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  1. At one time the universe was the size of a pea, and at that moment it had a finite size. It was the size of a pea. I'm not to bright, but I thought the CMB was the inner edge of the expanded pea and that we were looking at all the matter that was ever created by the original event, and that, that center was a matter of relative perspective. But what ya'll seem to be saying is that the alien 4 billion light years away is seeing stars that exist much farther than we can see. If that's true, then how do we know the age of the universe? After all, there maybe another alien 4 billion light years from him in the same outward direction.
  2. Where are we? What determines position? Could one say, that every movement is a repositioning of the center of the universe? Can we predict what the universe would look like a couple billion light years away?
  3. So, the Leo constellation probably looks a little different to an alien four billion light years away, if I am understanding this correctly.
  4. The question was relative to the cosmic radiation background. I am assuming that we are at the center of it. And the alien 4 billion light years away is also at the center of the cosmic radiation background? along with everything ever created?
  5. I think about it like this, distance is relative, and x, y, and z, all begin and end as points in time. Measure a yard stick, It's three feet, stand a block away and measure it again, it's quarter inch from your personal perspective in relative space time. Simple.
  6. Where are we in the universe? Are we in the middle of the cosmic microwave background?
  7. Just a thought from one of today's bottom science fiction authors: We are mid-inner-sphere of the cosmic microwave background, as is our neighbor four point nine billion light years away. being inside we both see everything that was ever created since the big bang. Yeah, you might want to read that again and let it soak in a sec. . . From you're perspective, You are the center of the observable universe, because you are the one observing it. Take a big step in any direction and the universe will expand in the directions needed to accommodate the new position. To understand this is the beginning of time travel and an understanding of dark energy.
  8. 36grit


    QR: (Quantum Reality), Infinite particle possibility, speed of light the infinite freq wave.
  9. Double Slit Experiment, The gun never fired an electron, but a wave of momentum with the correct velocity to dilate a small part of the electromagnetic field into the speed of light frequency that we know and love as reality.
  10. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwiLg_7lpLHMAhXCeCYKHaGSAHwQFggdMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ptep-online.com%2Findex_files%2F2013%2FPP-33-L4.PDF&usg=AFQjCNF6rAm3CLi07lsvPRxCfZjylw3N_Q&sig2=Nu5jJQqg5QGIXwKFAaNquA&cad=rja I'm glad I'm not the only one. and when that hot matrix of newly formed steel hits the liquid metallic hydrogen layer, Ka boom! Just a thought.
  11. Are there parts of the sun that are near absolute zero from pressures compressing the hydrogen and or helium into a liquid state? I've heard that liquid helium has superconducting properties, could pockets of liquid helium be causing the huge magnetic flares that flash up of the surface for hundreds of miles? Do stars large enough to create a black holes have pockets of absolute zero, from the huge amount of gravity and inner pressure on the helium? Could absolute zero be a fifth state of helium? Hydrogen? and if so, could it be dark matter?
  12. Anything divided by itself equals one, except zero and Pi. But Pi requires a time of division differential. To divide it is to find the velocity of two infinite fields. It is to say that Pi at time axis 1, divided by Pi at time axis two, equals the current time. It is what is relative between the time dilatations, that exist as particles within the infinite fields of electro-magnetic positive and negative. Just a thought.
  13. Prophets live and die for little more than a more complete understanding that they share with a world that sacrifices itself unto destruction.
  14. Light doesn't move. What we see and experience is perforations in the time field. They make up the particles that we measure. The strong and weak force are but the high and low pressure zones of time tornadoes. Relative to each other, positive and negative are spinning in opposite directions. Time is the friction that exists between them. Reality is like going to the movies. The light behind the projector is always on and never changes. The film transforms the light into shapes and colors that project an illusion of reality onto the the big screen. Time travel is probably possible with enough energy in some local zone, but sooner or later you'll run out of energy and the universal present will snap back and any changes that you may have made to the past, or future will be little more than a splice out of place and at the most, just a dream for those who encountered your presence there. Bits and pieces of information may be handed down, but those who bring these gifts are normally counted as insane while the lucky ones are fortunate enough to carry on, and write science fiction for the simple to enjoy and imagine.
