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  1. Hey this one I found little easier to find in case u have access to logarithmic tables.



    x^2 = 0.9


    2log(x)= log(0.9)

    log x = 1/2 log(9) - 1

    log x = 1/2 (0.95424 -1)

    x = 0.948683


    In case you have a better method and quicker + accurate then please reply soon.

  2. A primary standard


    A substance of a known high degree of purity that undergoes one invariable reaction with the other reactant of interest.


    A primary standard is a reagent that is extremely pure, stable, has no waters of hydration, and has a high molecular weight.


    Some primary standards for titration of acids:

    sodium carbonate: Na2CO3, mol wt. = 105.99 g/mol

    tris-(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (TRIS or THAM): (CH2OH)3CNH2, mol wt. = 121.14 g/mol

    This is what you were looking for :

    Some primary standards for titration of bases:

    potassium hydrogen phthalate (KHP): KHC8H4O4, mol wt. = 204.23 g/mol

    potassium hydrogen iodate: KH(IO3)2, mol wt. = 389.92 g/mol


    Some primary standards for redox titrations:

    potassium dichromate: K2Cr2O7, mol wt. = 294.19 g/mol

  3. I have been keenly following this. Well I can say that beacuse the life expectancy has increased and max life not because that was not on the immediate priority. We wanted to save those who should be and not who wants to increase his/her life span. Moreover, the low cal, high protein, and fit people live longer as they have reduced the activity of the cells and hence the damage.

    This by some time increases their life, but we cannot live forever(as of now).Although some indian priests lived for much more than people live today and had their life span over 150 yrs. But since no recorded evidence is available, it cannot be proved now, but is well documented in the writings.

    Also, there is lot more than we are aware of about aging and apoptosis. A lot of research has shown that it is a necessary evil and also helps in maintaining the homoestasis of the body for long. When this is broken that we fall sick or become prone to diseases. So the key for now is to maintain a healthy active and joyful living.

  4. Hey can anyone help me out over this. :confused:


    What is the consequence of DNA endonuclease replication? What if it does'nt happen(start) ? What if it is not controlled and continues forever ??


    Also, if the replication doesn't stop n still it goes forever wat will be it's consequence and influence over the cell ?


    Please help me urgently and source the related texts too !!



  5. Once upon a time, there was an officer of the Royal Navy named Captain Bravado who showed no fear when facing his enemies. One day, while sailing the Seven Seas, his lookout spotted a pirate ship approaching, and the crew became frantic. Captain Bravado bellowed, "Bring me my red shirt!"


    The first mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt, and while wearing the brightly colored frock, the Captain led his crew into battle and defeated the mighty pirates. That evening, all the men sat around on deck recounting the triumph of earlier. One of them asked the Captain, "Sir, why did you call for your red shirt before battle?"


    The Captain replied, "If I were to be wounded in the attack, the shirt would not show my blood. Thus, you men would continue to fight, unafraid." All of the men sat and marveled at the courage of such a manly man's man. As dawn came the next morning, the lookout spotted not one, not two, but TEN pirate ships approaching. The crew stared in worshipful silence at the Captain and waited for his usual orders.


    Captain Bravado gazed with steely eyes upon the vast armada arrayed against his ship, and without fear, turned and calmly shouted, "Get me my brown pants.

  6. An alien and a man were sitting next to each other in a bar. The alien was constantly poking the guy's cheek and saying, "zzzzzt!" Finally, the guy got so mad at the alien that he said, "If you do that one more time, I'll chop your penis off!''

    Again, the alien poked his cheek and said, "zzzzzt!"


    The guy said, "Okay, that's it!" He got up, grabbed the sharpest knife he could find, and pulled down the alien's pants. But he was astounded to see nothing there.


    He then said, "Well, if you don't have a penis, how do you have sex?"


    The alien just smiled, poked the guy's cheek, and said "zzzzzt!"

  7. A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the

    Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked,


    are all those clocks?"

    St. Peter answered, "Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on Earth has a

    Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on your clock will move."

