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  1. frankly i don't like him(hee hee). U say u from jammu which part of it india one or pakistan one.

  2. thank just finished my studies! u no sixth-form ones. Thanks for accepting my friendship

  3. Hey Darkshade bro, want to join chemnet chem and also be friends

  4. Hi testo, Why not join chemnet chem social group. Its a good platform for someone like you who is a chemistry bonker like me.

  5. hey I am Chemsiddiqui, where are you from. want to be friends. a good way of doing that is to join chemnet chem social group

  6. Hi YT, want to join chemnet chem social group. it would be good if you could!

  7. Hi book worm, I invite you to join the chemnet chem social group. It is made especially for all those who love chemistry.

  8. Great, So I am a 19 just finished my A'levels and am going to go to imperial college London for my further(higher) studies for a chemistry undergraduate course. tell me about you. U like skr????? looks like it from ur avatar....Hmmm!

  9. Hey book worm, I am ChemSiddiqui and if you browse my profile you will get to know that I am a Pakistani. So, keeping rivalry aside, want 2 b friends!??????

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