotating Body.

    2. The apply of Path Equation depends upon the model being used. It is the main Geodesic Rule but on (A+A*)/2 {Re A} where A=G+iG*.

    A is called Amr's Tensor.

  20. M-GEMT (Modified):

    It is more accurate and reproducible, i.e. it is reliable to give more unification patterns; a new modelling style. But, of coarse is more complex and it is complex in definition.

  21. GEMT (Comments):

    So, whenever there is an electric charge/current, there is gravitational one, and so, we can unify both as one force, no doubt, even if not considered same in nature.

  22. GEMT (Last):

    Equations are as follow:

    1. Einstein's Equation: [G]=8*pi*G/c^4 [T]

    2. Modified Geodesic is followed.

    where M.G. is the minimum modified path which is the 4d path/R reduced by EML (Electromagnetic Lagrangian )/mc^2.

  23. Constancy of velocity of light proven in what is called Sagnac's (Sagnaq's) effect. Already carried the experiment By Myself and the result was positive.

    It depends upon propagation of IR or R Laser in an Optical Fiber.

  24. Sorry ...... It is the last time. Believe me.
  25. GEMT (Continued):

    A concept of Complex Field can be introduced to carry the value of the Gravitational Field and EM one.

    Equations will be advised shortly.

    GEMT is to unify gravity and electromagnetic theory by the method of association.

    Any Direct Help will be considered and appreciated.

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