    "Oh," said the man, "Whose clock is that?" "That's Mother Teresa's.


    hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie."

    "Incredible," said the man. "And whose clock is that one?" St. Peter

    responded, "That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands have moved


    telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire life."

    "Where's George Bush's clock?" asked the man.

    "Bush's clock is in Jesus' office. He's using it as a ceiling fan."

  8. In a mental institution, a nurse walks into a room and sees a patient acting as if he's driving a car. The nurse asks him, "Charlie! What are you doing?"


    Charlie replied, "Can't talk right now....I'm driving to Chicago!"


    The nurse wishes him a good trip and leaves the room. The next day the nurse enters Charlie's room just as he stops driving his imaginary car and asks, "Well Charlie, how are you doing?"


    Charlie says, "I'm exhausted, I just got into Chicago and I need some rest."


    "That's great," replied the nurse, "I'm glad you had a safe trip." The nurse leaves Charlie's room, and goes across the hall into Fred's room, and finds Fred sitting on his bed masturbating vigorously. With suprise she asks, "Fred what are you doing!?"


    To which Fred replies, "I'm screwing Charlie's wife. He's in Chicago!"

  9. In China, a NEWLY wed couple, were arguing :

    Wife : "Our neibhours had 12 children but still he feeds all and has brought a new microwave home.When will you get me one ?


    The man disturbed talks to the neighor.


    The nest day he too brings a microwave home.On inquiring , he tells " the govt declared that anyone who does the circumcision, will get a microwave free. I just got one!!"

  10. Ygg well I have a query too!!.


    I am a bioinformatician and wanna pursue my PhD in structural proteomics.Can u give me the good areas where such kinda R&D is going on?

    I have studied chemistry at undergrad, e-business & bioinformatics at masters. What is the best possible way I can enter a Phd prog in UCLA,UCSD etc.

    Is in silico studies on proteins going on in any research labs around the world that u r aware of ?

  11. As far as the new species part is concerned I don't know , but I guess in less than 200 yrs earth will no longer remain fit for human survival. There wud b huge amounts of CO2 and few to minimum tress & aquatic life.

    The ice caps will begin to melt and many lands wud drown. The mountanious regions will get lesser rainfall and plains experiencing more floods. The huge swamps been built in areas around the Bay of bengal and SE asia. The plants wud evolve to make more food from less sunlight and survive the activities of man. The birds may still be around with the insects and wud b changing to the environment.

    As of man, wud have relocated to other planets or heavenly bodies and use cosmic energy for various purposes. The human brain size wud increase over a period of time and the limbs wud become shorter and less muscular('cause we tend to use them minimum). The eyes wud come closer so as to focus more on nearby objects and the hand-eye coordination increase. the sex wud just b for the pleasure of having fun else the invitro reproduction would take over.

    The computers and gadgets wud provide us with new never before diseases & ailments that are more related to the lifestyle than the genes......

    What wud genetic engg do then??

  12. A man goes to a bar and gets a beer. He sees a lot of people eyeing his drink. He goes to relieve himself and leaves a message on the drink...."I spit in that beer."..... hoping that no one would now touch his beer.


    After he came he found his glass half empty and another note written there ".... I spit in there too!!"

  13. A man was about to die when the angels ask him to leave his worldly desires and die. The man challenges angels for a bet that if they can answer his question he will die but if not then he'll live for another century.


    The next day he comes and sits on a chair with 27 small holes. An hour after the angels come, he farts :eek: . He asks them from which hole did the gas passed out??


    After a day long calculations the angels come up with an answer and say it come out from the 14 hole.....






































































    But the man wins........ it came out from asshole!! :D

  14. Hi

    I am scientistsahai. I am a budding Bioinformatician with degree in Chemistry, Bioinformatics, E-Business and Biochemistry.

    I am a research scholar in a business intelligence & e-security firm in Gurgaon,India.

