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  1. no herm it didn't. I just said thank you as a gratitute of your intention to help. I did all the calculations myself and filled pages of answer (it wan't just oxalic acid whose fragementation pattern I was after!!!!!!).

  2. well actually i was going through it last night and I figured that we have to convert the wavenumber into frequency in nm so I used the formula V(bar) = 1/Lambda and made lambda the subject and got lambda = 1/V(bar).


    That was 1/16300 which equalled 6.134 x 10^-5 cm. To change it into the nm scale i simply divided it by the power of 10 to -15 and the final answer came as 6.134 x 10^-15.


    Now I don't know if its the right answer or not but my head said it is.

  3. Hi,


    Okay. The question is how many moles are there in 2.107 * 10^24 water molecules.

    Now I'd say something like 10 because the Avogadro Number is 2,022 * 10^23 and because 10^24 is a lot more then 10^23... But is there a precise way of doing this?

    I know this question may seem a little bit stupid but sorry...Just started chemestry :D:D


    Thanks in advance


    A. The avogadro number/constant isn't 2.022 x 10^23 its 6.02 x 10^23 so please correct your facts.


    b. you just have to divide the number by the avogadro constant to get the value.


    c. And please don't use comma to denote a 'dot'. Its mathematically wrong.


    Good luck and Welcome to the world of chemistry.;)

  4. Hi I was just wondering if you can help me out on this. Note: this isn't a homework question ok!


    How you convert the wavenumber in cm^-1 into nm. I know if it said that you had to convert that wavenumber into nm^-1 it would be X 10^10. You people think that I might have to multiply it by 10^-10?


    Any help appreciated.

  5. hi all,


    I just wanted to ask what the fragmentation pattern of oxalic acid will be. Its not a homework question so I think its appropriate for this section. I think that the m/z = 17 corresponding to OH will be lost leaving the fragment C2HO+ behind. I can't think of the other fragment for it. Any idea folks!

  6. delta(small triangle) sign tells you about the difference of anything. So when its delta E it means difference in energy that occured from forward to the backward reaction. The formula is delta E = bond energy of reactants - bond energy of products. Look out the bond energy data from a chemistry data table and work out delta E urself

  7. you have to be more precise. Micro-biology is a big field and you must zero on some topics[about microbiology] to enable us to help you. And you can always google your query for answers!

  8. Err...perhaps I was not as clear as I could have been.


    I meant that I had one beaker with both amylase and starch, which might or might not have starch in it still. It did, however, have sugar.


    Now, I had another beaker with only starch. Sorry if this was not clear. I hope you will agree with me that there is supposed to be starch in a beaker that contains only starch. However, the iodine did not show any starch. There was no blue-black coloring; it remained brown. I am also fairly certain I put enough iodine into the solution. Oh, and I believe the solution's bottle said it was 1% starch.


    i am not sure about what you mean. You say that the starch and amylase are in a single beaker then you say that the beaker had only starch. Well, if it did have only starch then i imagine that the solution you are using may be bad ones[its just a guess]. Try to repeat the test and i hope this time things clear up for you;)!

  9. Dunno if that would give you all the enzymes though and might not even mention the pentose-phosphate pathways, I would think an undergrad biochemistry text book would be better.



    Yeh I think he will be better advised to study undergrad biochemistry book!

  10. only cig smoking for me (about 40 a day), although I do drink a few cans of beer every day, it`s Alcohol free.


    YT, you should look after yourself mate, cig smoking is notoriously dangerous as i am sure you are aware.


    For me I claim to be the healtiest person in whole of SFN, i don't smoke, drink (alcohol) that is, i do a lot of sports and i eat healthy food. Mutton meat, vegs and fish is what i usually take. I don't take much of fast foods!

  11. You know its funnier you mention it. Fasting is only a pillar of islam which is observed so that we could feel the pain of starvation of people who remain unfed because they can't earn much etc. So its a 12hr fast for this purpose. As per who can and can't keep a fast, you would be surprised to know that list is bigger for who don't have to than who must. I understand from your talk that you are an atheist but one who is a friend of mine hmmm.

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