  15. Time bends the light still
  16. Your understanding is equal to your sacrifice.
  17. Has anybody ever placed several double slit "cards" in parallel? I wonder what might happen if we lined up about six cards one behind the other, and made every card in the sequence a little larger as they fade back towards some termination plate. 1) Would the wave catch the edges of the larger cards and record several electron positions? If so this might prove that what we are actually seeing, in the original experiment, is not the electron that was fired but a clone produced from the wave. 2) What might happen if we put the polarizing film on the fourth or fifth card back? Is there any group doing different variations of this experiment? I'd like to see what might happen if the card was round and spinning very fast. That might be interesting.
  18. So, the electron wave is absorbed by the plate, giving it's electromagnetic bonds a little boost and then the excess energy is radiated as photons of light at a point of least resistance. Like a free electron powered flashlight. But the wave function collapses when we observe it. Think we could use this device to measure the gravity of our own thoughts? That would be weird, even by my standards, lol.
  19. Is it both, wave and particle, at the same time. Or is it more like, a wave for a certain percentage of time, and particle for another percentage of the same given measure? Or is it more like a wave that is cancelled relative to "like" waves, and harmonized relative to other "like" waves, and not relative at all to other like wave/particles existing in positions less relative within the quantum field? Is this effect position relative, instant to instant? (instant being equal to the time it takes to travel one plank length at the speed of light.) Also: In notes of frequency, let's say the musical note E for simplicity. Would a lower E note cancel a higher octave to some degree, while harmonizing with it at the same time to some degree? Is this what makes a tuning fork vibrate?
  20. How could obtain a perfect cancelation? 90 percent? What does quantum theory say? That it's a wave and a particle at the same time? Relative to what? Other paricles and waves?
  21. I actually like the last idea the best. Of course, I always do,lol. Shooting an electron into a sea of atoms is probably a lot like dropping a buoy into a water tank from a great distance. There'd be a splash, some waves and then the electron would bob around in the troffs until the echoing waves settle and there it would rest in it's final location. I would guess that when it is not being detected, as the double slit experiment goes, it is spinning very fast when it hits the plate maximumizing the electromagnetic distortion wave that pulses through the material. When we polorize the electron before it hits the plate it's like a diver, causing very low distortion in the symetry of plate material. Makes perfect sense. I don't know why I angle. But I do love unsolvable problems and good design. Helps calm me down after a stressful day at work.
  22. Little bangs? lol, Perhaps the Eridanus supervoid is reaching the end of if it's inflationary period. Hmmmm If you're saying what I think your saying then you should be able to place the slits parallel to the line of fire and still capture the electron. After all, I can still hear the music when my ear is parallel to a speakers axis. I think if my experiment were perfectly tuned it would work fine. The bbs final position would mirror the frequency of the orbital sanders. The magnets are only there to warp the path through the slits. There is another thing though, one we may not have considered. When the electron hits the target it would most certainly send a shock wave through it that would most certainly echo and reverberate. Perhaps this is the interference pattern that we are seeing. Surely somebody else has thought of these things though. * Interesting about the magnets.
  23. I thought the universe was expanding because of dark energy. "Dark" because we don't know the mechanism or where the energy for expansion is coming from. Double slit, I was thinking a lot of steel bbs and a barrel hooked up to a air compressor with a couple of orbital sanders duct taped to the end of the barrel. Strong magnets on each side of the line of travel to warp the line of travel. Right or wrong the thought experiment helped me to realize the atmosphere the electron exists it. Vibrations, waves, pushing, and pulling constantly. I've been daydreaming about how natural magnets might have been made. An electro magnetic field probably polorized a vast maority of the particles (relative to each other) at the same time the nuclear fission occured in the star that formed them. But I'm no scientist. Just a day dreamer, lol.
  24. Well, I kind of figured out the double split experiment by recreating the sub-atomic results using macro world objects. It was really quite simple, I tend to over think things sometimes. I've moved on to trying to figure how magnets work, but mostly I'm trying to figure out a slick way to explain how time travel might work for my sci-fi novel, lol. If I could put together a comprehensive explanation of how the universe is expanding I'd be half way home, I think. so, If we have the back to back speakers stationary and the ones on the ends on ball bearing tracks, and we had them set to maximum sound cancelation in the space perfectly centered inbetween them, and then turned the volume up on the middle speakers, would the two on the ends move outwards? If so, relativaly how far?
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