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  1. Reminder:

    7th Quark explored.

  2. Missed you Andrew. How is your wife? She is better than you no wander, just obvious as she can look into your deep eyes.

    Don't kill ladies with innocence, but with the reason of innocence. I killed a cat before. :)~~~~~

    Just kidding man. She gonna be okay, after God's Will.

    You seem gettng higher in field, professor. Keep on and leave if IT REALLY GOT PR...

  3. Mention A.4:

    In all, it was totally expected by Unity Theory and specially by its pearl "P.Q.E.D." or "Sensed Epsilon - Complementary Muon".

    Just a mention here as it may serve.


  4. Mention A.3:

    Any way in the term of the Standard Model: PION (and Anti-PION) is essentially present in any Hadronical Decay. And, since it is e+ and e-, then it broke the believed idea of nessecitately - fractally - charged quatrks.

  5. Mention A.2:

    And, Charges of Quarks are not fractal. Charges of Quarks are not fractal.

    All what is mentioned above is in the sense of UT (Unity Theory) that I am following in my analysis.

  6. Mention A.1:

    7th Quark has been explored. It is detected and have been isolated. It turned out that Quarks were already there but not correctly classified due to wrong interpretation of rigid theories "Colored Quarks" by M. Yukawa. It is the "Pion". No Decay of a hadron happens unless an Involved-Pion-Decay-Series is sensed and detected. Pion is the 7th Quark.

  7. Congratulations! Prize has been granted. My love to all dedicators and judges. And, to my wife .. and daughter.

    Allah's Guidance

  8. Isn't attenuation high enough - in Optical Fibers - for the Light / Laser to approximately vanish?

    Optical Fibers are made of Silica (Plastics - Not Glasses).

  9. Isn't attenuation high enough - in Optical Fibers - for the Light / Laser to approximately vanish?

  10. GREM (continued):

    The refractive index is still non homogeneous.

  11. GREM:

    1. It is the same as GEM, but with the relativistic term in curvature-permittivity is removed.

    2. And, the gammacee equivalence principle is introduced.

  12. GEM (continued):

    d. F>=n*d(m*v>)/dt

  13. GEM [Gravito Electro-magnetism ===> GR2007]/GREM [General relativistic Electro-magnetism ===> GR2010]:

    2 theories that were in my way to produce UT [The Unity Theory].

    1. In GEM: a. same equation for permittivity [as in UT], but with relativistic term. b. refractive index is non homogeneous, i.e changes as function of space from a charge. c. mass=n*gamma*mass_o d....

  14. When the Science is saturating, you must be sure that something is going to happen.

  15. M-GEMT (Modified-Continued):

    1. Same GEM-Einstein Equation as below, but, T_u [instead of T] is complex. And, the imaginary term is the same of the real but for Origin Charge multiplied with m/q of the Rotating Body.

    2. The apply of Path Equation depends upon the model being used. It is the main Geodesic Rule but on (A+A*)/2 {Re A} where A=G+iG*.

    A is called Amr's Tensor.

  16. M-GEMT (Modified):

    It is more accurate and reproducible, i.e. it is reliable to give more unification patterns; a new modelling style. But, of coarse is more complex and it is complex in definition.

  17. GEMT (Comments):

    So, whenever there is an electric charge/current, there is gravitational one, and so, we can unify both as one force, no doubt, even if not considered same in nature.

  18. GEMT (Last):

    Equations are as follow:

    1. Einstein's Equation: [G]=8*pi*G/c^4 [T]

    2. Modified Geodesic is followed.

    where M.G. is the minimum modified path which is the 4d path/R reduced by EML (Electromagnetic Lagrangian )/mc^2.

  19. Constancy of velocity of light proven in what is called Sagnac's (Sagnaq's) effect. Already carried the experiment By Myself and the result was positive.

    It depends upon propagation of IR or R Laser in an Optical Fiber.

  20. GEMT (Continued):

    A concept of Complex Field can be introduced to carry the value of the Gravitational Field and EM one.

    Equations will be advised shortly.

    GEMT is to unify gravity and electromagnetic theory by the method of association.

    Any Direct Help will be considered and appreciated.

  21. GEMT (Continued):

    The following must be considered:

    1. EM will not affect in Space-Time Curvature

    2. Acceleration depends upon q/m ratio in case of EM

  22. GEMT (Continued):

    Then they are associated, if not of the same nature.

    Added that: 1. The 2 fields (and forces) are very similar in effect.

    2. They travel by the same speed, speed of light.

  23. GEMT:

    1. All sub-nuclear particles decay in a very short time, greater than exp(-7), except (anti-) neutrinos (appr. 0 mass and charge), together with (anti-) protons which also decay in some interactions.

    2. All Leptons and quarks have masses and charges, except for neutrinos as stated above.

    So, whenever there is an electric charge/current, there is gravitational one.. t...

  24. Time:

    1. It is a definition of the creation. The interval is that which is created.

    2. Since, it is a definition, then you can seek about its properties and its dependencies together with effects.

    3. Local Time is always in the positive direction.

    4. It is directly related to any move in space. Classical Effect + Relativistic Effect.

    5. Time is the sequencing of events...

  25. Andrew ..... admire. You are a magnificent physicist/mathematician.

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