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  1. The fruit of omniscience is Immortality.

    1. Schrödinger's hat

      Schrödinger's hat

      I didn't even twig that it was religious until I read the comments.

      If I could see (and comprehend all I see or at least some reasonable subset) everything in unlimited detail I could do some pretty rad science, and given a decent team of people to do the theory I think we'd manage to acheive some kind of transhumanism.

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  2. i have to make assignment on application of differential equation in computer science please help me

    1. Schrödinger's hat

      Schrödinger's hat


      1) Make a post in the homework help forum, people are less likely to check a status, and

      2) Tell us what you have done so far and where/why you are stuck.

  3. Trying to understnd 11d SUGAR in terms of Loo-algebras. :-\

  4. Need some help on expanding earth theory.....^-^"

    1. Schrödinger's hat

      Schrödinger's hat

      Strange place to ask for it, didn't even know this site had status updates.

      What about said theory bothers you? The fact that some people take it seriously? ^^;

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