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  1. thanks for the reputation point ;)

  2. that's my brother's daughter and she is just 10 hours in this picture..she is shooo sweet.:P


    How are you doing dear??:)

  3. Good night dear, I'm going off to sleep now.

    Get well soon:)

  4. I did my JOB!! Din't I?xD

  5. all i'll say is

    "people please drop some messages as you browse this chap's profile..He loves them(rather wants them)" ;)

  6. from where do you get all these eyes from?:)They are simply awesome!

  7. cold or fever? take rest instead of sitting on your favourite forum;)

    Get well soon

  8. i'm great!

    so how's your school going?

  9. Y every one's poking me these days?LOL

    how are you dear?

  10. Another multicoloured eye!!which nebula is this?:rolleyes:

  11. Oh man..thanks for poking me;)

    how are you?

  12. feel free to praise about me :D India is indeed a great place..

  13. Thank you for the friendship request :)

    hope every things going well at your side

  14. bom dia!!!!!!!!

  15. oh my god! best use of school Pc being done by Mr. decent!..LOL

    I'm all fine. nothing much on my side...sorry for replying late, i wasn't on my PC. sorry.

  16. your new avatar..it looks like an multicolored eye..LOL...

  17. hello,

    nice display picture..really lovely

  18. You are the toys that played, the slangs that used, the secrets that kept, vc you are its preferred beach, vc you are the renascido one after the accident that escaped, that stuned love that lived, the serious colloquy that had one day with its father, vc you are what vc remember. You are the homesickness that feels of its mother, the infancy who vc remember, pain not to have given certain, not to have said in the hour, the emotion of a stretch of book, the street scene that pulled out it tears, vc you are what vc cry. You are you hug it unexpected, the force given for the friend who needs, the sensitivity that cries out, the affection that she exchanges, the pieces that together, vc are orgasmo, the outburst of laughter, kiss, vc are what vc naked. You are the anger not to have reached, the impotence not to obtain to move, the disappointment with the government, the hatred that everything this of. You are what nobody sees.

  19. yeah! i was a lot frustrated by the name book worm! it started giving me completion!...

  20. thanks for the add;)

  21. hello...thanks for the add.:)

  22. just wanted to ask how are u doing and nothing else..;)

    i thought u might be knowing Arabic as u gotta read kuran:)

  23. كيف حالك هذه الأيام؟

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