    Major interets in Chemistry, Biology, Bioinformatics, Proteomics , Genomics etc. :cool:

    Gud to c the long long post....... :)

  15. I guess the debate has gone too far and at times deviated from the actual concept too. Well I have question to those who feel that at just the conception the "human" starts, and that he deserves the rights as other humans.

    Well let me ask u can anyone ask for human rights even before he/she is born?? Well the laws are made for humans that are existing on earth and not that propose to be humans??

    I strictly hate these people as they are the roadblocks for any scientific development & have put up several hindrances in the way.

    The embryonic stem cell research is one such area where the extensive potential has not been trapped due to the ethical & religious issues. Well an embryo is alive but definitely not "human" and shud b used ,i'm for it and those who are against it calling it murder etc shud tell me what wil they call it abortion or a murder if a miscarriage occurs?? It results in an undeveloped human being .....................


    As far as the topic on when does life enters a mass of cells cannot b proved as it develops slowly with time and each passng second adds life to it so that after 3 months reasonable amount of life (that cud b detected) is found.

  16. No. It does not happen around the world. I have encountered an unpleasant smell after rain - primarily in equatorial regions (Nigeria, Gabon, Malaysia, Indonesia); I have encountered a freshness in the air, which seems to me to be the absence of odours, in temperate zones (Europe) and desert regions (North Africa)



    U know after a lot of research I finally got an answer.(and it just wasn't what u all were thinking)

    here's the complete document.......



    Most people notice a distinctive smell in the air after it rains. It's frequently linked with spring, as the smell of fresh cut grass is associated with summer. You'll find it in a lot of poetry and also on many inspirational lists of things to be happy about. But what causes it?


    As it turns out, the smells people associate with rainstorms can be caused by a number of things. One of the more pleasant rain smells, the one we often notice in the woods, is actually caused by bacteria! Actinomycetes, a type of filamentous bacteria, grow in soil when conditions are damp and warm. When the soil dries out, the bacteria produces spores in the soil. The wetness and force of rainfall kick these tiny spores up into the air where the moisture after a rain acts as an aerosol (just like an aerosol air freshener). The moist air easily carries the spores to us so we breathe them in. These spores have a distinctive, earthy smell we often associate with rainfall. The bacteria is extremely common and can be found in areas all over the world, which accounts for the universality of this sweet "after-the-rain" smell. Since the bacteria thrives in moist soil but releases the spores once the soil dries out, the smell is most acute after a rain that follows a dry spell, although you'll notice it to some degree after most rainstorms.


    Another sort of smell is caused by the acidity of rain. Because of chemicals in the atmosphere, rainwater tends to be somewhat acidic, especially in urban environments. When it comes in contact with organic debris or chemicals on the ground, it can cause some particularly aromatic reactions. It breaks apart soil and releases minerals trapped inside, and it reacts with chemicals, such as gasoline, giving them a stronger smell. These reactions generally produce more unpleasant smells than bacteria spores, which is why the after-the-rain smell isn't always a good one. Like the smell caused by the bacteria spores, the smell of chemical reactions is most noticeable when it rains following a dry spell. This is because once the chemicals on the ground have been diluted by one downpour, they don't have the same reaction with the rainwater.


    Another after-the-rain smell comes from volatile oils that plants and trees release. The oil then collects on surfaces such as rocks. The rain reacts with the oil on the rocks and carries it as a gas through the air. This scent is like the bacteria spores in that most people consider it a pleasant, fresh smell. It has even been bottled and sold for its aromatic qualities!


    These are a few common rain smells, but there are also all sorts of other scents after it rains. There is lots of aromatic material that the moisture and impact of rain can stir up, and the moist atmosphere following a downpour is particularly good at carrying these particles through the air. So, when you talk about the after-the-rain smell with a friend, you may mean one thing while your friend is thinking of something else. You'll both agree, however, that the air has a much stronger aroma to it after a good rain.




    U knw i was right that it comes everywhere and it's more than just the gases in air or plant decomposition.........it's actually :rolleyes: ACTINOMYCETES!!!

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