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  1. Well if your going to take a-level then you only need to make sure you know the stuff from GCSE well,,,and the best place to find this is a good textbook or your notes (if you still have them) . A-level moves smoothly on from GCSE and therefore you could try just getting an a-level textbook and looking through before your course, but it's not necessary. As for experiments, I can't advise you about home-experiments but when you choose your a-level course you may wish to take salters chemistry: this is more experimental than say OCR chemistry. If that's what you like then go for it.
  2. I concur but isn't it possible that in some cases we do things that we see as for the greater good of our species not us. I do believe that charity is a good example of this. Furthermore, many scientists in search for a major breakthough may realise that it won't come in their lifetime. A mother protecting her child,,,that is not selfish. Yours thoughts...
  3. I reckon it's spectroscopy. I know that spectroscopy shows what bonds are present. Though I haven't done it in detail yet so I'm not sure if everything can be worked out like that.
  4. I think that the examples you mention still involve selfishness, just that the animals are intelligent enough to realise that it's in their interests to help others. Would you say any selfishness can be underlying charity work? For instance, people may merely being doing it for their CV.
  5. I don't think it's fair to say planets like jupiter are completing uninteresting...one of Saturn's moons, Titan, shows good simulariies to Earth's past I believe.
  6. Fair point. hadn't thought of that but still...it would be the most dramatically changed climate so probably least inhabitable. Plus no infrastructure.
  7. Gypsy Cake


    The earth has gravity because it has mass. Spinning would have the opposite effect to gravity.
  8. Antarctica would be the first affected. It would probably have melted. But I guess as a penguin with tophat, you would say that. lol
  9. If global warming results in parts of the world becoming inhabitable then where will the immigrants? Presumably Europe and central america will be the least affected by climate change. So will a couple of billion extra people fit. Immigrants already have a stigma attached to them in britain and I've heard reports about problems on the US/mexico border.
  10. Gypsy Cake


    Right serious post. I can't answer your question but these are some other problems I thought there might be: -Might there be problems with blood circulation? Surely there would be some effect. -Muscles would become weaker I think.
  11. Gypsy Cake


    hair would be a problem,,,everyone would have to wear hats or shaved heads. And going for a wee would be quite difficult.
  12. I agree with hypertilly...discipline is something learned (unless you have some sort of disorder)
  13. Gypsy Cake

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    There you go. I would have liked a little thankyou page at the end.
  14. Namely it doesn't explain background radiation unlike the big bang theory.
  15. I went and watched a couple of videos. The people are not gonna advise you to do it. Though it is pretty amazing and I'm gonna do it at some point.
  16. I don't think technology is at all ominous, well I can't think of any situations at the moment. Though it does have the potential and we must maintain some human aspect in important things merely for peace of mind. If hooligans do actually take notice of this device then perhaps it is a good idea...I don't see how too much harm can come from it.
  17. Yes they would suddenly stop. To throw stuff at the camera.
  18. So I think a congratulations is in order then. As long as your not trying to trick us again.
  19. 1) How does the camera tell them? Does a computer voice call out after them. 2) If their disgusting enough to drop litter then I'm sure they'll just ignore a camera....unless sirens and stuff go off...that'll just embaress them.
  20. I think they're below the ozone layer. Someone correct me.
  21. Book worm, there was a bit about this in another post. Here's the link... the bottom of the fouth post. Plus for information on Big Bang Martin gave a great link (or I thought it was quite good for peoplewho don't know too much about the bb)... [url=]http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?chanID=sa006&colID=1&articleID=0009F0CA-C523-1213-852383414B7F0147 It's quite long, but all good stuff.
  22. I would actually love them to get permission to do that. It would just cap all the bloody adverts we have to put up. D'ya reckon we'll have to call it 'The Pepsi Moon' when referring to it?
  23. Oww...I was just starting to like Sarah. Couldn't you find another sarah and get engaged in time for next april? {I'm thinking double bluff}
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