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  1. Interesting reading. I thought most of the alternatives to cigarettes sounded kinda goofy. I wouldn't have switched to any of those methods described. The ones that sound more promising are the techniques that attempt to change the tobacco plant itself. And I'm a little discouraged at the success rate of that. I'm also pleasantly surprised tobacco companies are still attempting to create this "safe" cigarette despite the road blocks that anti-smoking zealots have put up. Of course, it may really be because they know the socialists are getting more and more avid about outlawing it so they're trying to get a jump on the market. I don't know. But it sure is discouraging seeing the ridiculous resistance being put forth by anti-smoking whine bags. Thanks for the link.
  2. ParanoiA

    The Path to 9/11

    Did anyone watch this last night? I didn't get it turned on until after Bush's speech. Did they take out all of the "bad Clinton" stuff like the democrats wanted?
  3. Actually, not so calm...but nice observation My mother's birthday is sept 11, and I remember it so vividly. I can still hear her sobbing on the phone that we'll have to celebrate her birthday when people weren't killing each other. She apparently knew several people that worked in the towers through email. Funny how electronically connected we can still feel for other people, while never having even heard their voice or seen a picture of them.
  4. On my computer at work, just like right now...but in a different state
  5. Why must my countrymen make glorious asses of themselves? This is also one aspect of capitalism I've never liked. The tendency of business to comply rather than spend the money to fight the good fight. I'm going to have to read about this. I'm guessing the "smokeless" cigarette was part of this initiative. I was about 16 when that was on the market.
  6. ParanoiA

    The Path to 9/11

    Ok, this is just strange. And this was my problem with all of this when it happened years ago. Clinton is not a weirdo. He's more of a cool cat. He's going to basically force some chick into his room and flip out his jimmy in hopes she's going to bite? (pun intended...) This sounds like something you might pull in college, but a grown man with alot to lose? I just don't see that strange turn of events anywhere in Clinton's personality. It just doesn't fit. I believe there's more to the story than that. I wouldn't be surprised if they were both extremely flirtacious with each other for some time before all of this. She may have even been quite suggestive with him. Or maybe it was just him doing the flirting, and misinterpreted her smiles and giggles as uncomfortable reactions to his advances. I'm not saying it flat out isn't true. I'm just saying it sounds awfully weird for a level headed hound like Clinton to just send his guards to retreive a subordinate and display his jewels - without any prior reason to believe she might like that. Honestly, no. Especially since I already received it. But since Hillary told him to...
  7. Interesting. How safe could cigarettes actually be after getting rid of the carcinogens as much as possible? The fact that manufacturers haven't taken any of these steps in their competition with the market place kind of blows a hole in my theory about legalized drugs. I always thought if narcotics were legalized, that the consumer desire for safety would drive the private sector into research and development of "safe" versions of these drugs. I use the word "safe" loosely, because I'm sure you can only go so far with it. The fact cigarette manufacturers haven't even tried this is disappointing. I would have thought with all of this negative momentum towards cigarette companies and smoking in general, that someone would have tried to become the "good guy" of the tobacco market.
  8. Right on dude...and hey, you had me re-thinking it to be sure I was right. The irony is, I'm horrible with directions and am notorious for losing track of north, south, east and west.
  9. So that's a yes? So it's possible then? Funny how the answer can be right under our nose while we bicker about laws...
  10. ParanoiA

    The Path to 9/11

    Not to mention that Iraq was a repeated theme in his campaign for the presidency to begin with. He said several times he was going to deal with Iraq - well before the primaries and well before he would have been aware of any of the intelligence that suggested WMD's. So, I'm not sure why it was such a surprise to anyone. Suddam violated at least 9 of the agreements that kept us from running over his country a decade before. I think the Bush administration got overzealous, caught up in the wake of 9/11 and eager to believe the worst.
  11. You're definitely on the right track. If you were standing still you'd be traveling faster than going this direction, which isn't east but rather...
  12. No it's 6 seconds per chime. The last chime strikes at 6 o'clock. If you think about it: 5:59:30 5:59:36 5:59:42 5:59:48 5:59:54 6:00:00 So, for 12:00 it works out to 11:58:54
  13. My dad made this up (or he at least believes he did), so I'm curious if you all think it's any good... Which way are you going if the faster you run, the slower you go?
  14. Yeah I guess it's out of place. I just thought you all might get a kick out of the 3rd grade comment. Oh well...
  15. Nice...I wouldn't change a thing.
  16. ParanoiA

    The Path to 9/11

    I wouldn't celebrate until you know whether or not the inaccuracies are true. I suspect they are. I suspect they hung onto their paid consultants' words, just to find that they're not quite as reliable as you'd think. And with the number of investigations and testimonies from people that all have something to lose, it's no wonder fabrications find their way into the script. I don't think it makes a whole lot of difference though. Clinton clearly dropped the ball from the very beginning. There's no covering up all of his administration's and the democrats' mistakes or else there wouldn't be much of a movie left. I'm still enjoying it myself a little though, regardless, because all I've heard from half the people I know - which are mainly liberals - is how so-and-so and so-and-so screwed up and blah blah blah concerning 9/11. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and we always seem to use it to hang somebody...
  17. Why should I have any responsibility to your children? Since when is it my problem that handicapped people might look at me do stuff? What constitutes a "child"? Are there varying degrees of wrongdoing based on the age of said child? Where exactly is the line in what is considered wrongfully non-verbally encouraging kids or the handicapped to do stupid things? There's murder and mayhem all over TV, where millions of children all over the globe are being non-verbally encouraged to do all kinds of horrible sh!t. All of your favorite directors would be serving life sentences. I think your treading on a nasty, insanely subjective can of worms with that mentallity.
  18. Ok, I got it. I didn't think that would be it since...well I guess I shouldn't say..but I think you know what I mean
  19. I'm stumped on level 7. I'm not even sure where to go with it. Google didn't help me either.
  20. High Five Sisyphus! That's the problem with Americans, they're easily fooled and manipulated since they only lift their heads from their X-box's and chat screens long enough to see what the media tells them to believe. And right now, the democrats have told the media that anyone against illegal immigration is against immigration. And it's weird too. They don't even really come out and say it. They just argue that immigrants are responsible for the labor the rest of americans don't want to do. And we're all standing around dumbfounded, since we never advocated otherwise - it's a strawman on the national scale! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it's so disappointing when you see it so plainly, yet your fellow americans make fools of themselves standing up for a false agenda. Is it this easy to fool the masses in the UK?
  21. I guess I had to give up to get it...weird. At least I'm past it...
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