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  1. Well I have a question too!! If the entire process can b done and done efficeintly by an embronic stem cell then y is the need for an adult stem cell research(don't consider the ethical part) If the stem cell research can cure and regrow the defective tissues then why is it still not used extensively in the cure of Diabetes??
  2. Ok. Thnks One more question. You hav also mentioned about the frame shift mutations and IN/DELs. If these mutations can cause a profound effect on the proteins formation, then how is it so that our body tends to reduce the effects and also repair it?? OR Is it that it is not repaired but the redundancy of the genetic code hides the effects of mutations ? Please source relevant links if poss.
  3. That was a kool explanation for the ORF's. But how can you prove this... ..... that all the ORFs start in atg and end in taa, despite the fact they are read in different directions...... I have never found that the ORF'f start in ATG and end in TAA. PLease clarify...
  4. Well I think that this thread is doing great in terms of the amount of info and wideness of thoughts that it provides. Well acc. to me , it is a mixed expression of evolution, environment and the genes. The food habits, excercise and living conditions like exposure to sunlight, quality of air and water and amount of sleep all contribute to the effects and help aging. People in Japan have an avg life span > 70 years while some places like in Ethiopia it's like 45-48only. Moderate conditions and healthy food not only helps in regulating that homeostasis of the body but also delays senesence in cells. A labour in deep mines is heavily exposed to unwanted gases and minimal light when performing heavy labor work, that is reflected on the health as he is more prone to diseases and therefore less life span. But does it mean that any amount of anti-oxidants that he might take will reverse the effects ........ nope!! But will it reduce the efficiency of his genes ...... is still not proved and remains a mystery . Although food is very important as my grandmother (she's 88 and happy!!) eats only fruits and curd twice a day for the last 25-30 years and does some excercise........ although her parents did not survive that long and (as told by her) died before attaining the age of 50. It proves that the genes might have some role to play but it might not be the only one and the greater factor. Some of the studies have revealed that vegetarian people are les prone to diseases and more chances of living even if kept in the same environ as others. What I wanna say is that modern scientists and molecular biologists may be close to deciphering as to what causes aging but they are still far far from preventing it. But in Indian and Greek mythology we have people who have lived according to their will and chose to die accordingly. There were people who could survive for more than 100 years and still were healthy and active enough. IF we cud find from some of their scripts what made them do so we can start to stop the process rather than going into the intricacies of it.
  5. woelen that was good and logical. Most posts here don't really give any scientific answers.
  6. Well I actually found that out from her blood gp. And since one of my brothers has an AB type and me O hence there needs to be a heterozygous father so that both A and O alleles can give an AB. Skye can u please be more elaborate if wanna enquire more ??
  7. Yep u can say it like that too. We prefer to show dominance of alleles as 'BB'(homozygous and dominance) and 'bb' (homozygous and recessive) and 'Bb' (as the heterozygous and dominant) So my mother is IBIB and father is IAi.
  8. Hey, My blood gp is 'O' and my brothers gp is 'B' and 'AB'. of the basic knowledge of blood gp alleles that I have, we inherit from parents the type of gp that we possess. So accordingly, if I reverse engineer it I find that one of my parents shud hav 'A' and other 'B'. When I enquired i found that my mom is dominant and carries B(hence BB) Thus in that case, with these blood gp's AO x BB | F1 : AB & OB (i.e B) Thus can I conclude that I was one the adopted among all 3 children??? PLease help
  9. Well it's not the acid rain nor is it becoz of the unpleasent odour removed. i GUESS u all shud water the garden or a small field and pour water like in rain (thru sprinklers!!). After a while a good smell comes from the soil. That is what I want to figure out ?
  10. I have a question for which I have'nt been able to find the exact scientific answer. Can anyone here help?? When there is rain and also just after it there is a pleasent smell or aroma that comes. It is good to smell and has great aesthetic effects too. Can someone please help me out the reason for this. Please give some sources if possible.....
  11. No, the acid is definitely diprotic but there is 2nd dissociation which is hindered by the strong 1st dissociation of H2SO4[due to common ion effect H(+)] Hence the higher pH. BenSon the higher pH means high value and weaker acid thus the actual pH shud theoretically lie between 1.99 and 2.2 under STP and in water.
  12. The answer in most probability shud b the 4th one. Since H2SO4 dissociates in 2 steps as: H(+) + HSO4(-) AND H(+) + SO4(2-) Hence the complete dissociation of H2SO4 does not occur due to common ion effect(H here). Hence the ionsization will be incomplete and hence higher pH(less acidic)
  13. Well the knowledge and learning are independent of the genes and genetic interactions. If u wud have been born and worked on Computers without learning then it cud b considered. But as rightly put up by 'Mokele' that certain combination of genes and environment affect the cognition and learning. The fact that your children wud be much more comfortable with the mobiles, laptops and bluetooths does not suggest that your genes are superior/inferior. Although a combination of genes might lead to the production of new phenotypes as in the classical pea experiment. But then the environmental and other factors were kept similar so as to minimize the effect on the progeny. Hence ur parents might have good logical and numerical skills that you wud have inherited and it has helped u master CS.
  14. Hey I'm stuck up on Apprentice lvl3. Can proceed tried the source too. Can anyone help ??
  15. Well the structure is'nt coming as it shud so i'll redraw it CH3 | CH - | CH3 ISOPROPYL GP.
  16. Well the question still remains why are they formed and how? Is it linked to the amount of exposure to sunlight, dietary habits or something else. Please can anyone throw some light on it ?
  17. Well I am one gud example whose moles grew on the hand after the age of 12 and have remained as of now the same size as it were. My neighbor has a mole on her cheek that has been growing since her birth..... so how do u account for that ??
  18. Can you plz relate ur answer with some text so that's helpful in verifying it
  19. Hi we all have seen and have moles on our bodies. Can anyone tell me why are they formed and at what stage of development ? Some children have moles since birth and sometimes very symmetrically located like at same position on both hands, feet etc. Is it hereditery or not and what is the physiological importance of them ? Please answer and if possible do send me the links to the references too.
  20. FIND THE MISTAKE IN THE FOLLOWING.... 1 RS. = 1 RS. 1 RS. = 100 PAISE.. 1 RS. = (10x10) PAISE.. 1 RS. = (0.1x0.1) RS. 1 RS. = (0.01) RS. 1 RS. = 1 PAISE.
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