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  1. Here's the brief summary of my situation. I'm doing an extra credit project for school and I want to make a game for it. I'm going to create a game using GameMaker on the computer. I'll save the game on a laptop and bring the laptop to school. I'll hook up a projector to the laptop so that everyone can see it. If all of this goes right, I still have a problem. I want four people to play at a time. Any suggestions how I can do this on a cheap budget? I think I have a Dreamcast still around, with four controllers. Is it possible that somehow I can hook up the four controllers to the game and have four people play the game at once? I think GameMaker can do that, but I'm not too sure about that. I'm just worried about if it's possible to hook up the controllers. I remember the days when I played games with a joystick, but I think I'll need more than just 3 buttons.
  2. For this problem, you want to keep in mind a few things. One, that y=x^3 which means that the triangle made from the two lengths can be put into terms of x. B) the tangent of the angle is y/x. Fourthly, I'm assuming that the axes are measured in meters. Many problems require a change of units before the actual calculations. With that in mind, we can solve this problem. tan (angle) = y/x y = x^3 So tan (angle) = x^2 From here, we'll take the inverse tangent of both sides to make the equation in terms of the angle. angle = inverse tangent (x^2) From here, we'll take the derivative and see what happens. d angle / d time = (1/(x^4 + 1)) * 2x * d x/ d t This is really messy so let me explain. The derivative of inverse tangent of x is 1/(x^2 + 1). Using the chain rule twice, we get the above. At this point we'll plug numbers in and find d angle / d time. We know x, as it is given as 2. We know d x/ d t because it says the particle's moving at 12 m/s. I get 48/17 radians per second.
  3. is a 1/2? I'm kind of rusty on derivatives.
  4. How do you solve this problem? The parabola y=ax^2 + 6 is tangent to the line y=x. Find a.
  5. I didn't get that at all.
  6. Good points. "Its either a memory,something you think about and/or hope for, or a fear, or bits of many different random bits of information stored in your subconscious(which is what most dreams are)." Yeah, and since you aren't aware of most of the things you think of, these dreams put forward some of those memories, fears, hopes, bits, etc. that you might want to consider thinking about before tossing them aside.
  7. I have to disagree with you about dreams having no meaning. I'm not saying that everything you dream will predict the future, tell you how you feel, etc. However, the brain doesn't shut down most of itself when you dream. You can still percieve external influences when you dream. I've heard music from in my dreams, woken up from certain sounds, etc. Many people do think what goes on in their dream is strange while they're dreaming. Check out the thread about controlling dreams and when you wake up. http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=6331 If dreams are just brain activity, then what's more than just brain activity?
  8. Wow, welcome to the forum. Lucid dreaming is a popular topic here, so you'll probably get a lot of replies and suggestions. Instead of fighting the paralysis, try teleporting out. It's hard to describe how to do it, but once you know it's a dream, teleporting isn't hard to do. After you're somewhere else, stand there and summon up the man face to face. Then ask him what he's trying to tell you. Not sure if it'll work, but it's a thought.
  9. AD is the diameter of the circle, ABC is a right triangle, etc. etc.
  10. How do you prove that AD * AC = AB^2?
  11. I've forgotten nearly everything in geometry, so I'm having trouble with this problem. Imagine you have a triangle ABC. The midpoints of the line segments are D, E, and F. Prove that the quadrilateral ADFE is a parallelogram.
  12. Is it a perpetual motion machine? If it's the machine that runs on batteries and supposed to derive energy from the curvature of space, it doesn't work. You might be describing a different machine though.
  13. This thread might be related to another thread about controlling dreams. A couple nights ago, I had a dream where one second I was standing with someone and a flood was coming, and the next second they were gone and someone else replaced them and we went into a candy store. If I had realized that the first person disappeared during the dream, why didn't I do something? It kind of bothered me when I woke up trying to remember the dream. Maybe they were separate dreams, and I remembered them as one dream. The next night, I had a dream where I was on a boat. The person on the boat who was speaking, might've been like a guide of some sort, and he talked about something I had seen earlier in the dream. And I could remember it. So why is it that in some dreams we don't have a good short-term memory and in others we do (or it appears as if we do)?
  14. I looked at the computer through the mirror and I was reminded of something. The screen looked like it had gray horizontal static bars constantly moving upwards. (Hard to describe). I saw a similar effect using a digital camera to take a picture of the tv a long time ago. I also saw on tv that a tv in the tv was doing the same thing. Why does this happen?
  15. psi20


    It simplifies down to 1+ (.9A+2.1B)/(A+B+C). C goes away because increasing C would give a lesser value. You want to maximize the numerator and minimize the denominator, so in the end, all you need to do is to have B=25. Is that right?
  16. psi20


    Yeah, positive numbers for A, B, C
  17. I haven't taken calculus yet, but this sounds like a calculus problem (maybe precalculus or algebra 2) I want to know any techniques to solving this problem. Suppose there are variables A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, where A, B, and C are less than 25. .3A + .8B = D .2A + .1 B + .2C +.4F= E (A+B+C)/3=F G=D/F H=E/F Find values A, B, and C that maximize G + H.
  18. Most of the aliens that have been reported have been humanoid. I don't believe that in all the vast universe it would be likely that aliens from the far reaches who also look like us would come to Earth. I would think that there would a lot more difference. Look at the lifeforms on Earth, and you'd think some of them aren't from here. So my guess is that, if we are being visited or if there are aliens on Earth, the aliens were once from Earth. I think there'd be a lot of resemblence between the DNA. I've heard of alien-human hybrids, and in biology I learned that's only possible if DNA is similar. We know there were, and possibly are still, many hominids. Just recently, archaeologists found homo Floresiensis, hopefully I spelled that right. It was on the science forums news. Not too long ago, people thought that there could only be one group of humans at a time, that there were only one group of hominids which continuously evolved. The idea now is that many species existed at the same time. Is it possible that the human-like aliens are, like us, descendents of one of those hominids? It's whacky, but hey, this is the pseudoscience forum.
  19. psi20

    Longest word

    how do you pronounce floccinaucinihilipilification floss in oh sin a hill a pill a fick cation?
  20. Oh, heh, didn't see this one. 12^(2-2) = 5/5
  21. I'm going to make a computer program to figure it out. Hope I'm done by tomorrow.
  22. Yeah, sqrt needs the extra 2.
  23. Now I'm having trouble with 2,2,5,5,12. Anyone got an equation for them?
  24. I've been making movies for school and they're pretty cool. I use Windows Movie Maker and Nero and the movies turn out cool. There are special effects so I can make it an old 1950's movie, slow motion, etc. But I want to be able to add in stuff that I can't videotape in real life, like a UFO coming in and abducting me or have a giant godzilla destroy a city. How do I add in special effects. What program is best for this and where do I get it?
  25. Yeah that works. I've been playing this game for a day, and I haven't come across a set which couldn't be done. (using 5 cards of ace through 10, I was stuck on sets of 4's) Is there a set which can't be put into an equation?
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