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  1. Many proponents for illegalizing drugs say that taking drugs impairs your judgment and you don't have control over hurting someone else. That is why it should be illegal...


    In order for this point to have any bearing at all, you have to PROVE that legalizing drugs will sgnificantly cause an increase in usage, because the above opinion about drugs do NOT depend on whether the drugs are illegal or not.

  2. Lol the sun has been getting "cooler" (we've been getting further away) for around 8k years and people are always like, "Global warming? Maybe it's the sun!"


    That's almost as funny as the people who claim that the ocean is giving off CO2 when it's actually the largest CO2 sink on the face of the planet.


    Wait, I take that back. What's even more funny is the people who think global warming is a big conspiracy ran by socialist illuminate to take over the world.



    Btw for anybody who has doubts, what makes you think that you know better then the entire scientific community? You think out of all the thousands of scientists from around the planet who research the climate that you have found some sort of hole that everyone else has missed? Unless you publish some peer-review, I'm not impressed by any of your "global warming is wrong because..." arguments.


    What makes you think you know better than the entire scientific community?



  3. I believe gib65 is referring to the 3rd annual IPCC report, which stated that global warming is occuring and that humans are the primary cause.


    the report was authored by over 2000 climate scientists. I would say that settles the debate.


    I gues you've never heard of the petition signed by 17,000 scientists saying there is insufficient evidence to conclude global warming is caused by man. So 2,000 scientists really isn't anything.

  4. You're ignoring the fact that drug use is a crime.


    You'll have to justify what you consider to be "crime."



    You assumed that through making self-harm illegal, America would fall. That argument is based in the slippery slope fallacy, assuming that one thing will inevitably lead to something else even when a series of unlikely events would have to occur in the middle.


    A crime is an act that infringes upon another's rights.


    And are you advocating the illegalization of self-harm, or are you just being argumentative. And do explain why the events that would have to occur would be unlikely?

  5. Weak analogy. Drug use is preventable. It can be outlawed. Anything can cause a fit of rage.


    Also, the subject is not if we should outlaw a lack of judgment. We are discussing the legality of drugs, which are but one way to induce a lack of judgment in a person.


    What I was saying was that causality has no factor in illegalizing something. You punish the person for the CRIME he committed. Not for what causes him to do it.

  6. Strawman fallacy.


    I do not think that harming yourself should be illegal, nor did I say that. I said it was not a right.


    The case here is that in the act of harming yourself, you lose your ability to judge if you will harm anyone else, and that is where the problem is.


    Then you arrest that person according to the CRIME he committed, not what causes it. People also lose the same ability to judge when they are in fits of rage. Are you saying fits of rage should be illegal?

  7. How many different kinds of right is it? Or are you just shifting goalposts?


    Yes I do, see my first post in this thread.


    Not really, it can be properly observed and analysed what substances are really bad for you or really dangerous.


    Strawman, I didn't ever say I thought that firearms and cars designed to break the highest speed limits should be legal. Let's keep it on topic.


    You think it should be illegal to harm yourself?

    Why? Who will judge ehat is good and what is bad? That's so dumb, it will be America's downfall. "We know what is best for you!" Ever read 1984 Tree?

  8. It's not only about yourself, which is the reason I would not want them legal. People can harm, cut, poison or whatever alone when it doesn't cause bodily harm to anyone and I wouldn't care.


    So when you see your daughter cutting herself that isn't as bad as her smoking pot? Because this is what you are saying. Just wanted to let you know.

  9. Who said you had a right to harm yourself?


    All I remember are "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," and those are in the Declaration of Independence, not the Bill of Rights.


    So you think harming yourself should be illegal?



  10. Why does society have any laws? Because we have a certain segment of the population who are morons. They do stupid things that are dangerous to them and to society. Drugs change the chemistry of the brain. It destroys the person and their potential. Many of these people have an effect on others, so their destruction harms others.


    We have laws to protect one's inalienable rights, and to punish those who infringe upon those rights. So people who are against legalization are actually INFRINGING ON MY RIGHTS. Why should I let this continue? Oh, it's for my own good, eh? Yeah, I know. Big Brother is watching me. He knows best, right? Just like Billo says, "We're looking out for you!".


    Well **** you. I can look after myself thanks.

  11. Should all drugs be Illegal, if not which drugs should be legal or illegal. Please explain why you think this way also. Feel free to express your position in ways I may have not covered with the question, such as you may support drugs being legal for people with medical conditions, etc...


    ALL drugs should be legalized. It's my body to mess up, butt out of my life.

  12. I found a good link for some of you global warming nuts (I noticed there were quite a bit out there).




    And let's not refer to the IPCC report as valid data. A politically charged report with a mere 1600 scientists saying humans are causing global warming. I bet you guys haven't heard of the petition with 17,000 signatures saying global warming is not caused by global warming.





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