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  1. What I love and people Like Michael Chrichton have pointed out, is the fact that before this great global warming fad, we all acknoledged that Climate cannot be predicted we cannot predict whether patterns, yet some people are asking us to invest millions upon millions on weather patterns 100 years from now? Does it make sense, I think not.

  2. Even if you did have full dna, how would impregnating a frog work like they do in the movie? Could I impregnate an ape with my sperm? Seriously no jokes please.


    Um they never impregnated a frog if you actually watch the movie. The used some african frog to fill in the genetic gaps, thus thats why the dinosaur was able to change sex in order to breed due to the use of the frog genes.

  3. You may make something that looks like a dinosaur, but it would no more *be* a dinosaur than a horse with an antler bone graft on its forhead is a unicorn.


    Hence the use of the word 'ersatz'.


    Personally, if I was going to be a tourist wandering through some version of Jurassic Park, I would really like to be sure that the 'dinosaurs' were genetically modified to be non aggressive.


    Who would want to see a docile Velociraptor lol.

  4. I think the Mods can handle my comments, they really don't need people to point frantically at them.


    Quite frankly, I don't feel I have to justify my statement. I apologize if I offended anyone by it. God forbid I cross the moral lines...

    Oh I didnt mean to offend you tho, I was just pointing it out to the mods, that he deleted mine, which were on the same level, but he didn't get rid of the rest even tho it was claimed he cleared the thread. I understand your post, Infact I totally agree with it. I just think there is lack of freedom of speach if we speak out against how imoral this is and get silenced. It was in no means a personal attack gutz, infact I think your and snoopay700's post should be left there.


    certain fetish forums
  5. I could be wrong but LordMagnus mentioned centrifuges and test tubes. I think the bestiality forum reference was for finding a surrogate to bring the hybrid to term. I don't think he was talking about a physical mating to achieve his goal.


    Yeah ur right in that aspect but the whole idea of this is wierd. But Cap'N is right, so lets ignore the trolling part of this thread.


    Scientifically I think there is nothing to gain from this whole thing. Splicing oru genes with animals acomplishes what exactly? Scientists are so concerned with whether they can do these things, they tend to not stop and think what would happend when they do do it.

  6. Cleaned the thread. A bit of research reveals we were treading on the edge of legality.


    Feel free to discuss morality, however.


    Thank you. What was the legal thing tho im just curious, tho Im glad u cleared it. And what about gutz, he calls them :

    I found this!




    Sick bastards.


    As well as Snoopay700 saying he should burn in hell if the guy goes through with this. I mean if ur going to get rid of mine u have to get rid of the rest.

  7. If genetic code is understood more it could be modified to change anything in our body. It could be used to modify our bodys to be stronger or for us to he taller or shorter. When genetics advance more, the fountain of youth could become a reality, as well as making humans super strong and intelligent.


    Yes that and we have to look at improving such things as our immune system. We can help to reduce issues that our future generations will have, if we can improve the genes. By studying the genetic code, one can grasp basicly the blue prints to create stonger, better built people. AND create dinosaurs on an island...........

  8. Yeah and everything I know I learned the hard way. Try not to imitate me:-)


    You will be OK. 9.2 balls a second is the fastest recorded trigger speed on a standard Automag. With a gravity loader, I think you can get close to 11. I'm sure there are some guys on this forum that have the education to make that calculation for you pretty quickly.

    Call it one inch of travel (back and forth). Gas moves at sonic velocities so the bolt speed should be close to that on the forward stroke.Spring return on the retrun stroke will be slower. A good engineer should be able to calculate the best possible time pretty quickly. Take about 3/4s of that number and you will be real close to reality.

    That is one of the things I have learned real well. The engineers save a lot of trial and error.

    Your friend will have to go the battery route. That is until you figure out how to feed faster than gravity with pnuematic power.:) The R/Ts cyclic rate can get insane when you start turning up the pressure.


