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  1. thank you DrP.I'm loading few more so do tell how are they..any how how are you?

  2. hi all im just 2yrs and 2 months old in this form!
  3. i got myself registered and really found it helpfull for highschool students.thanks for bringing it up;)
  4. ha heres my smart computer its not downloading any thing,drivers have also stoped to work(it detects the cd and all the work on it but while opening the content it shows i/o error). I strongly feel that there is a very intelegent virus in my hard drive which my anti virus is not decting. i tried all the solutions given by you dudde but nothings fruitfull in this case.
  5. nothings working!someone please instruct my stupid and lazy computer to work.
  6. Love to surf? Then you have to visit Brazil to surf the longest wave on the planet Earth called Pororoca. Between February and March Atlantic ocean tides generate waves up to 12 feet high which can last for over half an hour. Pororoca in indigenous Tupi language means "great destructive noise" and it destroys everything in its path with the speed of 10 to 15 miles (16 to 24 km) per hour. reference:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pororoca
  7. atlast i did some thing! now will any one pm me what is the correct answer
  8. i always wanted to be an avonical engg. and now want to be an astrophysist.
  9. http://www.suitevollard.com/about.html
  10. whenever there is shift from secure mode to non secure mode internet explore on my computer shows up the message "this page cannot be displayed" due to which im not able to open any such web addresses like yahoo mail etc. any one can guide me to what might have happened and how can i put internet explorer in right condition.
  11. now as you are over with the problem so please post the solution for me. i think im going wrong somewhere but i really dont know where so now please help me!
  12. Company in Brazil (Suite Vollard) constructed a building in which each floor can rotate 360 degrees. Each building has 11 apartments and each apartment can spin individually in any direction. One rotation takes a full hour, but apartment owner can set rotation speed through apartment control panel. Facades are made of three different types of glass which give wonderful effects when building spins during the sunset. Cost of each apartment is $US 300,000.00.
  13. Sub-Unit MkII gona be with you soon;)...congrats!
  14. ill surly vist pakistan once in my life alteast.....thank you verry much for the invite.

  15. beauty of place is everywhere,it all from north pole to the south pole.whats the real thing that you liked? as such i always want to go to pak but i dont have visa!

  16. hope it plays any role in your search for references http://www.seeingyellow.com/
  17. Printer manufacturers print invisible yellow dots on consumer's prints that check to see if a person is printing counterfeit money. If you call your printer manufacturer and ask them to "please stop spying on you", they will send secret services to your address to find out why you care about your privacy. Upset? You should be. The more people who call their printer's manufacturers and make this request, the more likely secret services will refuse to investigate. reference: my fact book(intresting book of facts)
  18. well where did you go in india?

  19. sorry missed that. the equaion which comes is 100=-y^2(y^2-61) which when can be solved via quadratic equation
  20. hope it helps http://www.spywareremove.com/removeVirtuMonde.html
  21. it is because action and reaction forces act on different bodies and hence leading towards motion.
  22. hello khalid, i should call you bhaia coz you are elder to me. i name is chitrangda sawhney.allright i'll not thank you again for that.n y studies so low?

  23. do it by substituion method. you'll get equation 100=60y^2 after finding y solve for x by substituion he value of y. its same as given in post no 2 by inow.
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