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  1. That doesn't answer my question. Why do you claim Trump is a dictator? Do you have any justification?
  2. I believe any president can say what ever they want. It's part of that 1st Amendment thing you mention. To call him a dictator, however, he would have to override or eliminate another branch of government. Has he declared martial law? Has he suspended the writ of habeas corpus? What justification do you have for calling him a dictator? In my opinion that comment is irrational hyperbole.
  3. Well the wages were particularly good, but I would have to say opportunity. Jobs were plentiful. .
  4. So why did Monica add her name to #Me Too How can anyone take you seriously with your "Dictator Trump" comments. What part of the constitution has he violated as President? What branch of government has he eliminated?
  5. Well it all started with a president named Ronald Reagan. Yeah his first term sucked a bit but after the train wreck of Jimmy Carter what could one expect. Ronnie's second term was economically fantastic. From Ronnie's second term through GHW Bush, Bill Clinton, and all but the last year of GW Bush times were good. A few ups and downs but nothing too serious. I base that on the increase in prosperity of every person I know and every person I worked with.
  6. Ever here of the term "bimbo eruptions". Ever wonder what you would find if you drug a 100 dollar bill through a trailer park? Do you know what the definition of the word is is? Ever hear of a woman named Mary Jo Kopechne. Sexual predators are found in both parties. Sex scandals are common in the democratic party. Rarely are democrats held accountable by their party.
  7. Neither does pessimism, but if it did you would never go hungry. Lighten up. You stated that memories of a better past was nothing more than childhood nostalgia. My 20s, 30s, and 40s were all very prosperous. So my memories of a better past are quite clear and don't involve my childhood. How about this. If you want to bring forth prosperity again, vote Republican. Democrats are focused on putting people on the dole. First, I said "an economy that produces jobs that a person with a 12th grade education can get and work their way up to the middle class. " That might not happen while you are still in your 20s. I certainly wouldn't have considered myself middle class while I was in my 20's, but I was moving up fast. I am up to your challenge however. Nephew, 27, Electrician, Newmont Mining, Elko NV. Started working at the mine at 19. At 21 applied for an electrician assistant position. Now he makes $75k base. Nephew, 26, Heavy equipment operator, Battle Mountain NV. Started working at the mine at 20. At 22 applied for heavy equipment operator trainee, Now makes $85k base. Cousin's son, 29, Oil Rig operator Williston, North Dakota. Started as a mudder at 20. Now makes $80 base. Niece's Husband, Mechanic, Started at a local shop based on high school auto shop class. Took his ASE certification on line. Now works a local dealership. Makes $50k My kids all have college degrees and two of them are not doing as well as the miners or the oil patch worker and they are all older. Well if you are going to get yourself deep in debt getting an education, gainful employment certainly isn't a frivolous incentive. See, there you go with that pessimistic and my I add paranoid BS again. Just how many Nazi's do you think there are in the United States. How many people do you think are there supporters. Virtually all Americans condemn white supremacists. To say otherwise is delusional. Take a xanax
  8. Okay, that one right there just made my day. Thanks. I own my house. Just quoting the above to provide a response to your entire tirade. First, you should give optimism a try. If your are trying to further your political causes, pessimism is a downer and wins over few converts. Second, all that nonsense about nostalgic childhood memories is simply BS. I have lived in America during prosperous times as an adult. I had my own children during that time. Jobs were so plentiful that finding a new job with a pay raise took about a week. Living in that time is primary reason for my success in life. I'd like my kids to see that kind of prosperity and experience the positive effects it has on their lives. Their is no reason that the people in the US can't bring forth prosperity again. I don't know what country you live in but people with 12th grade educations frequently make it into the middle class in the US. I know them. I have many in my own extended family. I know their friends too. I go hunting and fishing with them. America simply wouldn't be great without people like that. How did the Democratic party forget that. Did they really think they could stop worrying about uneducated white people? That was the derogatory term they used for them wasn't it? No I don't see any inconsistency in my previous post. Very few Americans want to live in a country of hate and violence All Americans want to see opportunities for everyone.
  9. So now there are three ass grabbing accusations against Al Franken. http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/al-franken-issues-apology-after-groping-accusations-surface-w512619 Al has also come forward with an apology. A clasic "I'm sorry that you were offended" non apology. Also it reads like he can't quite figure out how he got caught and called out on ass grabbing because he thought he was being "careful and sensitive" enough during past ass grabbing incidences. But how can anyone trust any apology from Al Franken? All Franken wrote a skit about the raping of Lesley Stahl. He later apologized about the skit during his campagin. Then in his recent book he wrote the following. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/11/al-frankens-transgressions.php So is Franken simply playing by his campaign rules? Does the truth matter?
