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  1. Thank you for the replies but nitric acid is the problem. This is why I was wondering if some kind of displacement reaction was possible. I already tried dissolving copper ii hydroxide in nitric acid made from a neon sign transformer. The hydroxide did dissolve and to confirm that the reaction had formed copper nitrate I passed a small amount of acetylene gas through the solution but no precipitate was formed so I think my solution was too weak. Copper ii hydroxide is insoluble so if it did dissolve then why didn't any precipitate form after the acetylene was bubbled through. My only theory at this point is that so little precipitate formed that I simply couldn't see it

  2. The first time I tried to make copper hydroxide I used a copper anode and a cotter pin probably zinc coated as the cathode. I added about a gram or two of baking soda as an electrolyte. I switched on the power supply and blue precipitate started forming at the anode and gas at the cathode. After about two or three hours of operation I had about a 2-3 centimeter layer of Cu(OH)2 on the bottom of the flask.


    This was confirmed to be copper hydroxide by addition of sulfuric acid then immersing a piece of steel wool into the copper sulfate solution producing elemental copper.

  3. hello, i just had a question about the production method of potassium carbonate. when producing using potassium hydroxides absorbent reaction with CO2. since potassium carbonate is soluble in water do you have to recrystallise the solution after the reaction has taken place?




    i figured since water is produced you will have to recrystallise it, but i just want to know if the product will precipitate from the solution

    and is the carbonation method done by dry ice or by bubbling CO2 through the KOH



  4. hello, how do i tell whether a certain red powder is red iron oxide. I found a box full of red powder at a store which had household chemicals that people hadn't used. after careful reading of the box, i discovered that the powder was an oxide and couldnt figure out if it was iron. if anyone has any suggestions how to tell if it is iron oxide, that would be great



  5. Find a base of a known concentration and add a measured amount to it until the pH hits 7. If you know how much acid you had, concentration of acid * its volume = concentration of base * its volume. I think.





    i have the acids, i have the phenolphthalein yet the process makes no freakin sense at all. can you help explain the process a bit ?? :confused: :confused: :confused:

    also how can i figure the % of the acids from those charts?? thanks!!

  6. hello, i was doing some experiments and managed to make some nitric acid and i don't know the percent. is there an easy way to determine the percent???also, the sulfuric acid i used to make it, i also had no idea what the percent was. if any body knows a highly effective way to determine the percent of the acid it would be great. thanks!!!

  7. I understand that it has been over a year since the last posting but was searching the web and found this forum and felt the need to add something.

    1st the comment that all drugs are bad. I watch tv alot (a horrid thing I know) and i see drug commercials all day long are they all bad too. if you have high blood pressure and have tried diet and exercise but still can't get it low enough "too bad, drugs and bad"

    2nd number of deaths per year that result directly or primarily from the following causes nationwide according to the World almanacs, LIfe Insurance actuarial rates and 20 years of surgeon general's reports.

    asprin (including deliberate overdose)180-1000

    caffeine(from stress, ulcers and triggering irregular heartbeats ,etc)1000-10000

    illicicit drug overdose (deliberate or accidental from all illegal drugs)3800-5200

    marijuana 0

    marijuana users aslo have the same or lower incidence of murders and highway deaths and accidents than the general non marijuana using population according to crancer study ,uclaand mary other studies thru out the world for names of studies just ask

    did u see that on a shirt called h.e.m.p.???(help eliminate marijuana prohibition)my brothers got that shirt, anyway,it's been proven that drivers who are intoxicated with alcohol are 80% more likely to crash than a person intoxicated with marijuana

  8. KNO3 can be used for ALL SORTS of effects in pyrotechnics. The potassium content causes violet flame color, while the oxygen content provides for combustion. Also, potassium nitrate is used to preserve meats, under the name "salt peter". In some of the wars in the last century it was fed to soldiers for reasons not to be considered here.


    It is not a violent oxygen-providing compound, so other less stable nitrates and chlorates are often used. Most oxidizers can be quite dangerous, so stick to the academics until you are sure of what you can expect. Imp.


    (BTW, black powder as mfd. commercially, is not a simple mixture containing KNO3. The process is a bit more involved than just mixing)


    what do you mean by the process is a bit more involved than just mixing? is there something that they do that makes it more powerful?

  9. i tried it again but this time i used both copper anodes. i used a test tube to capture the hydrogen produced and a strange blue residue appeared on the wall of the test tube:confused: i had also added salt to this mixture but i used no phenolphthalein.

  10. Hello, i've been looking at ads on ebay about how to make barium and strontium nitrate. does anybody know how to make these compounds without having to spend money on info that is sometimes completely bogus???


  11. Hello, i just electrolised a solution of water and salt using a copper anode and electrode. after i had electrolised that solution, i added phenolphthalein, it turned purple, turned orange after ten minutes or so, then turned clear. does any body know what this final solution is? thanks

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