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  1. i dont drink i dont smoke i'm not on to drugs im a foodaholic im can't resist chocholates and cold drinks and coffee hope that these are not unhealthy habbits.
  2. In ancient Japan, public contests were held to see who in a town could fart the loudest and longest. Winners were awarded many prizes and received great recognition
  3. Portuguese Language III, Literature III, Math III, Biology III, Geography III, Physics III, Organic Chemistry I, Inorganic Chemistry I and Physical-Chemistry I.oh!!!!!!so many subject and i used to curse indian education system for teching us only 7 subjects!well if i ever get any chance i'll for sure vist your blessed country.for sure.

    i think that you'r sister might be tooooooo cute and intersting.

    yesterday only i meet with an accident so i'm not able to type longe messages.so all i can say is bye take care.

  4. so chem whats your real name?how are your suies going on?and was it difficult for u to adjust in uk?

    and thatk you once again

  5. hello thank you verry verry much! hope you continue your blessing on me!;)

  6. you need to know the dristribution for knowing the max nad min values.
  7. i havn't seen better coincedence than that!no headache and no fumes!

    ok ok i go it...lucky you that you have hold of your problem and im here i don't even know what my problem is! Ladeira do you have any siblings?what subjects do you study? and have you seen any other place than your own?hu...

  8. whats the address of zombie????>:Dlol
  9. i tried to search it for you but all i found was how to make fish! so if any one needs any recipe im right person for that!
  10. dont you think it will be intersting....i actually dont want to die just experence it!i want to see death by my eyes!
  11. cocroaches can live for several week even without there heads!
  12. im actually exited about it.
  13. dear if you want to do some project in computers,physics and chemistry i can help you but i have left bology scince 2 yrs so no touch on that.
  14. doing that since im on my computer.now even my cd drive not working!
  15. any intersiting way to die?
  16. but its working on my mother's laptop.!
  17. tips for leading huuuuuuummmmmmmm i think just belive in yourself and dont try to impose things rather try implementing them! i have no knowledge about fish bones so sorry no help in that from my side!
  18. but it was working before i went to traning school
  19. according to a study flys are attracted to those who have recently had bananas!
  20. dear all, im just able to open sfn and no other site not even google! is something wrong with the computer or server?
  21. thank you a lo dear for ur support. will you get it done by ur friends also coz i need views from both sides for this and i know only you from pakistan.plzzzzzzzzzzzz:)

  22. electromagnetism is similar to gravity as they both follow the inverse square law.They are different in other respect as gravity is only attractive and electomagnetism can be attractive and repulsive.
  23. dear chemsiddiqui i need ur views about the status of j&k.

    pls give the same at


  24. i'm doing my reserch on the toipc "Separatism in jammu & kashmir", hence need your views about the same. please answer this questionner http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pbKZDiJ0q9EIvrHyfAxXfdw
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