  10. That's an interesting take on MAGA. I think when most people think of times when America was great, it was a time when any person putting forth reasonable effort could materially improve their life. Times when acquiring and maintaining a middle class life style was achievable by most. I think most would also agree that to make America greater still that "most" should not exclude people due to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender status, religion, or national origin. So to make america great again all we really need is a growing economy. An economy that produces jobs that a person with a 12th grade education can get and work their way up to the middle class. Like people can do whenever America is great. Perhaps my explanation of MAGA is why the slogan was so effective. Perhaps it also explains why people with blue collar backgrounds in places like Wisconsin and Michigan voted for the candidate using the MAGA slogan, taking about factory jobs, and renegotiating trade agreements.
  11. So why post the image of the close up at all?
  12. Here is what LeeAnn Tweeden has to say about the photograph. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5092825/Al-Franken-accuser-Grope-photo-face-insult.html
  13. iNow, What will the ethics committee investigate at the request of Al Franken? I'm not sure. I think it has something to do with the following story and photograph. http://www.kabc.com/2017/11/16/leeann-tweeden-on-senator-al-franken/ My guess is sexual harassment. I'm surprised anyone would think Al's hovering fingers somehow make this better. Yes they were hovering at the moment of the snap. What about before or after? Even if there was no contact Al thought it was appropriate to sexually objectify a woman while she was sleeping knowing that those photographs would be shared with the USO team after their tour. Down right creepy if you ask me. How would you feel if this was done to you or someone you love?
  14. You may be correct, but If you click more you will see the following from Al Franken "I am asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken, and I will gladly cooperate."
  15. Ask Al. He's the one calling for an investigation. Who said I was outraged? I said it was Al Franken's funnest moment. You also need to look at the link I provided in the OP. Leeann Tweeden also claims the Al Franken invented a skit for sole purpose of sticking his tongue down her throat. Then sent her the above photo as further harassment. Don't you believe her? I have been very clear about my opinions of sexual harassment on Science Forums. All sexual harassment is bad and the women who claim it should be believed. Women like Waneta Broderick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey. But this topic is about Al Franken. Poor Al thought the 80's was the Al Franken decade. I think Al's next election isn't for four years. Can you imagine the bill boards with the above photo on it. Comedy gold.
  16. The ethics committee not the full Senate. Got photographs? I mean how stupid is Al. That photo is better than the blue dress. I wonder when that photo will be put in the Smithsonian.
  17. http://www.kabc.com/2017/11/16/leeann-tweeden-on-senator-al-franken/ Someone should tell Al Franken that the first rule of sexual harassment is no photographs. He does look like he is enjoying himself. The release of this photograph does have perfect comedic timing considering the current plethora of sexual harassment news stories. Just look at the expression on his face. Al is now asking for an ethics investigation on himself. A perfect punch line for the above photo. It should be the shortest ethics investigation in Senate history. Just show everyone on the committee the above photo and let them vote.
  18. Here is your off topic comment. Here you are admitting that you made an off topic comment intended only to bait out a reply. So you got one like you hoped. I rather mild one too. By the way I do believe that one day you will get over it. Is there no making you happy. You got what you wanted. Still you are crying. Now you are trying to bait me out on white nationalism. Well you know my historically referenced opinion on who is responsible for that in the US. In Poland I think it was the Nazi's. But hey, if you want to go through all that again I'll play along. What, did you have a bad day? Does trolling calm you down?
  19. Well you put that off-topic comment out there expecting a reply. Like I said, one day you will get over it.
  20. Why were you shocked that the United States follows it's constitution? Presidents of the United States are elected by the States which is as it should be.
  21. Have you no sense of history?
  22. Here is an interesting commentary on Pinochet and Chile with comparisons to Castro and Cuba. https://www.hoover.org/research/what-pinochet-did-chile
  23. I think you should reread the OP. This topic is about Communism and it's 100 year history. Condemn capitalism all you want. That doesn't let communism off the hook nor it does it let fascism. By the way capitalism is a economic system based on private property and free enterprise. It is not a political system. Communism has show it self over and over again to be a failed system that has produced nothing but human suffering. Why have any romantic notions about it? The same cannot be said for any democratic system that respects private property.
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