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  1. thanks for the advice I get pains i quess because i have high arches. That is one of the reasons why i want to lose, so i do not put too much pressure on it and cuz probs later in life
  2. Oh and is there a difference between running on a treadmill and run outside? I notice that I can run longer on a treadmill without hurting than outside.
  3. yeh I would never consider lypo. Is swimming a good substitute for running because I really do not run that long at long. I cannot because my knees and feet start hurting and I just give up. I have been told in order burn fat while running, I have to at least run for 30 minutes first. I can barely run 20 minutes straight. I thought that boxing was an HIIT type exercise. Do those burn fat as well?
  4. Is folding space (or wormholes) a good method of space travel; that is if it actually exists or is a theory that people except? I remember on a history channel show about space travel, that there was something called "rosen bridges" or wormholes that were everywhere in einstein's theories. Apparently they're tunnels of folded space making the distance very short. Is this even possible? If so wouldnt it take a long time to actually fold the space anyways because in order to fold it, the two points would still have to travel the same long distance just to get to the position where they are now folded? I know this question probably seems too general of a question to alot of you, and many of you would feel like this should not be posted because it would take to long to explain. I am sorry, but I do not know enough to ask a more specific question, so please just humor me :D
  5. What is the best way to lose belly fat, and keep it off? By best I mean safest, most efficient, fastest, convenient way to do it. I box so my upper body is good, and I run so my legs are ok, but i have just this ring of fat around my belly, and sides that makes me look very unsymmetrical
  6. Is gravity carried by a particle, like how visible light is carried by photons? Also does other forms of radiation other than visible light like gamma or radio carried by a certain particle.
  7. How long does it take gravity to reach an object and exert a pull on it? Meaning: if say there is only one small object with little mass on one side of the universe at the moment, and then suddenly a supermassive object appears on the other side of the universe. These are now the only two objects in this universe. How long before the supermassive object's gravity reaches the small object and begin to pull on it? Or does it happen instantly once the supermassive object exists?
  8. I liked farscape, and it should have been on for a longer period of time. What about MacGyver? Can that be considered Sci-fi? Science played a huge role, and most of MacGyver's tricks would not work in real life.
  9. ^^^^^ So time is imaginary? it does not really exist, but is a concept developed by humans?
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