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  1. O I see, I thought you were a speacialist or something, lol!. Anyway, I am first year undergraduate MChem(Hons) student. I am currently preparing for my 2nd semester exams. I dont like inorganic, dont mind organic and absoleutly love physical chemistry (whats funny I never took physics in A'levels!). I guess we will do physical organic in the next year. where do you study btw?

  2. cool, you from UK? what do you specialise in...which branch of chemistry?. I like physical best

  3. Hi kaeroll,


    I see you often post in chemistry forums. I am also chemistry undergraduate. want to be friends?

  4. well yeh, but i dont know the language. Its not just about reading the Quran but understanding it and I sadly dont always read it, but ocassionally and if i have to look at the translation its in english ofcourse. O well, i gotta go loads to do. Take care and bye

  5. Hi bookworm,

    Sorry to dissapoint but I dont understand what you wrote to me. I do know it arabic but there u go I dont know the language. What does it mean to say anyway!. Got to go now, take care. bye!

  6. Yeh I know,


    Basically I took it as an elective (u get options to subject other than chemistry, just 2 and the most interesting I found was astronomy and mathematics) others were computer and things like that that didn't suit my taste so I went for astronomy and math. Math was fine, infact it was fun but astronomy turned out to be my worst nightmare but there i am now. But its pure chemistry I am doing yeh for the degree.

  7. hi there bookworm,


    I am keeping very busy with the exams. they finish this friday. i had one today of chemistry but the one on friday i am certain to fail because its astronomy so pray for me if you will. But can u image a chemistry undergraduate studying astronomy?


    ok good luck got to go now. take care and good luck with ur studies

  8. please see the answer to balancing the equation on the chemnet chem group page

  9. i had a great time with him although not a blast as you put it ...ha ha. Good luck with your preparations for exams.

  10. hi, sorry to hear that you are having rough time but thats the part of life. I have my brother visiting me today from london and i am relaxing this weekend after working so hard this last week. today after such a long time i will get to surf and contribute in the forums. bye for now

  11. yeh finally sinking my teeths into it. What about you what re you doing these days. are you studying? I meant what are you studying! ok good luck with your studies got to go.

  12. hey Thanks, its alright about wishing late. I haven't had a good eid because I have started University and just don't get time to have any fun. I did my eid away from family you see so thats why.

    I won't log in too much from now but i have other commitments which are related to my studies but thanks anyway again.

  13. No problem, It would be good for you to come here and have a tour of the country no doubt. Well, good luck!

  14. I really liked the taj mahal, it was great to be there as it is isolated from the city of agra. I liked people there too. You must come to Pakistan you won't feel much diffent from India but you will be treated rather like 'Royals' because we people welcome indians in our country!

  15. i went there for a week only, been to delhi, agra(city of taj, it was lovely) and a place if i reacll correctly called fathepur-shikree. Lovely place though India. Nice experience to go there!

  16. Hi chitrangda, you are ever so welcome to call me what you please. Studies are at a low because i am cut away from it. You could say i am on holidays. I will be starting in october...until then i am just relaxing. And did i tell you i have been to India too?

  17. Hi, Real name is Khalid M Siddiqui. No, it wasn't difficult. I actually live in Uk but am also Pakistani through and through!. Studies are going on a low these days....not doing much. Whats your real name? and no need of thanks again ok!

  18. Dear bookworm, Thank you for taking me as a person worthy of passing blessing but really its God who blesses. Wheter you are a hindu, muslim, christain or a jew it matters not he is the God of all. But, all i am doing is helping an indian friend out which is nothing but my heartiest pleasure.... I am always happy to help anyone. Good luck again!

  19. Hi, ofcourse if i can ask my friends to do it I would certainly do it. Good luck!

  20. I have answed as much questions as I could in your survey form but my apologies if I couldn't quite complete a few sections. Good luck with whatever you are doing!

  21. hi, I would like to ask you to join chemnet chem, a chemistry-based social group I have created. Just go to my profile and then to the social groups I have created and then join in. I welcome 'chemistry experts' in my group.

  22. Hi,


    I saw your answer about atoms from a question from .beautiful. Want to join Chemnet Chem.

    Go to my profile and join my social group!

  23. hi, came from UK few days ago, nothing special going on. What about you, how's your studies going and holidays too?

  24. Thank you for the friendship request. I am humbled by being asked for friendship by a member like you!

  25. I don't like much indian actors to be honest just don't watch much of their movies you know but amitabh is very good for sure

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