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  1. If kx^2 - kx - 6 is divisible by both (x + 1) and (x + m), find the value of m. Given 2/x = y/3 = x/y , find x^3. One way to pack a 100 by 100 square with 10,000 circles, each of diameter 1, is to put them in 100 rows with 100 circles in each row. If the circles are repacked so that the centers of any three tangent circles form an equilateral triangle, what is the maximum number of additional circles that can be packed?
  2. What would happen if you wore a cap with magnets underneath for a long time? Would the iron in your blood be attracted to the magnet? What would happen if you had a lot of iron in your head? What else might the magnet attract? What are the effects of those things?
  3. I've never personally gone into the desert, but I'd like to live in a desert climate some day. What kinds of things should I do now if I want to live in a desert? I've gotten some pretty good tips from my friend who's survived off the land in desert climate. Anyone know out of the ordinary things I should be doing to ensure my survival? Should I learn how to live off of meager rations of food and water for 2 weeks or something?
  4. I did some more research and found "Q: Will dropping a magnet down a long tube of conducting material cause a current in the tube? A: According to Faraday-Lenz law of electromagnetic induction, a current is generated in a closed conducting path (in this case the wall of the tube) if the cross-sectional area defined by the tube is traversed by a variable magnetic flux. The magnet creates a dipole-like magnetic field that will pass through the cross-sectional area of the cylinder, thus defining a magnetic flux. This flux varies in time only when the magnet approaches entrance and enters into the tube, and also when it approaches the exit and exits from the tube. Only during these transient periods of time a current will be induced in the tube. During the time when the magnet travels through the interior of the tube (as assuming that the tube is very long and the magnet is very far from both of the tubes ends) the magnetic flux remains constant and therefore no current will be induced in the tube." http://www.slcc.edu/schools/hum_sci/physics/tutor/2220/em_induction/ I think that means that the coils have to leave space on the ends of the pen tube so that the magnet can have an area where it's not under the coils. I'm thinking I'll have to use some tube other than a pen since the springs on the magnet leave little space for the coils needed.
  5. Have you ever wondered if those diseases, harmful substances, uncleanliness, etc. actually make you live longer than none at all?
  6. Alright, thanks. Why's the tube containing the magnet have to be plastic, an insulator? And Lance, how long did it take to wind the coils? Did you have to tape the coil to the pen tube to make it stay on?
  7. When you look at a problem, you gotta have the tools to work with the problem. Those tools are your theorems and postulates and stuff. Get out your equipment that you think of when you see the problem. When you lay down all your equipment, sometimes the solution pops in front of you. If it doesn't, then get better tools or just try anything.
  8. I don't know how strong it is, but it's stronger than ordinary refrigerator magnets.
  9. I'm new to engineering stuff. Where did you get the coils from? I have something from Radioshack called a "Rosin Core Solder." Is that what you use? There's a warning on it for cancer and stuff. It sounds pretty dangerous and I don't want to use it if that's not even the right stuff to use.
  10. I read the thread and now I want to make one too. Hey YT, why does the tube need to be plastic? I researched about this and got some info. One volt is produced when 100,000,000 "lines of force" per second are cut by the wire. Stronger magnet = more voltage faster motion = more voltage more coil turns = more voltage
  11. I have a rectangular magnet with dimensions of 2x3x1 cubic cm How do I break it in half to become 2 pieces about 2x1.5x1 cubic cm?
  12. Would you agree or disagree to this? Lonely people (meaning people who wished they were more friend to others/respected/loved/cared for/ etc. by others as opposed to those who wish to be alone) tend to push people away. Why would you agree or disagree? Would you call this a sub-conscious trigger like getting a sore throat an hour before singing auditions?
  13. Doing the unexpected might work. For bullies that want you to get mad and perhaps even fight, stay calm, talk as if you're a diplomat trying to promote peace, help them on tests in exchange for no more bullying, etc. For bullies that expect you to cower or run away, fight physically and verbally, become possessed by Genghis Khan himself, pretend they are untrained dogs and loudly give terse commands like, "STOP!", etc.. For bullies that are shy around authority figures, talk to their parents, principal, counselor, or get an adult ally. For bullies that single you out, hang out with some friends more often and avoid them. Bullies that follow the crowd could be dealt with something verbal that hurts their ego for following the crowd.
  14. Great responses. The reason why I said there were more than one bully was because people bully for different reasons. Most of the people who bullied jdurg probably weren't ever in jdurg's classes. They were probably just going along with the crowd. I've met different kinds of bullies. Some attack based on hate crimes. Some attack based on what they see at home, feel at home, etc. Some attack because what they see on tv, movies, media. Some attack to feel superior. Some attack because they think they have to attack based on their reputation. I "had" a couple bullies in my class this year. They made fun of me, bullied me, etc. However, they failed some of their tests and I suggested I could help them since I set the curves on the test. They agreed so now we're friends.
  15. I heard there was a Buddhist temple sending clothes to another Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka, the temple is somewhere in CA. Anyone know the name of it? I missed it on the news.
  16. I was hoping a little more like, suppose you were in the middle of nowhere with minimal supplies kind of thing.
  17. Say you were in the middle of no where. How would you go about making matches? I read you can get white phosphorus from urine. Is the phosphorus supposed to be kept under water so it doesn't mix with air? If you burned bones, could you get phosphorus?
  18. Do the magnetic shifts try to protect the Earth in some way from solar radiation in certain areas that become more affected?
  19. Yeah, my friend does that in class. We drew faces on him, but he only wakes up 15 or so seconds before the bell rings.
  20. "Its magnetic field will completely reverse in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will destroy our civilization. Europe and North-America will shift thousands of kilometers northward and end up in a polar clime. Nearly the whole Earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic events" The Egyptians knew about magnetic fields reversing? north america? climates at the pole? plates shifting? amazing.
  21. There's a ton of people who go to this site. Can anyone control their psychic abilities, enhanced senses, etc? If you can, want to share how? Any tips on how to become psychokinetic?
  22. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CubicFormula.html Cardano's Ars Magna way back had the solution to this, but it was solved earlier
  23. psi20

    Animal spirits

    At this point, I'm willing to just say it's some computer generated noise or something. I can't upload it for 2 reasons. The file is 33 MB . I tried to scale it down using Movie Maker, but then the file type can't be uploaded since its called MSWMM. The last time I used movie maker, I got it onto a wmv file type but now I can't.
  24. psi20

    Animal spirits

    Do I have to get the one that costs money? How do I insert audio files either on geocities or microsoft frontpage?
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