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  1. Compare and contrast.I first downvoted and then ,very soon removed the downvote of  your reply to me because I saw that you had ,at a later  stage added to your crpytic response with a second part  that ,at least made some sense.

    Meanwhile  someone had upvoted my Delphic Oracle reply to your cryptic response and so you have seen fit to downvote it .


    Petty or what? 

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    2. dimreepr


      Fair enough, I formally restor your +1; enjoy...


    3. geordief


      I will put it in the conflict resolution box

    4. dimreepr


      thank you...

  2. You misattributed my quote to   @tar . Maybe edit it?

    1. geordief


      Apologies no you didn't.I was mislead because both @tar and I used the same word "square" in different senses and I didn't  pay enough attention.


    2. kpetrov
  3. This one?   http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/101620-intrinsic-curvature/ 

    btw I thought rotation was involved in parallel transport as the vector rotates as it is moved  along the curved surface.....


  4. Is that thread the one where I was asking about vectors tangent to a space (in spacetime  I was meaning) and you told me those tangent vectors weren't part of the real world (or that they met it at only one point?)


    I can find that again if it was the one.

  5. Just worked out "your mum" in the closed Ligo thread;)



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    2. geordief


      Some said the OP's question had been answered.Maybe that was why.

      No editing this part of the forum,it seems.I meant to write "someone"" ,not "some".

    3. Strange


      The best two words I have every written?

    4. geordief


      What "Just now" ?

      What "Just now" ?

      Actually it reminded  me of a popular insult in French "ta soeur" (you make up your own context)

  6. re the eyes, is this a useful link?


    Not for the diagnosis but for the suggestion for "Daily eyelid hygiene"




    Just a very amateur  suggestion .I doubt Swansont will let the thread continue but who knows

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