    Good luck,




    Yeah thanks for ur input and all, but I know the limit of our guns, as the RT can cycle up to 34bps, and my mag 19, tho odviously no one can shoot that fast, but anyways we both have battery loaders, we are just designing to be inovative here not cause we need to lol :). So its not a question of what our gun can handle. Oh and do you use pbnation or Automags.org, if so what is ur handle?

  9. It is to my belief, and beliefs change given time(no pun intended), that it would be impossible to go back into the past and "kill your father". Let me explain why I think this. Say Fred goes back wanting to kill is father. Only one thing stops him from doing this, the fact that his father exists in Fred's present. In order to kill some one in the past, It is to my belief that it would have already have happened in the past, thus Fred would not exist, making it impossible to "kill his father".


    Now giving this explanation we find ourselves with several issues to look at in the means of time travel. The first, it is impossible to change the past, without there being a seperate time line, which in my mind a seperate time line cannot exist. Second, I would love to think I could travel to the past, but right now, I'm not all that certain it is possible, though I don't deny it, to me it is almost certain you can travel to the future, as it has yet to happen, but the past has already occured making it impossible to do without yet again, a seperate timeline. I DO NOT however think that it is impossible to travel into the past, but am merely speculating all the possabilities until I know the answer.


    Ahh Time Travel is my favorite thing to talk about :)

  10. First, I must point out that this is an impossible question to answer. No one here will be able to prepare any insite on the out come of an "alien invasion". It is ludicrous, to even speculate what we would do.


    Now let me explain why I said the above. In order to "predict" how we would handle an alien invasion, we would need to have information concerning the "aliens". At this point in time, we do not even know that aliens exist. Not one shread of evidence, can be brought in here and state "hey aliens really do exist.", and I say that with a very open view, as I'm not against the notion of aliens existing, but rather the fact that some say based on the data, they most likely do. Anyways to make a long explanation short, it is simply impossible to say how we would do for we know nothing about aliens, or even whether they exist, so how can we predict what we don't know. This is why we must steer clear of predictions, as they just invite entertainment rather then science backed data and knowledge.

  11. I read Lajtner's Time of Time Theory. (Details on http://www.lajtner.com .)

    He states, time has time and energy and lacks dimension. Therefore there is no time travel.


    We must however grasp that this is a theory. The description you gave of his theory, also lacks a detailed description, time has time? So let me get this straight time has itself? I could be missing something, but it is to my firm belief this is wrong, as to my belief time has dimension, for we move throught time all the time, though we may not realise it. You must take into consideration, that whatever we do in "time" changes things in the future, so we are doing something in this space that we are moving through. I understand where Lajtner is going with this, but it is to my beliefe, emphasize my belief, that this theory is false as to me time most definetly has dimension.

  12. Duh ! Automag Sam would probably mean you are using an AutoMag. I suppose you could tap into the side of body and use the blow forward gas. Never tried that. My best guess would be to tap where the rear of the bolt reaches the limit of its forward stroke. This would probably reduce your velocity, but you could adjust that.

    Did I mention that the depth of the macro line fitting in the body is critical. Needless to say if the fitting is sticking inside the chamber when the bolt (or hammer on a blow back) goes forward your going to ruin the bolt, macro line fitting, and very possibly your day? I'm not sure the wall thickness on an Automag has enough room to get a seal on the fitting and not have it enter the bolt chamber. Been a long time since I fooled with one. But hey you wanted ideas.


    Be careful,



    Hey thanks, lol you really know alot about this stuff, yeah I own a 68 classic, my friend owns an RT, but I'll seriously consider what your said.

  13. gravity pulls in a straight line between the 2 objects.

    -whether or not it orbits another object before hitting it has to do with the fact that they were going in slightly different paths then.

    a really good example of this is to take 2 magnetic ball berings and roll them to each other in a flat surface. roll it so that there paths are parallel to each other. they will roll twards each other then hit each other than rotate.


    anything that has mass has gravity by definition, the fact that an object is makes it have gravity.


    black holes are an object so they have gravity so they are affected by gravity. again the fact that they are means they are affected by gravity.

    google video search and see if you cant find a computer simulated video of 2 black holes or galaxies colliding.

    Do black holes have mass? (excuse me if that is a stupid question.)

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