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  1. Why don't you try a one by yourself? An adequate weak light in the background and a perfect camera will allow you to detect the electrons (Betas). This is useful for spread penetration. Whereas for angle-incident ones, you just need to know the intensity; a metal and Ammeter in the way will detect the current (Intensity). Many Thanks for the feedback if available. Thanks.
  2. Gutz, On the contrary Gutz, the society now is on its way along with QM (If I understood your words correctly). All of us are now sure that QM and QFT are correct (With a real trend towards Unification of Forces). But, what is really being discussed now is the real manifestation of QM. A note: QFT (QEWD and QCD) and is now believed to be the main correct theory and QM (Semi Classical QM) are only an approximation. All Scientists now are talking about QM Interpretations! Wouldn't it?
  3. Hi All, From the very important papers that are being reviewed now in Quantum Mechanics are those of Einstein that INCLUDED DISCUSSIONS ABOUT ENTANGELMENT of electrons. It says that Quatum Mechanics are describing an overall effect of the electrons upon themselves, upon small ranges. That's why he insisted upon his opinion of QM and QFT (In its early days) being a manifestation of the small range multi self-interactions between electrons, in particular (or as an example). Would anyone advise what is the common meaning of "Entangelment" that is being used widely these days? Thanks in advance.
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